Man With ‘Flawless Face’ Stumps Police When They Register His ID Card

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Man applies for ID card, police struggle to find identifying trait

In Vietnam, it is mandatory for a person’s ID card to have a written description that identifies a unique physical trait that they have. Often, when someone applies for an ID card, officers would look for scars, moles, or other such blemishes on their face to put on official record.

This raises a question: what if that person’s face doesn’t have any such traits? Recently, a young man encountered this exact problem during his ID card application process. Apparently, his face was flawless, and a police officer, despite trying his hardest, couldn’t find anything to work with.

Hilarious photos of the police officer looking all over the young man’s face for blemishes – but to no avail – have gone viral online, giving netizens a good laugh.

Police officer searches for a blemish on a citizen’s face for nearly 1 hour

flawless face - police man inspecting applicant
Image credit: Beatvn

Yesterday, a viral post on the popular Facebook page Beatvn, credited toward a man named Quang Dũng, became the latest source of entertainment for netizens.

flawless face - police man inspecting applicant 2
Image credit: Beatvn

The post shows several pictures of a police officer literally searching a young ID applicant’s face left, right, and center for any flaw that could be used as his identifying trait.

flawless face - police man inspecting applicant
Image credit: Beatvn

It would seem that his efforts were not met with success, as one of the photos show the police officer standing with his hands on his sides in an exasperated manner. Some people have noted that the officer’s pose reminds them of the popular “disappointed man” meme. Indeed, the resemblance is uncanny.

flawless face - meme comparison
Netizens are drawing comparisons between the officer’s pose and the popular “disappointed man” meme

Image adapted from Beatvn and knowyourmeme

According to the pictures’ caption, the officer had been at it for nearly an hour when the photos were taken.

Netizens share their own hilarious ID-making anecdotes

The entertaining post has prompted netizens to share their own anecdotes of funny incidents encountered during their ID card applications. An individual named Yến Nguyễn has a particularly hilarious story that was screen-captured and reshared by commenter Thuy Ngan.

flawless face - funny anecdote
Image credit: Thuy Ngan

It goes, “I went to an ID application with a guy from my school. He has incredibly dark skin, like flawlessly dark. The police officer searched his face all over, then concluded, ‘the left half is darker than the right half’. I was sitting there and almost burst out in laughter. His ID card then became famous all over our school for quite a while.”

flawless face - funny photoshopped id description
Image credit: Ngân Thanh Vũ

Others took the opportunity to share pictures of ID cards that were photoshopped with troll descriptions, just for fun. For example, there’s one that states, “has a punchable face.”

flawless face - funny photoshopped id description 2
Image credit: Vũ Minh Đạo

Another says, “Can tell he’s poor from his face”.

Police struggle with man’s ID application thanks to his flawless face

Aside from having a good laugh at the quirky story, several netizens have offered their own solutions to the police officer’s predicament. Some suggest that he can just leave the applicant’s description blank, while others say putting “flawless face” already describes the man pretty well.

At the end of the day, it is unclear what the officer eventually did.

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