Vua Cua Bike sells affordable crabs for take-outs

Succulent, fleshy, and packed with vitamins, crabs are many people’s favorite dishes. However, this delicious seafood has a reputation for being costly. 

A meticulously cooked crab can cost you VND300,000 to VND1 million (~USD13.04-USD43.47) on average at any given street eatery or restaurant. Besides, it’s hard to stop once you get your claws on the first crab. 

If you’re craving lip-smacking crab dishes while on a shoestring budget, look no further than Vua Cua Bike. This is Saigon’s 1st eatery that sells a variety of take-away crabs from only VND75,000 (~USD3.26).

Diners can enjoy takeway crabs from only VND75,000

Vua Cua Bike
Image credit: Vua Cua

Vua Cua Bike is an arm of Vua Cua, a respected crab establishment with multiple outlets across Saigon since 2016. 

Earlier this year, Vua Cua Bike was launched, featuring kiosks that sell crabs-to-go to diners of all budgets. You can skip the queue by self-collecting your favorite menu items on Vua Cua Bike’s website and have them delivered to your doorsteps within 60 minutes.

Vua Cua Bike
This portion costs VND75,000 (~USD3.26)
Image credit: Vua Cua

All of the crabs here are imported from
Ca Mau, home to Vietnam’s most prized crustacean and brackish-water shrimps. Albeit their foodie-approved origins, the crabs here are sold within an affordable price range. 

From VND75,000 (~USD3.26), customers can dig into the roe of a freshly cooked Ca Mau crab that weighs around 100-150 grams. 

Vua Cua Bike
A VND199,000-worth combo
Image credit: Vua Cua

If you’re feeling generous or looking for a dish to share, don’t hesitate to go with a crab combo that comes with crab, prawns, and snails (VND199,000,~USD8.65) that is suitable for 2 people.

Vua Cua Bike
A VND399,000-worth combo is good for 4 people
Image credit: Vua Cua

For a larger size that’s good for 3 or 4 people, choose a bigger combo valued at VND399,000 (~USD17.35). This portion comes with 3 crabs, 4 prawns, 8 sweet snails, 10 razor clams, and American corn soaked in a generous blend of minced garlic, chili, and pepper. 

Vua Cua Bike
A combo with crawfishes, green mussels, razor clams, and prawns
Image credit: Vua Cua

With the same price, crab aficionados can look for a change of taste with a bright and lively combo featuring flavorful crawfishes, Asian green mussels, razor clams, and prawns.

No seafood dish, albeit of great quality, can hit the right spot without the right sauce.

At Vua Cua Bike, not only do the sauces elevate the flavors of the crabs, but they also play an important part in reducing the costs and making the menu items affordable.  

Home-made sauce to serve with the crabs

Vua Cua Bike
Crabs served with salted egg sauce
Image adapted from: Vua Cua

According to
Đoàn Thị Anh Thư, founder of Vua Cua Bike, all of them are homemade. 

Since many F&B restaurants outsource their sauces, having the ingredients made in their own kitchens help Vua Cua Bike reduce costs and customers save money.

Vua Cua Bike features 12 types of sauces, with flavors ranging from salted eggs to tamarind to black pepper. Tangy and creamy, these sauces infiltrate the juicy meat of the crabs and make them lip-smackingly savory. 

To sop up the flavorful sauce, you can order a banh mi (VND10,000,~USD0.43)

Vua Cua Bike
Founder of Vua Cua Bike (right) on Shark Tank Vietnam
Image credit: Vua Cua

Thanks to its affordability and convenience, Vua Cua Bike has gained a large following in the city since its commencement. Its founder also landed an investment deal for the business on Shark Tank Vietnam Season 4 in an episode aired on 4th May 2021. 

Vua Cua Bike helps crab lovers make cost-conscious choices

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak and safety measures in place, many crab establishments in Saigon have closed.

Fortunately, local foodies can still enjoy ready-to-eat crustacean delivered to your doorsteps. What’s more, you can enjoy cost-conscious options when it comes to buying a normally costly delicacy such as crab.

All you have to do is to place your orders with Vua Cua Bike and be ready to dine without the hassle and fuss.


  • 2 Tran Trong Cung, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
  • 63 Nguyen Van Thuong, Ward 23, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 9.30AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 1900 633387
Vua Cua Bike’s website

You can also order your next crab feast online from Vua Cua Bike here

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Cover image adapted from: Vua Cua

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