Coconino’s desserts look as good as they taste

As Saigon’s dining culture evolves, food is no longer just about tasty dishes that fill your stomach. In this day and age, people are constantly seeking out treats that are delicious and Instagrammable at the same time. 

While you’ve seen your fair share of innovative sweet treats across town, you might want to check out Coconino, home to shaved ice desserts with an avalanche of photogenic toppings.

Here’s what you can expect from this homegrown dessert store.

Coconino has four stores with modern designs

Image adapted from: Kiều Oanh

Coconino has four stores in four different Saigon districts, including District 1, Tân Bình, Tân Phú, and Gò Vấp. 

Inside the Nguyễn Khắc Nhu branch
Image credit: Coconino

If its Nguyễn Khắc Nhu branch draws inspiration from open-air Hong Kong stalls with neon signs and dai pai dong-style seating, its store in Trường Chinh features a more elegant design with lighter colors and leather seats.

Inside the Trường Chinh Branch
Image credit: Coconino

These venues make great places to catch up with your friends over refreshing iced desserts. 

Aesthetics aside, Coconino is also a strong contender when it comes to finding the most appealing desserts in town.

‘Grammable treats with 12 creative toppings

Cheetos Cheese
Image credit: Coconino Tea&Cheese

At Coconino, diners can expect a dizzying selection of shaved ice desserts served with tons of colorful toppings ranging from VND25,000-VND47,000 (~USD1.10-USD2.08) per portion.

For homemade sauces to lay atop your shaved ice base, choose from various flavors such as the best-selling Milo, savory cheese, buttery taro, grassy matcha, and herbal red tea.

To jazz up your base, layer your sauces with decadent elements such as the silky smooth caramelized flan or cheddar cheese with a slightly pungent flavor. For a crunchier add-on layer that makes your bowl of shaved ice look like a rainbow, opt for the cheetos cheese.

Milo-flavored shaved ice bases with cheddar cheese, jello, and strawberries
Image credit: Coconino Tea&Cheese

In the next round, have fun with your order by customizing it with a choice of at least 12 add-on toppings. Ranging from VND5,000-VND15,000 (~USD0.22-USD0.66), these toppings run the gamut from cereal to strawberry to boba.

Milo Phomat Jerry
Image credit: Coconino Tea&Cheese

If you’re overwhelmed by the plethora of options, start with the classic Milo Phomat Jerry (VND40,000, ~USD1.77). Featuring shaved ice dunked in Milo sauce and topped with a mellow slice of triangle cheese that looks like the one in the movie Tom and Jerry, savory cheese balls, and melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream, this cheesy extravaganza is a stunning visual and sensory overload. 

Image credit: Coconino Tea&Cheese

An equally delicious treat is Milo Marshmallow (VND37,000, ~USD1.63), featuring powdery and chewy marshmallows with aromatic vanilla undertones. If you’re not a fan of milo, change to other sauces to flavor your shaved ice base. For a burst of sweetness and juiciness in your mouth, add some strawberries.

For a base flavor that’s different from the usual go-tos, opt for Thái Đỏ Flan Trân Châu (VND44,000, ~USD1.94). Featuring red tea-flavored shaved ice topped with buttery flan, chewy boba, crispy Oreo, and chocolatey Coco Crunch, this decorated sweet treat makes a great snack after a long day at work.

Image credit: Coconino Tea&Cheese

To combat the sweetness and iciness of the desserts, pair them with a variety of iced tea from lotus tea (VND35,000, ~USD1.55) to coconut-flavored oolong tea (VND38,000, ~USD1.68).

Get ready to be spoiled for choice at Coconino

Filled with innovative, refreshing treats at affordable prices, Coconino is an excellent cult-favorite dessert sport to cool off from the sweltering Saigon heat. 

On top of that, you can combine the flavors and different toppings to create an Insta-worthy treat. 

Address: Multiple locations in District 1, Tân Phú, Tân Bình, and Gò Vấp. View location list here.
Telephone: 0899 505 565 | 0909 090 909
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily


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