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Homeless Man Who Got Life-Changing Haircut Now Works At A Car Facility

Homeless man who got haircut from a stranger now finds a new job

Last week we had the pleasure of bringing you a heartwarming story of a homeless man whose life got turned around completely when a stranger he met on the streets bought him a haircut.

Now, we’re even more thrilled to bring you a satisfying conclusion to this story: the homeless man has now found a stable job and is starting to get his life back on track, again thanks to the kind helper’s efforts.

Here is what’s transpired in the past few days since our last report.

The homeless man departed to find a job on his own, and was found again

The homeless man was completely transformed after a haircut

Image adapted from Kiet Duy Nguyen

For those who didn’t catch our previous story, on 21st June, Kiet Duy Nguyen, a man living in Biên Hòa City – Đồng Nai Province, encountered a homeless man on the streets and bought him a meal and a haircut, which transformed the ragged man into a well-groomed gentleman.

Kiet then shared his story on social media to ask if anyone had a job for the man, and he was met with overwhelming support from the online community.

However, the next day, Kiet updated on his Facebook that the man had left on his own. Perhaps he was reluctant to receive so much help so suddenly.

homeless man 2
Several days after his sudden departure, the man was found again
Image credit: Kiet Duy Nguyen

But his abrupt departure left Kiet worried. He asked people to send him a notice if they happened to see the homeless man, just to be sure he was safe.

Several days went by without any news. It wasn’t until last Saturday, 26th June, that an acquaintance finally ran into the homeless man and informed Kiet, who hurried over to meet him. As they talked, the man shared that he had been wandering around to find work, but had been unsuccessful.

homeless man 3
Kiet Duy Nguyen (right), and the man whose life he changed forever (left)

Image credit: Kiet Duy Nguyen

Kiet invited him over to his house again for a meal, then introduced him to a job offered by an online good Samaritan. This time, the man felt inclined to accept.

And thus began a new chapter in his life.

The homeless man now works in a car maintenance facility

The man seems to be adapting well to his new job
Image credit: Kiet Duy Nguyen

According to the latest update from Kiet Duy Nguyen, the no-longer-homeless man now works at a car maintenance facility in the area.

The job will provide him with a basic income, free accommodation and food, as well as training.

Hopefully, with time, the man can develop his expertise and establish a stable career.

Don’t hesitate to offer help to strangers and make the world a better place

We have to tip our hats in respect to Kiet Duy Nguyen, who went out of his way to help a stranger. He proves that you don’t need grand plans or great resources to change the world. Sometimes, a little kindness is all it takes to get a downtrodden man back on his feet again.

Let’s spread such positivity, and let his story be an inspiration to us all to do more good deeds.

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Cover image adapted from Kiet Duy Nguyen (left) and Kiet Duy Nguyen (right)

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