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You took that too far!!!


When we are around our close friends, our friends can be very open with us. Sometimes, friends may tease each other or casually hit each other in the name of horseplay. That is totally acceptable and is part of bonding between friends, however, we must also know where to draw the line between horseplay and undesirable behaviour, and know when to say “No, stop it”. Here are some situations where we must make it clear to our friends that they may be taking the joke too far whether intentionally or unintentionally.


  • It is normal for friends to tease each other, and when everyone laughs together, creates a sense of bonding.
  • However, if a friend brings the joke too far by insulting one’s kin, or bringing the joke to the deepest parts of one’s private life, it could affect the person adversely or could damage the friendship. It is important to tell the person who is teasing you or someone else to stop if you feel he/she is starting to cross the line.

2)Practical jokes/pranks

  • Playing pranks on each other is not wrong, in fact, everyone could take a laugh out of it, its all in the name of fun. Pranks such as smashing a piece of cake of a friend’s face is just a harmless joke that could set everyone laughing.
  • The fun in the prank is taken away if the prank could potentially injure the victim of the prank, such as the sudden pulling back of a chair the victim is about to sit on. If a friend attempts to play such a prank on another friend, it is only right that you tell him to not do so, for fun should not come at the expense at another person’s safety.

3a)Getting physical

  • A birthday “bash”(punch in the arm) or a friendly smack in the arm/shoulder are some forms of ways that friends ‘get physical’ with each other.These things are okay so long as one holds back his/her full strength, as it is a form of acknowledgement of friendship.
  • It does not become a friendly act any more when someone intends to hurt someone just for a laugh, or if the person’s act could injure a person for real. It is our duty as a friend to control ourselves in order to not inflict hurt on a friend, as well as stopping another friend who might unintentionally hurt a friend by doing something unsafe or dangerous.

3b)Boys only: Getting hit in the balls(testicles)

  • This is an action of intentionally hitting a boy in the balls, in order to inflict pain on him. According to recent studies, this activity is becoming more and more common amongst teenagers, especially those in their 13-16s, and it is becoming a serious problem. Seeing a friend in great pain, perhaps being unable to move do anything else is a form of ‘fun’ some teens have.
  • It is not that hard to find a secondary school boy these days who has been hit in the balls before by friends in the name of horseplay. While some may argue that their friend may not experience as much pain as another, I think it is morally incorrect to hit a friend in his weakest region, especially with no provocation (as an act of self defence).
  • One hit occasional  and can still be tolerated but many hits too often can have consequences. If you find yourself or a friend being hit there a time too many, you have to tell your friends to stop, or change friends, for it is no joke.