Searching for the best #OOTD wall


When it comes to beautiful wall murals in Singapore, most know about Haji Lane or Joo Chiat, but did you know that all around Singapore – even among HDB flats – there are more beautiful wall murals waiting to be discovered?

Read on to find out about 11 places you can go to take your next #OOTD, guaranteeing your instagram game elevates to a whole new level. Don’t blame us if you suddenly receive random follow requests!


1. Sultan Arts Village


Other than housing small retail shops and galleries,Sultan Arts Village also has lesser-known treasures like its murals and graffitied walls. An example would be the wall above, which reminds one of a huge batik painting. For a striking backdrop that boasts fluid lines, this mural does the trick.

If you are having trouble searching for it, look out for the Singapore Malay Heritage Centre! The mural is located near the front of the main entrance gate.

Tip: It is especially perfect if you are wearing an all-white ensemble.


2. Block 72 Pipit Road


As part of an initiative by arts charity Social Creatives, many HDB blocks around Macpherson have their walls featuring reproduced murals of Van Gogh’s famous artworks.

At Block 72 Pipit Road, the wall is painted with Starry Night Over the Rhone, which makes for an ethereal backdrop to a charming #OOTD photo.

Depicting stars in the night sky and a clear river, this little slice of Europe in sunny little Singapore brightens up the otherwise boring HDB wall. Even if you have not visited the Rhone River in Europe before, this painting can still transport you over – at least, in your brain! (And maybe 50% of your followers’ brains.)


3. Block 55 Pipit Street


Located in the immediate vicinity of #3 is this one that oozes nostalgia. Featuring a scene of old-school fisherman doing the vital yet backbreaking work of fishing among a sea of blue, there is a sense of serenity that floods as one beholds the picturesque painting.

Picture yourself frolicking among the waves or catching fishes with your hat – maybe even with your bare hands if you are game.


4. South Buona Vista Road



Situated near the popular Paddy Hills cafe, customers often hop over to take stylish shots of their #OOTD after their meal. Featuring an eclectic mix of cute doodles ranging from a cracked egg to a dreaming man, this wall will remind you of a child’s coloring book.

The next time you’re in the area for some Berry Ricotta Hotcakes, just turn the corner to snap away at your next insta backdrop.


5. Behind Aliwal Arts Centre


With all the talk about an impending apocalypse, what better way to pay homage to your doomsday conspiracy theories than by taking a #OOTD shot here, complete with your best evader pose.

If you like this kind of murals, new ones are commissioned in this space yearly, so drop by once in awhile after cafe-hopping at Haji Lane and you may just get a surprise!


6. Singapore River, Coleman Bridge A Underpass



Inspired by Singapore’s history as a bustling port, the mural at the Singapore River underpass follows the themes of water and history.

To bring the mural to life, local artist Seet Yun Teng utilised fine-arts techniques to paint swirled waves and marine animals. This created an exuberant and intimate look at Singapore’s past – despite only two colours used!

Other than this particular underpass, the Singapore River’s numerous others belie hidden treasures in the form of art murals, which means more #ootd backdrops. Woohoo!

So if you thought the Singapore River was just a boring body of water, think again.


7. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum



Found in Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, this wall mural isn’t just a pretty design – it’s made up of exotic species of animals and makes for a classy symmetrical masterpiece.

Whether you want to impress your friends with your epic ability to identify different life forms or would just like a trippy #OOTD shot, this place has just the wall for you!


8. Band of doodlers at Scape


So far, all the murals on this list have been vibrant, bright, and splattered with colour. I can already hear all you black & white lovers crying foul.

Fret not, this next mural should match your monochrome instagram feed. Featuring playful doodles set on a palette of black and white, this wall will help you stick to the theme while injecting life and personality into your photo. Win-win!


9. Punggol Waterway Park


If your significant other and you enjoy taking long romantic strolls together, consider visiting Punggol Waterway for your next date.

Beneath the bridge lies a mural depicting a poem by local poet Gilbert Koh that sees cute robots professing their love, which is ideal for that lovey-dovey photo that will make your friends green with envy! Furthermore, the place is still relatively quiet, making it great for spending time with your loved one without having to jostle with crowds.

Another perk about visiting the place with your S.O. is that you can take advantage of their photography services to help you take more insta-worthy shots in the surrounding lush greenlands. Well, only after you’ve taken all the mandatory couple shots of course.

Perfect for the lovestruck couple.


10. Block 805 French Road


Situated at the block in front of Jalan Besar Community Club, this vivid mural depicts Singapore’s dramatic transition from a third-world to first-world nation. It features various scenes such as from the now-defunct New World Amusement Park which was located nearby, to even helicopters flying majestically with the Singapore flag unfurled.

I’m not sure about you, but looking at this mural makes my heart swell with pride. It doesn’t have to be SG50 for us to celebrate how far Singapore has progressed!


11. Haji Lane


If you are looking for a fun and upbeat mural that does justice to your sunny personality, this wall mural at Haji Lane titled “Textiles” will do the trick. Painted with a colour palette of warm tones, the energetic design emanates joy and happy vibes.

So grab your bff and head down to Haji Lane to take photos with funky poses, and create beautiful memories along the way. What’s more, you can boost your instagram game with those photos too! Killing THREE birds with one stone.


Ready to take your #OOTD game to the next level?


That’s it folks, this concludes the list of 11 wall murals you can use for your next record-breaking-likes photo.

But hey, if you’re minimalist and don’t like too much noise in your photos, a white wall will do just as well. Whatever it is, remember that your Instagram account is a personal outlet to express your creativity and identity, so ignore all dem’ h8ers and go wild! The main subject of a #OOTD photo should be you, and you’re awesome as it is.

That being said, who cares if you just want to post a picture of your cat in a party hat! As long as you like it, that’s pretty rad too.

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