Woman Finds Stray Kitten In Park, Local Kid Left The Cutest Note With It

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Woman finds a stray kitten and a cute note in a park

Stray animals are, unfortunately, still a common sight in Vietnam. It is not rare to spot kittens and puppies without owners scrambling to find food in local parks or on the streets.

Thankfully, there are also many kind-hearted citizens who’re willing to look after these poor souls. One woman, for example, couldn’t turn her head away when she spotted a kitten left in a cardboard box. She took it under her wing.

It is then that she uncovered a pleasant surprise, in the form of a cute note an unknown kid had left with the kitten. Here’s what it read.

The kid couldn’t take care of the kitten and left a cute note to ask others to

kitten note 1
Image credit: Hồng Nhung

Earlier this week, Facebook user Hồng Nhung took to Cháo Hành Miễn Phí – a Facebook group where people share wholesome tidbits – to post of an adorable incident that happened to her.

From what the original poster said, she had found a stray kitten in a local park and decided to take it home.

Her action is commendable, of course. But what truly touches netizens’ hearts was a note found with the cat. Judging from the childish handwriting, and how the writer addresses the reader as someone much older, it’s safe to assume it came from a kid.

Image credit: Hồng Nhung

It reads, “I found this orphaned kitten, but couldn’t take it in. I already have a big cat at home that bullies the little one out. Please, kind strangers out there, take care of it for me. You have my eternal gratitude.”

And if the kid’s good nature and considerateness isn’t evident right here, the second half of the note leaves no doubt of that fact.

The kid provided detailed advice on how to take care of the kitten

kitten note 3
Image credit: Hồng Nhung

Indeed, after the initial pleading, the kid went on to provide advice – in specific details – on how to take care of the cat. He or she had left a box of milk for the kitten, telling the reader that it was too young to eat hard food.

“Also please give the kitten dewormer when it gets older. You can buy the medicine from a shop opposite the State Treasury. Only VND15,000 (~USD0.65) a dose,” the note concluded.

While many netizens have pointed out that cats can’t digest cow milk and advised the OP against feeding the milk to the kitten, the kid’s good intention still deserves acknowledgement.

And in the end, all of his or her effort did not go to waste, as the OP has said that she has found a home for the kitten.

Be responsible pet owners

Stories like these serve to enhance our faith in humanity. But while we’re glad this one kitten found a happy ending, many others might not be so lucky.

So to head toward an ideal future where no innocent life has to suffer, we call to all pet owners out there to be responsible.

Have your furkids neutered to control the pet population, and if you intend to get a new companion, remember: adopt, don’t shop. No matter where you are, there’s no doubt an animal shelter nearby, where the sweetest puppy or kitten awaits your open arms.

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Cover image adapted from Hồng Nhung

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