Magni-FIJI-cent Pocket Of Paradise



Hello, fellow workaholic. How’s it like living in the happiest place in the Asia Pacific? Okay, take that with a pinch of salt. But with real world problems and work-related thoughts aplenty, no ordinary vacation will suffice – this calls for a trip to the happiest place on earth.  

Quit fiji-ting at your table when this friendly tropical paradise awaits – here’s 10 reasons to visit Fiji that’ll have you packing your bags, stat. 


1. Have the party of a lifetime on Cloud 9 


cloud 9 fiji


Welcome to your upgraded Pizza Pool Party. Tickets are more exclusive than McDonald’s take-home curry sauce bottles. Sometimes cool DJs show up, and pizzas are strictly wood-fired, Italian-style. Every second on this two-storey party haven is total bliss. 


Floating somewhere in the azure Pacific waters is this picturesque little pizzeria and floating bar, with festival beats soundtracking your splash. Snorkel and waterski as you wait for your pizza; or just laze around on a daybed, cocktail in hand, soaking up the scorching sun rays. I’m sold. 

cloud 9 fiji



2. Chase waterfalls at Bouma National Heritage Park 


Bouma National Heritage Park

Source: @destweddingmag

The closest I’ve been to a waterfall is that one time I passed the red zone at Wild Wild Wet’s Tsunami. Pop your waterfall cherry with not one, but THREE Tavoro waterfalls, with their own individual natural volcanic pool. 

Lavena Coastal Walk


Bored of the ol’ MacRitchie TreeTop Walk? Try the Lavena Coastal Walk for size – you’ll pass stunning monochrome shores, native villages, and clamber over precariously hung suspension bridges over rushing streams. 

fiji waterfall

Source: @jacksonsypher

BONUS: if time travel is your superpower of choice, make a detour to Taveuni for this obligatory tourist shot where you are literally standing on the International Date Line between ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’. Because #science. 

taveuni fiji


3. Go spelunking in the Sawa-I-Lau Caves


Sawa-i-Lau caves


Drawing tourists by the dingy-ful, Sawa-i-Lau is a limestone island also known as ‘the very heart of the Yasawas’ with two main caves, and then some. 

Sawa-I-Lau Caves


Be greeted by natural emerald pools and sheer limestone faces, lit by streaks of sunlight that enter through the dome-shaped caves’ crevices. Daredevils, you’ll want to bring along a torch and rock-solid faith – take the plunge and swim through an underwater passage to the inner sanctum, pitch black at high tide and inhabited only by tiny eels. 


4. Explore this beautiful island from Cast Away


Modriki fiji

Source: @gypsea_lust

Modriki is one of those islands where you’ll feel like you’re on a movie set. Incidentally, the shores of this relatively quiet island have been trodden on by a long-bearded Tom Hanks in the movie ‘Cast Away’, in which his only friend was a volleyball named Wilson. 

Modriki island


Modriki fiji


But unlike Tom Hanks, this deserted isle is so gorgeous, I doubt I’ll ever want to leave it. 


5. Exquisite sand dunes as far as the eye can see at Sigatoka Sand Dunes


Sigatoka sand dunes

Source: @jasmineleephoto

Here, grey-brown sand dunes stretch far, skirting the Sigatoka River and plummeting down to a mess of vines and shrubs below. 

Fun fact: buried under these sands, archaeologists have uncovered pottery more than two millennia old, as well as human bones. Pick a bone up, and legend has it you’ll be cursed for life – I’d leave the digging to the professionals.

Sigatoka sand dunes

Source: @michaelmatti 


6. Hike your way to #fitspo status with Fiji’s Three Peak Challenge 


No number of Bukit Timah hikes can properly prepare you for your first foray up a real mountain – you won’t find neat clear-cut pathways, lightning alerts or vending machines here. 

Source: @felipeplato

Fiji’s Three Peak Challenge will have you scaling Viti Levu’s Mt Batilamu (1110m, 9.5km), Mt Tomanivi (1323m, 9km) and Mount Tova (646m, 8.5km) in three days. Survive the climb, immortalise it in a square photograph, and earn yourself massive #fitspo bragging rights. 

Mount Tova

Tova Peak Source


7. Fall in love at first sight with Tavarua Island


Eat your heart out, Paris – because Tavarua Island is every hopeless romantic’s dream come true. Remember to bring a drone along:

Tavarua Island


You probably thought this heart-shaped island was one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Photoshop, but yes, IT’S REAL. Though this money shot is only possible if you’ve a flying thingamajig on hand, Tavarua is no less impressive on down below. 


Source: @hisarahlee

cloudbreak surf

Source: @killwollins

This mangrove island boasts some of the greatest surf breaks in the world, including the notoriously challenging Cloudbreak. But for those only well-versed in surfing the web, there’s a whole host of watersports available too, or cosy up with your significant other and enjoy the sunset on this island of love. 


8. Shop like a local at the Nadi Municipal Market


One of my biggest pet peeves is having to eat at fast food chains when I’m on holiday. I should tell you that Nadi has McDonald’s and Burger King; but to conquer the Fiji like a local, you must eat like Fijians too.

fiji market


fiji market


Shop for knick-knacks and Fijian handicrafts to appease your friends back home, or mosey on down to the local produce market, where fresh fruits and fish line the narrow paths. 

You must try the Fijian Kava drink, a beverage used during traditional ceremonies, and said to have an effect similar to marijuana. Fair warning, they say the best kava is made by chewing the roots, and mixing the paste with water. Da kana!

Sri Siva Subramaniya temple

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple Source

A little ways away this spectacularly colourful Hindu temple stands – the largest of its kind in Fiji. Remember to dress modestly, or purchase a sarong at the entrance. 


9. Find out if “Humans are friends. Not food.” is legit 


fiji snokelling


I mean, who wouldn’t want to be inches away from getting your head chomped off by an irritable Discovery Channel celeb? This exact moment is also when you’ll regret every bowl of CNY/wedding banquet shark’s fin soup you’ve ever inhaled.

beqa lagoon


Beqa Lagoon is the place to be if you’re dying for a shark selfie; otherwise have a less death-defying dive amidst the iridescent soft coral playground that is the Somosomo Strait, home to the world-famous Rainbow Reef and a bevy of tropical reef fishes. 

fiji snorkeling



10. Fly to Fiji + 3 nights’ stay for as low as $1,338


visit fiji


And you’ll have more than 300 palm-lined, sun-soaked islands at your disposal! This isn’t your usual Bangkok/Bali long weekend rendezvous, but a trip to the happiest place on earth won’t cost you an arm and a leg all thanks to Fiji Airways’ Singapore to Fiji Packages!

Bula! I’m moving to Fiji. 


Set your clocks to Fiji Time!


giant fiji fish

Catch a Fiji fish while you’re at it!

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