Medical tourism in Saigon offers new services to visitors

Boasting plenty of tourist attractions, a vibrant local food scene, and numerous exciting activities all at a highly competitive cost, Ho Chi Minh City is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourism hotspots.

Over the past few years, the city has become increasingly popular among foreign visitors flying over for health check-ups thanks to its budget-friendly but quality healthcare system, coupled with well-trained doctors and bilingual medical staff.

Seeing great potential for medical tourism, Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism authorities have recently launched a medical tourism campaign to connect both local and foreign visitors to hospitals’ healthcare services here.

Medical tourism in Ho Chi Minh City

On 17th July, the Ho Chi Minh City Department Of Tourism held a Tourism Day Event, where local hospital and tour service provider staff gathered for the official launch of the city’s medical tourism program.

The program aims to connect people visiting Saigon for vacations and for medical treatment with local healthcare services.

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A foreign patient consulting doctors at a local hospital
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At the event, local tour service providers introduced different healthcare packages provided to visitors joining the tours, as well as relaxing trips to local tourist attractions that medical tourists can take.

Saigontourist Agency, one of the leading tour agencies in Vietnam, introduced dental implant services with treatment that spans 1 to 5 days, along with other free dental services that come with purchasing other tours.

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Vietravel Tour Agency, on the other hand, introduces visitors to Vietnam’s traditional medical practices through body detox sessions and facials using sound therapy.

Visitors with complicated medical problems who are on the quest for more advanced healthcare treatments will be recommended to a team of medical specialists from the city’s leading hospitals.

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For example, visitors coming to Ho Chi Minh City Hospital Of Dermato Venereology will enjoy a 45-minute skincare session, and can also consult doctors for wrinkle removal, acne treatment, and body slimming.

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Meanwhile, those looking for cancer treatment may be recommended to Hung Vuong Hospital, which specializes in all types of oncological treatments including medical, surgical, and radiation oncology.

Saigon medical tourism
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For women and couples seeking fertility treatment, Tu Du Hospital, which has a nationwide reputation for its effective in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments and a wide range of other fertility treatments, may be worth a visit.

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Other Saigon hospitals joining the program include Tu Du Hospital, University Medical Center HCMC, Hoan My Saigon Hospital, Tam Duc Heart Hospital, Saigon ENT Hospital, Xuyen A Hospital, and Vinmec Central Park Hospital.

Coming to Vietnam on medical tourism tours, visitors will enjoy a combination of modern and traditional medical approaches at an affordable price range. For example, an IVF treatment cycle in Tu Du Hospital is priced around VND60,000,000 (~USD2,587), while one cycle in a public hospital in Singapore can amount to USD10,000.

Saigon medical tourism_operation room
An operation room in University Medical Center HCMC
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Visitors can enquire about in-patient or out-patient services when contacting the tour operators. Those who are keen to explore details on Ho Chi Minh City’s medical tourism services can check out the program’s official website for more information on promotions and deals.

Vietnam’s achievements in the medical field

Due to a lack of modern medical technologies and state-of-the-art facilities over many decades, Vietnam’s overall profile in the medical arena has always been under the radar compared to other countries in the region.

It was not until the country’s resounding success in suppressing the COVID-19 pandemic, including the miraculous cure of a once critically ill UK patient and a daily report of zero pandemic-related deaths until now, that Vietnam’s healthcare system has received global attention.

Last week, Vietnam achieved another medical milestone when a team of 100 doctors successfully completed a 12-hour operation to separate a pair of conjoined twins.

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Back in 1991, Vietnam also made international headlines when its medical team of 62 successfully performed surgery to separate conjoined twins amid a severe scarcity of medicines and necessary equipment.

Saigon medical tourism_conjoined twins operation 1991
The Viet-Duc conjoined twins recovering from their surgery at Tu Du Hospital in 1991
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On 16th June this year, Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City and Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi also joined forces to perform a heart donation, heart transportation by air, and heart transplant in less than 24 hours.

Ho Chi Minh City branches out into medical tourism

Some of many resounding accomplishments made by Vietnam’s medical professionals go to show that despite the lack of modern facilities and lower salary system, Vietnam has a strong and constantly growing pool of medical talents.

Thanks to improvements in our healthcare system, along with the introduction of modern medical technologies, affordable healthcare services, and staff who can communicate in foreign languages, Vietnam is ready to serve international patients seeking medical services far from home.

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