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YouTrip Is Giving Away $1 SIA Return Flights To Destinations Like Tokyo, Seoul & Milan

YouTrip – SaveTrippin’ S$1 flight giveaway

The glorious year-end period is when wanderlust kicks into high gear. And after the pandemic kept us away from travel for so long, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re raring to hop on the first plane abroad. The problem with travel though, at least when you’re not a Crazy Rich Asian, is that it’s usually an occasional treat that you need to save up for.

But with YouTrip’s SaveTrippin’ S$1 flight giveaway, you can make use of your upcoming EOY trips from now till 31st Dec 2022 to potentially win a pair of SIA return flights to various destinations in Asia and Europe. That way, you’ll get to enjoy another overseas adventure in the near future for just a dollar.

YouTrip #SaveTrippin is all about helping you save while you travel, whether that be saving money or time. Before we get into the S$1 flight giveaway deets, here’s the lowdown on what exactly YouTrip is:

What is YouTrip?

Singaporeans are getting increasingly used to cashless payment modes, but that can be tricky overseas when you have to fret about credit card conversion fees or the lack of participating e-payment platforms. 

Image adapted from: YouTrip

With a YouTrip Card, you’ll be able to make in-store as well as online purchases anywhere in the world without incurring any foreign transaction charges in over 150 currencies. The YouTrip app (iOS | Android) serves as a multi-currency mobile wallet, allowing you to settle international payments without paying extra platform fees or annual subscriptions.

Image credit: @youtripsg

Just sign up for a free account and top up your desired amount using any Singapore credit or debit card, or PayNow.

There’s no processing time involved, and you can store up to S$5,000 in the secure travel wallet. In the event of any overseas mishaps like losing your card, you can have instant peace of mind by locking and deactivating your card through the app with just a tap.


Image adapted from: YouTrip

Sticking to the theme of SaveTrippin’, the YouTrip app also allows you to save time by functioning as a money changer in your pocket. No more scrambling down to various money changers and furiously comparing different rates right before each trip, ‘cause you can exchange the following 10 currencies directly in-app:

  • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • United States Dollar (USD)
  • Great Britain Pound (GBP)
  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Swiss Franc (CHF)


These stats comparing a €500 purchase in SGD certainly look promising.
Image adapted from: YouTrip

The best part? Because the currency exchange can be done using just your phone at any time, you’ll be able to lock down the most competitive rates before they fluctuate.

How to win $1 SIA return flights to Asia & Europe

Now that you know how YouTrip works and how much hassle it saves you on your overseas expenditure, you can save even more with the SaveTrippin’ giveaway.

By registering and clocking various amounts of minimum foreign currency expenditure on your YouTrip Card between now till 31st Dec 2022, you’ll stand the chance to win a pair of S$1 SIA return flight tickets to the following destinations:

  • S$500 min. spend in foreign currency for tickets to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City
  • S$1,000 min. spend in foreign currency for tickets to Tokyo or Seoul
  • S$1,500 min. spend in foreign currency for tickets to Frankfurt or Milan

    *Terms and conditions apply, click to find out more.

Of course, you’ll have to sign up to be a YouTrip user if you haven’t already. The sign-up process can be done and dusted in 3 minutes tops, and you’ll also get your snazzy purple YouTrip card mailed to you in 7-12 working days. Make sure to register via their campaign page to lock in your giveaway entry. 

Image credit: @youtripsg

Thereafter, it’ll just be a ball of a time shopping, dining, and exploring your way through overseas lands with YouTrip in hand; racking up enough foreign currency expenditure to hit your target minimum spend. As far as giveaway requirements go, this is a process we definitely won’t be complaining about.

Tip: For more SaveTrippin’ deals and hacks, stay tuned to the YouTrip blog and Telegram community.

Register for the YouTrip SaveTrippin’ giveaway here

This post was brought to you by YouTrip.
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