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Preschool activities in Singapore (1)

6 Preschool Activities To Give Your Child High-Demand Skills In Future, As Shared By Early Childhood Teachers

Preschool learning

Preschool activities in Singapore (1)

Hang around a 3-year old kid long enough, and you’ll realise how they copy every move you make and word you say. It’s also at this exact age that their minds are as absorptive as sponges, ready to learn just about anything and everything. This is why imparting the foundations of language, communication, social etiquette and cognitive learning between the ages of 3-5 is so important.

With so many different learning approaches and curriculums, finding the right preschool for your child isn’t easy. To help ease your decision-making, here are some crucial preschool activities to look out for that’ll give your kiddo the headstart he/she needs in life:

1. Mandarin classes

If you follow the news, you’ll know that China is a powerhouse that’s only going to grow stronger in the years to come. This is one of the reasons why easing your child into Mandarin at a young age will do wonders for his/her future opportunities.

Preschool activities in Singapore (7)
The use of idioms, tongue twisters and classic Analects of Confucius help spice up the learning process.

And more than just knowing the future language of business, learning the many strokes that make up mandarin characters requires a great deal of control – that’s essentially having them master their motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as spatial perception!

Preschool activities in Singapore (15)

Being bilingual at such a tender age also makes your little one a faster learner who is flexible in problem-solving. At preschools such as White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare, Mandarin is incorporated into daily learning through engaging activities such as storytelling, singing songs, play-acting, art projects and even performances twice a day.

2. Coding lessons

Instead of endless rounds of Pinkfong videos or hours on the iPad, put your children’s love for technology into something that will come in handy in this fast-developing tech world: coding lessons.

Preschool activities in Singapore (2)

At White Lodge, children are introduced to the basics of robotics through the building and programming of their very own floor robot in a course titled Bee-bot. While learning the nuts and bolts of coding, children are made to think logically as they attempt to orientate and manipulate the movement of the bee-bot.

Preschool activities in Singapore (9)

Working in groups through the exercises also builds interpersonal skills as they articulate commands to one another to get the bot up and running.

3. Kitchen experience

Preschool activities in Singapore (13)
Image credit: White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare

Picture your toddler in the kitchen. If you find yourself not wanting to, preschool is the perfect place to get them involved sans the mess back home. Making them comfortable in the kitchen will leave a positive impact on how they respond to different types of foods, including the much-despised fruits and veggies. 

Preschool activities in Singapore (3)
Image credit: White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare

It’s only in the kitchen where their five senses are actively challenged, thereby keeping them engaged and intrigued. Math and science also come into the picture when they’re tasked to measure out the necessary ingredients and combine them according to the recipe.

But most importantly, they’ll walk away with a sense of independence and boldness to challenge themselves.

4. Arts and craft classes

Preschool activities in Singapore (12)

It’s easy to relate creativity with arts and craft, but it can’t be stressed enough that such activities also have a big impact on a child’s emotional and psychological development. 

It’s the simple actions such as learning how to correctly hold a marker to colouring within the lines that refine children’s motor skills and teaches them how to express themselves through different mediums and materials.

Illustrating what’s within also encourages self-expression, manual dexterity and self-confidence.

5. Music lessons

Preschool activities in Singapore (4)

There’s a reason why almost every child goes through that Baby Shark phase – babies and children are all inherently musical. They respond to these unseen sound waves in their own tiny ways, and that’s how we know music is an excellent opportunity for early development.

It’s not only bopping to the beats and expressing oneself through movements; music has a positive effect on memory skills and confidence as well. Picking up a musical instrument like the drum or ukelele helps to fine-tune your bub’s listening skills and develop his/her coordination and motor skills. 

Preschool activities in Singapore (11)

Most preschools with music as part of their curriculum also provide multiple performance opportunities for their students to showcase their new musical talents in the form of class presentations and annual school musicals.

6. Science activities

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What remains at the heart of a child’s innocence is their curiosity – ride on this innate inquisitiveness with simple scientific experiments. Activities such as making fizzy magic with baking soda and vinegar or learning the science behind buoyancy are a surefire way to ignite their passion for learning and discovery. 

The aim here isn’t to make a science whiz out of your kid but to foster a sense of independent learning and encouraging the asking of questions when it comes to concepts that intrigue him/her.

Choosing the right curriculum for your child with White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare

Preschool activities in Singapore (6)
Image credit: White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare

Preschool is an important stage of education for your child as it lays the foundational bricks for formal education as they grow. But sifting through multiple curriculums without the faintest idea of what to look out for can make the process of selecting the right one tough.

Preschool activities in Singapore (5)

With this list of beneficial programmes, you’ll have a better gauge of the programmes to look out for to give your child that leg up in school and life! With over 8 locations across Singapore and 3 in Malaysia, White Lodge has a curriculum that includes all of the listed programmes – mandarin, coding, culinary classes, music lessons, art and science experiments. 

Preschool activities in Singapore (10)

Their curriculum is steered by a play-based approach that places emphasis on social learning, and problem-solving skills through the High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Howard Gardner Method by exploring the 8 types of intelligence such as logical-mathematical, musical-rhythmic, verbal-linguistic and more.

Preschool activities in Singapore (1)

Their strong Mandarin curriculum and focus on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics also means your child is equipped with the perfect mix of practical skills to help them transition smoothly to primary school. Sensory play isn’t left out of the equation either, taking some of their daily lessons outdoors where all five senses are actively engaged. 

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If you’ve yet to send your little one to preschool, there’s good news for Singaporean parents!  Non-working mothers are entitled to a basic subsidy of $150, and working mothers get a basic subsidy of $300 with lower income families receiving an additional subsidy of up to $440 to offset the cost of school fees!

All else considered, preschool is an important starting point for every child to realise their potential so consider giving your child an opportunity to learn at White Lodge’s International Preschool and Childcare.

Find out more about White Lodge’s International Preschool and Childcare programme here

This post was brought to you by White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare.
Photography by Clement Sim.