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Electric Engineer Posts TikTok Covers In Uniform, His ‘Bruce Lee’ Haircut Has Won Him Many Fans

Talented engineer becomes a TikTok singing sensation

Even though many people are passionate about singing, not every singer-wannabe has the chops required to make it big time.

For this reason, we’ve seen countless starlets releasing MVs or hosting live performances, and yet, remain unable to garner a loyal fanbase. On the other hand, people who are born with musical gifts, can still make a name for themselves with the power of social media.

This can’t be truer for Tinh Cuong, a talented TikToker whose singing clips regularly go viral on social media. Identifying himself as an electrical engineer, Cuong often appears in his song covers in uniform while belting out famous songs. 

He has a melodic voice and confident performing style

TikTok singer
Image adapted from: @tinh_cuong2808

In videos that make their rounds on social media, Cuong showcases his beautiful voice and remarkable vocal range with classic Vietnamese hits. 

The talented engineer has belted out famous hits such as “Tinh Xua Nghia Cu” and “Nho Nhau Hoai”, while sitting in his trademark laid-back position, at seemingly ordinary locations.

TikTok singer
Image adapted from: @tinh_cuong2808

If you’d like to check out this TikToker’s melodic voice and interact with him in the comments section, do check out his TikTok account directly for more song covers.

His videos have gained over a million views

Cuong’s videos are now circulating like wildfire on social media, gaining millions of views and thousands of reactions.

His enthralling cover of Lam Truong’s famous hit “Lang Quen Chieu Thu” while preparing for dinner has gained 7.5 million views at the time of writing.

TikTok reaction
Image adapted from: @tinh_cuong2808

This TikTok user commented, “You found the wrong job. You should become a singer to contribute to our society.” 

Many netizens have expressed their delight and amazement at his sweet singing voice and natural penchant for performing. 

TikTok reaction
Image adapted from: @tinh_cuong2808

“No wonder why my home keeps having blackouts, probably because you’re here singing,” Tik Tok user Thành Nguyễn commented in jest.

Meanwhile, some have shared that he looks like Bruce Lee with his classic mod men’s hairstyle.

TikTok reaction
Image adapted from: @tinh_cuong2808

“Anyone thinks that he looks like Bruce Lee?” TikTok user Hoàng QuốcAnh quipped.

In response to these comments, Cuong has admitted that he is a fan of Bruce Lee.

Electrical engineer goes viral with his TikTok covers

Today, social media has become a powerful platform that can catapult talented artists from all walks of life into the spotlight. Thanks to TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, many people have gotten popular overnight, gone into the show business, and become professional artists. 

Now that Cuong has gained himself a strong fan base, let’s hope that he’ll release his own music and have a proper debut someday. 

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Cover image adapted from: @tinh_cuong2808

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