Vietnam’s medical workers to get a pay raise

Medical workers have always keep our people healthy and their efforts are often taken for granted. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, their contributions to our well-being have made headlines, as well as how much they deserve to be compensated for their sacrifices.

Vietnamese medical workers can look forward to higher pay starting from July 2020, with the average increase expected to be 11%, according to the government.

The highest raise for Vietnam’s medical workers in 8 years

Starting from 1 July 2020, Vietnam will increase medical workers’ base pay from VND1,490,000 (~USD64.10) per month to VND1,600,000 (~USD68.83) per month, according to Decree 86/2019/QH14 regarding national budget for 2020. This is also their largest base pay increase in 8 years.

This raise in the basic salary of medical workers has been reflected in Decree 204/2004/ND-CP regarding the salary regime of public servants in Vietnam.

Here is the new pay scale of medical workers after the adjustment

According to Thu Vien Phap Luat, the basic salary of medical workers will be adjusted upwards starting 1 July 2020. The salary scale will be as follows:

1. Senior Doctor

Level 1: VND9,920,000 (~USD424.00)

Level 6: VND12,800,000 (~USD547.09)

2. Main Doctor

Level 1: VND7,040,000 (~USD300.90)

Level 8: VND10,848,000 (~USD463.66)

3. Doctor

Level 1: VND3,744,000 (~USD160.02)

Level 9: VND7,968,000 (~USD340.57)

4. Physician

Level 1: VND2,976,000 (~USD127.20)

Level 12: VND6,496,000 (~USD277.65)

5. Senior Nurse

Level 1: VND3,744,000 (~USD160.02)

Level 9: VND7,968,000 (~USD340.57)

6. Main Nurse

Level 1: VND2,976,000 (~USD127.20)

Level 12: VND6,496,000 (~USD277.65)

7. Nurse

Level 1: VND2,640,000 (~USD112.84)

Level 12: VND5,808,000 (~USD248.24)

The prime minister gave thanks to the sacrifices of frontline medical workers

Vietnamese doctor
Image credit: @huu.2306

Thousands of frontline medical workers in Vietnam are working tirelessly in quarantine facilities, hospitals, and research institutes to battle the coronavirus. Those who are advanced in age are at higher risk of serious illness if they contract the coronavirus themselves.

On 25 March 2020, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc sent a letter to medical workers all over the country, expressing his thankfulness for their hard work and dedication in the country’s battle against coronavirus.

However, due to the shortage of medical workers at the moment, the country needs all hands on deck. Hopefully, a more generous salary will attract more to join their noble profession.

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