GSS deals at VivoCity


GSS deals at VivoCity

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For all you shopaholics out there, you’d know what I’m getting at – GSS! Ah, nothing is more pleasing to the eye than the words “SALE” and “1-FOR-1 DEALS” at every turn.

And if you’d like to make the most of it, camp out at VivoCity for these 1-for-1 shopping and dining deals. Enjoy them with your bestie – or, you can have them all to yourself I guess.


Week 1 (Food and Beverage) – 25 May to 31 May 2018


1. Secret Recipe (#02-108) – 1-for-1 on selected Main Course


Secret Recipe 1-for-1 deal

You’re bound to get hungry with all that shopping and boy, will you be glad that Secret Recipe is giving you 1-for-1 on selected Main Courses. We recommend fuelling up your tummy with their newly launched Golden Crispy Chicken ($8.95, U.P. $17.90) and Pan-grilled Catch Of The Day ($8.45, U.P. $16.90)


2. Saychiizu (#B2-K16) – 1-for-1 Cheese Toast (U.P $3.80)


Saychiizu 1-for-1 Cheese Toast

Seems like the hype for Saychiizu’s cheese pulls is far from dying down – their cheesy sandwiches still appear on my IG feed pretty often. And while the seemingly never-ending cheese pull seemed fun, I just never got around to trying it.

But now’s the time to pounce! The famous cheese toast is going at just $1.95 (U.P. $3.80) with Saychiizu’s 1-for-1 deal. There are Original, Charcoal, Matcha and Chocolate flavours available, but our personal favourite would be the Original.


3. Auntie Anne’s (#B2-K6) – 50% off pretzels


Aunty Anne's 50% off Pretzels

Here’s the perfect midday snack to keep you and your bestie going on your shopping frenzy. Stop by Auntie Anne’s for 50% off their Chocolate Mint, Green Tea, Roselle, Sesame Seed or Garlic Pretzel ($1.95, U.P. $3.90).


4. Project Acai (#01-92) – 50% off Sambazon Acai Bites


Project Acai 50% off Sambazon Acai Bites

Imagine biting into frozen acai sorbet dipped in rich dark chocolate on a sweltering hot day. Mmm, how refreshing. Project Acai is offering Sambazon Acai Bites ($15/box, U.P. $30) at 50% off! Plus, there’s no way you’ll feel guilty after snacking on them – they are organic, vegan and gluten-free.


5. Patbingsoo Korean Dining House (#B2-27) – 50% off Bingsoo


Patbingsoo Korean Dining House 50% off Bingsoo

No meal is complete without dessert, and bingsoo is the perfect sweet treat after a big savoury meal. You can get your favourite bingsoo flavours at Patbingsoo Korean Dining House at  50% off.

Patbingsoo Korean Dining House - Sinsa PatbingsooThe Sinsa Patbingsoo. Fun fact: All the Bingsoos here are named after train stations in South Korea!

Must-tries include the Sinsa Patbingsoo ($7.95, U.P. $15.90) that arrives inside a rockmelon, complete with cornflakes, almond and vanilla ice cream. If you prefer something more refreshing, complete your meal with Euljiro Bingsoo ($6.95, U.P. $13.90) that comes with a generous serving of strawberries, chunks of cheesecake and vanilla ice cream.


Week 2 (Beauty and Services) – 1 June to 7 June 2018


6. Strip (#02-179) – 1-for-1 waxing treatment


Strip 1-for-1 waxing treatment

Who wouldn’t want baby smooth legs? Maybe you’re hesitant about giving waxing a go, but you might just pluck up courage with your BFF in tow. Yes, Strip is having a 1-for-1 waxing treatment so that you can live the fuzz-free life. Here are the services available and their prices.

Strip - scented wax optionsYou can choose from strawberry or chocolate scented wax to be applied to your skin.


7. Tony Moly (#02-178) – 1-for-1 for all masks, Lip Tone Get It Tint


Tony Moly 1-for-1 for all masks, Lip Tone Get It Tint

If you’re looking to pamper yourself without breaking the bank – lucky you! Pop by Tony Moly, South Korea’s popular beauty and skincare brand, and get your hands on the 1- for-1 Masks (from $1 each, U.P. $2) or the Lip Tone Get It Tint ($10.45, U.P. $20.90) that’s famous for its Pantone colour chip packaging.


8. Crabtree & Evelyn (#01-09) – 50% off Goatmilk & Oat Shower Milk


Crabtree & Evelyn (#01-09) 50% off Goatmilk & Oat Shower Milk

Crabtree & Evelyn is a great go-to store for gift shopping. And if you’re buying a present this month, we recommend getting their Goatmilk & Oat Shower Milk – it’s now at 50% off, so you’ll get one for just $15 (U.P. $30).


9. Sa Sa (#02-176) 1-for-1 deals across 40 brands


Sa Sa 1-for-1 deals across 40 brandsBalm Voyage Vol II
Image credit: @dliteful__trends

I can already hear the squeals of all you makeup enthusiasts. Yep, you read that right. Sa Sa is giving you 1-for-1 deals on over 40 brands. From The Balm to Celebeau’s High Performance Lip Rouge, or even fragrance by Mercedes-Benz, it’s time to stock up on your beauty collection for the next year. Or maybe 2.


Week 3 (Fashion) – 8 June to 14 June 2018


11. Kate Spade New York (#01-127) – 50% off selected items


Kate Spade New York 50% off selected items

Imagine a chic Kate Spade handbag or purse to go with your LBD. What a fine addition that would be to your whole #ootd. Turn your imagination into reality, because selected items from Kate Spade New York are going at 50% off!


12. Topshop/Topman (#01-72) 50% off selected items


Topshop/Topman 50% off selected items

Get on top of your style game and choose your next outfit from a wide range of items on sale at Topshop/Topman. Mules seem to be all the rage now, and these Embellished Mules from Topshop are just $39.90 (U.P. $79.90). Pair them with this Embroidered Midi Slip Dress ($53.90, U.P. $109), and you’ll look right out of the latest issue of Vogue.


13. Crumpler (#01-94) 50% off selected items


Crumpler - 50% off selected items

We all need a go-to outdoor bag – a stylish one that easily matches your outfits, yet not cause severe heart pain when thrown around. This bag could well be Crumpler’s The Squid ($19, U.P. $39), a versatile drawstring bag that’s now at 50% off!

Crumpler - Travel Duffel

And for those of you constantly jetpacking around the globe, this cute Travel Duffel ($189.50, U.P. $379) will be your perfect travel companion. 


Week 4 (Kids, Lifestyle and Entertainment) – 15 June to 21 June 2018


14. MUJI (#02-198) 50% off selected household items


MUJI - 50% off selected household items

Many of us want a house that looks right out of MUJI. Here’s your chance to redecorate your house with MUJI’s signature minimalist furniture and household items – at half price!

Get comfy with their Neck Cushion at just $25.20 (U.P. $36), or if you need some serious help organising your stuff, MUJI’s chic Cubby Box ($27.30, U.P. $39) is here to save the day.

MUJI - selected household itemsJust some of the goodies you’ll find at 50% off~


15. Traveller World (#02-205) 70% off selected luggage


Traveller World - 70% off selected luggage

Step one to fulfilling your dream of travelling the world is to get a trusty luggage, but it’s tough to find one at wallet-friendly prices.

So don’t miss out on Traveller World’s GSS deal – selected luggage are going at 70% off, a real massive discount. They come in either red or navy, with the smallest size at 20 inches going at $69 (U.P. $158) and the largest at 28 inches going at $119 (U.P. $238).

Traveller World - Large red luggage


16. iStudio (#02-11) 50% off selected Griffin accessories for Apple products


iStudio - 50% off selected Griffin accessories for Apple products

Pretty sure none of us want to see our beloved iPhones on the ground with a shattered screen. Keep your iPhones protected with Griffin accessories (from $29.50, U.P. $59) – you can get their sturdy phone cases and accessories for Apple products at 50% off from iStudio, hurrah! Apparently, these cases are even military grade. #TeamApple.

iStudio - Griffin charging portOne charging port each for everyone in the family!


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