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Handsome Volunteer Piggybacks Student With Injured Leg From Bus Stop To Exam Room, Wins Netizens’ Hearts

Volunteer piggybacks student with an injured leg to her exams

Vietnam just held its high school entrance exam last week, and it was a major milestone for 9th grade students all over the country. Months of studying and hard work all cumulated in these few days where they tried their best to get into the high school of their dreams.

And for the longest time, exam season in Vietnam has become associated with the image of volunteers in their blue uniforms. Passionate and energetic, these young souls work hard despite the summer heat to give students an easier time, pointing them to their exam rooms and managing traffic at exam points to prevent congestion.

But this year, one particular volunteer from Hanoi has found himself in the public spotlight after he helped a student who had injured her leg get to her exam room.

The cute moment was captured and shared online

Image credit: Kênh 14

Over the past weekend, pictures of a volunteer carrying a student on his back were widely shared on Vietnamese social media, capturing netizens’ attention.

Image credit: Kênh 14

The student had allegedly suffered an injury to her leg before the exam day and was struggling to walk from the bus stop to her exam room. Realizing her condition, the volunteer did not hesitate to offer her a piggyback ride.

Image credit: Kênh 14

The young man’s handsome facial features and brilliant smile immediately melted the hearts of the online community, especially the female half. Many have commented on the pictures to say that he is both đẹp trai (handsome) and tốt bụng (kind).

Image credit: Kênh 14

The volunteer’s identity was quickly uncovered by sharp-eyed netizens – he is Đỗ Nguyên Quang, currently in his sophomore year at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi.

Image credit: Nguyên Quang

A similar occurrence was also spotted at another exam point in the nearby province of Bắc Giang, where volunteers were seen carrying a student with an injured leg to his exam room.

Image credit: Ngô Văn Lợi

Sustaining a leg injury so close to exam time must have been a bummer for these students, but we’re sure the helpful services of exam site volunteers cheered them and their classmates up.

Volunteers serve refreshments to students’ parents

Image credit: Minh Triều Anh

The high school entrance exam is not only a stressful time for the students, but also for their parents as well. Even amidst the heatwave of Vietnam’s summer, hundreds of moms and dads were still seen waiting outside exam points, eagerly waiting for their children to complete their exams.

Image credit: Minh Triều Anh

The volunteers were considerate towards these dedicated parents as well, preparing cool refreshments to help them fend off the heat. Their kind acts have also received tons of kudos from netizens.

Image credit: Hoàng Huyền Trang

Vietnamese volunteer piggybacks student to exam room

The exam was no doubt intense and tiresome, but the volunteers’ efforts surely went a long way in uplifting the students’ spirits and helping them perform to the best of their abilities.

We have to give massive props to these young souls for inspiring so much positivity and making meaningful contributions to the community.

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Cover image adapted from Kênh 14

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