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Every Half Bình An: Transparent Cafe With A Great View To Saigon River And Landmark 81

Every Half Bình An – Transparent cafe looking out to Landmark 81

Specialty coffee is not quite something new in Hồ Chí Minh City. However, at Every Half Bình An, you not only have great coffee to drink but also a great view of the Saigon River and Landmark 81, the highest skyscraper in Vietnam.

As it is situated next to a waterbus station, you can find this cafe easily. The cafe offers a view of the riverbank landscape.

It is located at a waterbus station

Every Half Front
Every Half Bình An is designed to make full use of the natural light
Image credit: Every Half

Every Half Bình An is situated next to Bình An, a station on the waterbus route going along the Saigon River. The station is also near Saigon Bridge connecting Bình Thạnh and Thủ Đức City. So the cafe is highly accessible, whether you drive a car or ride a waterbus to the cafe.

Every Half Sunset
The sunset and Landmark 81 as seen from Every Half An Bình
Image credit: Every Half

If you want to see the landscape of Saigon, taking a sightseeing tour on the waterbus to this cafe will be a great option. Departing from Bạch Đằng Wharf at around 4PM, you will spend about half an hour going along Saigon River before arriving at the cafe at the right time for sunset.

It looks out to the highest skyscraper in Vietnam

Every Half Surrounding
There are both indoor and outdoor seats for you to choose
Image credit: Every Half

Though new, Every Half Bình An has attracted quite a lot of customers thanks to its favorable location. In fact, when sitting in the cafe, you can look across the Saigon River to the modern Vincom Tân Cảng building complex on the other bank, among which is Landmark 81, the highest skyscraper in Vietnam.

Every Half Glass
The walls are made of glass so they don’t block your view
Image credit: Every Half

Though the cafe is quite small, you can always have a great view no matter how crowded the cafe can be. It’s because the cafe is built with glass instead of concrete walls, meaning it’s almost nothing to block your view of the landscape, especially the sunset behind Landmark 81. It may be too much sunlight at times, so just let the staff know if so and they will get you some sunglasses.

It serves home-roasted specialty coffee

Pumpkin Latte
In addition to common coffee drinks, this cafe also serves some rarer combinations such as pumpkin latte
Image credit: Every Half

Apart from being a concept cafe with a great view and an oozing vibe, Every Hald Bình An is also a coffeehouse-cum-roaster where you can find specialty drinks made with their own recipes.

The coffee at Every House Bình An was picked from famous origin countries such as Kenya, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. For something original, you can try Made Me An African, or naturally-processed Ethiopian coffee. If you want a more diverse taste, try Sweet As, which is a combination of Brazillian and Costa Rican coffee.

Bon - The dog at Every Half
Bon, the cafe’s crowd-pleasing doggo, is very much loved by the customers.
Image credit: Every Half

Moreover, you can also find other options such as nitro coffee, kombucha, or fruits. The prices vary from VND65,000 (~USD2.83) to around VND80,000 (~USD3.49).

Every Half Bình An

Every Half Bình An is a specialty coffee located on the bank of the Saigon River. Ideally, you can take a waterbus there to enjoy the landscapes along the river.

The cafe looks out toward Landmark 81, the highest skyscraper in Vietnam, giving you a magnificent scene when the sun goes down.

Every Half Bình An
Waterbus Bình An, 21st Street, Bình An Ward, Thủ Đức City (former District 2), Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 7AM-8PM, Daily
Every Half Bình An’s Facebook page | Instagram
Every Half also has another cafe in District 3, which shares the same social media accounts.

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Cover image adapted from Khac Tam Do , Every Half, and Every Half  

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