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Premature Baby Clasps Mom’s Fingers In Viral Pic, Netizens Show Support

Premature baby clutches mom’s finger in tear-inducing photo

Every new parent probably feels that their baby is the new center of their universe. As exhausting as taking care of a newborn might be, few things in life can compare to the joy of seeing our little angels growing up strong.

That said, the opposite is true. Nothing pains a parent like having to see their child sick and frail. A young mother in Vietnam, who had a premature baby, can attest to that. A photo she shared online of her baby clutching her fingers in its tiny grasp has moved many netizens to tears.

Thankfully, the woman is also receiving overwhelming emotional support, particularly from other moms who were in the same situation.

The mother shared her story online

premature baby
Image credit: Tranh Phương

Last week, a woman nicknamed Tranh Phương took to Cháo Hành Miễn Phí, a Facebook group where people share emotional stories, to share a picture of her and her premature baby, who was born 8 weeks too soon.

In it, the child is seen clutching its mother’s fingers with its tiny grip. The sight is enough to make our hearts clench.

Accompanying the photos, Tranh Phương also shared her fears and struggles. “My baby only weighted 1.7KG at birth. It was so small it fit on the doctor’s hand. I didn’t even get to have a clear look at my child’s face before it was taken into the emergency room.” Due to COVID-19 prevention protocols, she didn’t get to see the baby for 21 days.

premature baby feet
Image credit: Tranh Phương

“The first time I met my child, I didn’t even dare hold it, as it looked so frail,” she went on, adding that the baby was allowed to go home after a month, but was soon hospitalized again due to a lung infection.

“I don’t need my children to become anyone grand. I just want them to be safe and sound,” she concluded.

Our condolences go to the young mother. No parent should have to go through what she does.

Thankfully, she isn’t alone.

Netizens shower her with emotional support

Tranh Phương might have just wanted to have someone listen to her story, but it seems what she’s going through resonates with so many others. Thousands of netizens have flocked into the comment section of her post to show their support.

premature baby netizen
Image credit: Nguyễn Xuân Thi

Commenter Nguyễn Xuân Thi, for instance, said she was in the exact same situation. Her daughter was also born 8 weeks prematurely in 2017. She even had a similar picture as Tranh Phương’s, where her child is seen grabbing onto her finger with a tiny hand.

premature baby grown up
Image credit: Nguyễn Xuân Thi

As a follow up, Nguyễn Xuân Thi posted another picture of her now-4-year-old daughter, cheerful and smiling, to encourage the original poster. “Don’t worry too much. Every kid has a strong desire to be with their parents. Stay positive,” she said.

Image credit: Trúc Nguyễn

Indeed, the same sentiment is shared by many other moms. They post pictures of their own kids being healthy and beautiful despite their premature births to send best wishes the OP’s way.

Show kindness to strangers on the Internet

We extend our deepest sympathy for Tranh Phương for the hardship she’s going through. At the same time, it’s wholesome in a way to know that she’s connected with so many people. No doubt their wishes and encouragements have contributed to lightening her burdens.

It shows that even when separated by the virtual walls of the Internet, we can still influence someone’s life for the better. As such, don’t hesitate to show kindness to online strangers. Even something as simple as a few good words can go a long way in spreading positivity.

On that note, we wish the young mother in this story and her baby all the best.

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Cover image adapted from Tranh Phương and Nguyễn Hồng Nhật Minh

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