Granny Gifts Homegrown Veggies To Frontliners, Hopes They’ll Stay Positive & Healthy

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Granny donates homegrown veggies to help frontliners at major COVID-19 cluster

The northern province of Bắc Giang is currently one of the biggest COVID-19 clusters of Vietnam. Since yesterday evening, there have been nearly 100 new cases reported in the area.

Understandably, medical workers have been working extra hard to curb the spread of the virus, trace down infection sources, and cater to the needs of quarantined patients.

But all their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Citizens of the province have found their own ways to show appreciation to these heroes. This granny, for instance, brings veggies from her own garden to a COVID-19 security post to gift to soldiers working there.

Hers is a simple gesture, but it’s inspiring to see that every member of our society is contributing to the fight in their own ways.

A COVID-19 outpost’s security guard receives vegetables

granny gifts veggies
Image credit: Hữu Hải

The heartwarming incident happened to Hữu Hải, who says he works at a COVID-19 security post in Bắc Giang’s Lục Ngạn District.

“This morning, I was standing at my post when a granny brought 2 handfuls of long beans over and told me, ‘I broke my arm over a month ago and couldn’t work, so I don’t have any money to donate. I only have some homegrown long beans. Hopefully they can make for a good meal for you to stay healthy during this fight.’”, Hữu Hải shared on his Facebook page yesterday.

“Over the past week, many people have come to my post to donate groceries, but I find her gifts exceptionally touching,” he added.

policeman salutes convoy 2
Video credit: Người Săn Tin

Of course, the granny’s gifts are just an example of the appreciation Bắc Giang citizens are showering our frontliners with. Earlier, a traffic policeman in the province also went viral after he saluted a convoy of medical workers passing by.

bac giang thankful banner
Image credit: VNExpress

Meanwhile, many residents hang banners with thankful messages directed toward medical staff, especially those who came all the way over from other provinces to help Bắc Giang in its time of need.

Medical workers are staying positive despite the hard work

bac giang positive medical staff 1
Image credit: Beatvn

It would seem that the citizens’ seemingly simple gestures have gone a long way in boosting medical workers’ morale. Despite all the hard work, many appear to stay cheerful and positive, as evidenced by some viral photos taken inside a quarantine facility.

The photos show medical workers, while still in full protective gear, raising their hands over their heads to make a heart shape toward the camera, as if telling everyone to stay strong.

bac giang positive medical staff 2
Image credit: Beatvn

We’re glad to see that the dire situation hasn’t dampened these resilient fighters’ spirits.

Bắc Giang citizens and frontliners join hands to battle COVID-19

Stories such as the gift of homegrown veggies from a granny or a lone traffic policeman’s salute on the roads show that we don’t need big words or grand plans to make a difference. Often, it is the simplest of gestures that are the most genuine.

Surely, with such social unity, Bắc Giang will manage to pull through this ordeal.

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