Shady Cosmetics Facility Raided In Hanoi, Fake Coco Chanel & Pink Lady Bottles Found

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Fake cosmetics facility discovered in Hanoi

Whether it is shampoo and soap, or makeup and perfume, we all use some kinds of cosmetic products daily.

With such a high demand for them, it comes as no surprise that some individuals would create fake products to make some quick cash – regardless of the harm they could cause to the health of others.

Thankfully, we now have one less fake product facility to worry about. Authorities in Hanoi recently raided a shady cosmetics facility and seized tons of low-quality cosmetics masquerading as those from respected brands.

Let’s take a look at what they found.

Low-quality cosmetics in Coco Chanel & Pink Lady bottles

fake cosmetic
Image credit: Vietnamplus

Last Wednesday, a check was conducted on a local cosmetics manufacturer by officers from the Hanoi Directorate of Market Surveillance and the Thanh Oai District’s police department, reported Zing News.

The search uncovered tons of low-quality shampoo, perfume, and other cosmetic products made from various chemicals and stored in unsanitary buckets.

fake cosmetic bottle
Image credit: Đặng Như Quỳnh

By the time authorities arrived, workers at the facility were extracting these substances into bottles bearing labels from respected brands such as Chanel, Pink Lady Shower, Collagen X 12, and more. The bottles were to be delivered to retailers for distribution and consumption.

fake cosmetic production
Image credit: Đặng Như Quỳnh

The facility’s owner failed to provide any legal documents to justify their operations.

Billions of VND worth of evidence seized

Image credit: Đặng Như Quỳnh

The authorities ended up confiscating 13,000 manufactured products, as well as many ingredients of unknown origins, reported VNExpress.

Their total worth is estimated at 6 to 7 billion VND (~USD261,000-USD304,000).

Further investigations are ongoing.

Beware of fake cosmetics sold at low prices

While it is a good thing that this shady manufacturer was busted, there are probably still some out there that have yet to be discovered.

Let this case be a reminder for us all to pay more attention to the origins of the products we consume.

For our own well-being, it’s best to buy from creditable retailers, even if their prices might be higher.

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Cover image adapted from Vietnamplus and Đặng Như Quỳnh

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