Vietnamese school guard high-fives students

For those of us who grew up attending public schools in Vietnam, our school guards, often fatherly and middle-aged, were an indispensable part of our school nostalgia. Sure, they might be the ones chastising us with a stern face when we were naughty, but they were also the ones who helped us fix our bicycles whenever there was a problem, or offering us a glass of trà đá on hot summer days when our parents were late to pick us up.

We might be all grown up now, but the endearing term bác bảo vệ will always evoke a sense of fondness within each of us. This one particular bác bảo vệ, however, will no doubt be remembered by generations of students and parents alike as he stands at the school’s gates each morning with a smile to greet every student with high-fives and fist-bumps.

A wholesome occurrence spotted in front of a primary school

On 17th June, a Facebook user by the name Lực Nghiêm took to Trường Người Ta, a Facebook forum where Vietnamese netizens post interesting school-related stories, to share a video of an occurrence he spotted on his way to work that morning.

Video credit: Lực Nghiêm

The video shows a middle-aged school guard standing in front of the school gates, greeting each student with high-fives and pats on the back as they enter.

Video credit: Lực Nghiêm

Many of the students can be seen responding wholeheartedly to his high-five offers. Clearly, this is a daily ritual for them.

Video credit: Lực Nghiêm

When the man was occupied, this one girl even waited around for him and only entered after she had received a fist bump.

Netizens are melted by the cute story

Lực Nghiêm’s cute story quickly attracted tons of sentiments from Vietnamese netizens. Since the video was posted, it has raked in 26,000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

Many netizens commented on the post to say that this bác bảo vệ is so đáng yêu or dễ thương, meaning “cute”.

Image credit: Lực Nghiêm

Facebook user Pon Thuy said that her kid attends this school and revealed that the school guard’s name is Hải. According to her, he is a very humorous man, and remembers many of the kids by name. Every afternoon, he would also stay at the gates to keep an eye out for the students, telling them to go back inside if their parents show up late to pick them up.

Image credit: Beatvn

Others also shared their own touching stories of other school guards that they’ve met. Netizen Hậu Toni, for instance, posted a picture of two Vietnamese students asking a school guard to sign on their uniforms on their last day before graduation, saying that “these kids will never forget him.”

Image credit: Hậu Toni

Vietnamese school guard moves netizens by high-fiving students

The high-fiving school guard’s action may be small, but it will no doubt be remembered by generations of students for years to come. We have to give props to this smiling uncle-like figure for giving these children another fond memory to look back at later in life.

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