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340kg Bomb Found Under Citizen’s Home, Entire Street & 1,600 Residents Evacuated

Wartime bomb found under citizen’s home in Vinh Phuc

The Vietnam War ended nearly 46 years ago, but the effects it left behind are still existent in our lives today. 

On 23rd April, local authorities responded to reports of a 340kg wartime bomb found under a resident’s home in Vinh Phuc. Thankfully, the bomb has already been defused and relocated by authorities at the time of writing. Here’s how the evacuation played out.

The entire street was evacuated for the bomb disposal

Vietnam bomb
Image credit: Tuoi Tre

According to Tuoi Tre, the 1.2M-long bomb was discovered as a group of builders were digging into the foundation of a house at 67 Ton Duc Thang Street. 

Vietnam bomb
The site of the bomb
Image credit: Lao Dong

In response to the alarming discovery, the authorities immediately evacuated 1,658 residents living nearby. Soldiers were then dispatched to relocate the bomb. Residents living within 500M of the bomb’s discovery site were required to put away their mobile phones until the bomb was moved elsewhere.

Meanwhile, authorities have asked businesses and schools in the area to suspend operations on 25th April 2021.

Soldiers relocated and disposed of the bomb

Vietnam bomb
Image credit: Tuoi Tre

At 6AM on 25th April, local authorities made sure that all residents in the designated area had left their homes. After that, soldiers accessed the bomb and relocated it to the Dinh mountain, which is 3KM away. 

At 7.30AM, soldiers successfully disposed of the bomb which spanned more than 1 metre long.

A wartime bomb was found and detonated in Vinh Phuc

Thankfully, the bomb, in this case, was discovered early and detonated safely, far away from civilians.

That’s why we’re grateful for our soldiers, who fought for our freedom in the war and continue to guard us during peacetime.

We must also stay vigilant and cooperative with the authorities to swiftly resolve similar incidents in the future.

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Cover image adapted from: Lao Dong and Tuoi Tre