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Man Designs Aircon Booths To Save Medical Workers From Intense Heatwave

Man builds aircon booths for medical workers

Many of us probably had the entire summer planned out. Chilling on the beach with a refreshing glass of juice in a hand, or hiking up mountains to marvel at cloud-shrouded peaks – those sorts of plans were on our books.

But the new COVID-19 wave put an end to that. Whelp. Now, we’re all stuck holing up in our air-conditioned homes 24/7 to escape from the heatwave.

On the bright side, at least we have aircons as our saviors, which is more than what many others can say. Think of the thousands of medical workers out there on the frontline, staying under the sun all day in full protective suits.

Understanding their hardship, a man has taken it upon himself to build booths equipped with aircons for quarantine camps to help them out. Here’s how his designs work.

Aircon booths can house up to 4 people

aircon booths 1
Image credit: Khieu Huu Nghia

Earlier this week, Hanoi resident Khieu Huu Nghia rallied on Facebook for a project he planned to carry out.

The goal was to create booths equipped with air-conditioners for medical workers in Bắc Giang Province – currently the biggest cluster of Vietnam.

According to a digitally generated design shared by Nghia, once completed, each booth can accommodate 2 pairs of medical workers sitting back to back. On the glass windows, there are openings for gloves to be attached.

Through these, staff can reach out and interact safely with patients.

aircon booths 2
Image credit: Khieu Huu Nghia

Now, medical workers can remain in an air-conditioned space, shielded from the heat and risks of infection. For extra safety, the booths also come with UV light air purifiers as well, the blueprint shows.

aircon booths 3
A metal frame for the booth has been completed
Image credit: Khieu Huu Nghia

In an update yesterday evening, Nghia said that with the support of his friends and good Samaritans, he’d obtained most of the materials needed for the project. He shared pictures showing his team with a completed metal frame, which would serve as the backbone of an early prototype.

We’re eager to see how his idea turns out.

Frontline medical workers struggle under intense heatwave

medical workers exhausted
Many medical workers are exhausted from prolonged sun exposure
Image credit: Ministry of Health

The full-body suits medical workers are required to wear when interacting with patients, while effective in protecting them against risks of infection, do little to help fend off the intense heat of summer.

Indeed, over the past few days, there have been several reports of frontliners passing out from heatstroke after prolonged sun exposure.

It seems the consensus is that something needs to be done to ease their burdens. In a report from the Ministry of Health, Deputy Minister of Health Nguyễn Trường Sơn was quoted saying he’d look into other alternatives to the suits.

Perhaps Khieu Huu Nghia’s idea can be a step in that direction.

Aircon booths for medical workers

Once again, the social unity of our people in the face of the pandemic continues to impress us.

It’s always wholesome to see people from all walks of life channel their expertise and creativity to contribute to the fight in their own ways.

Hopefully, Khieu Huu Nghia’s idea of aircon booths will turn out applicable. If so, it can be broadly implemented to help protect medical workers’ health, not just in Vietnam, but all over the world.

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Cover image adapted from Khieu Huu Nghia

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