Hidden Bars In Bangkok


If nightclubs, rooftop bars, and ladyboy shows are all you can think about when it comes to Bangkok’s nightlife activities, you are officially a “more-than-typical-tourist”. For your next trip, add a little thrill to your experience by hunting down secret bars that are found in such secluded areas that even locals may not know where they are found. 

From those hidden in vacant buildings to underground ones, here is a list of secret bars to check out when you are in Bangkok! 


1. Ku Bar


Ku Bar - Cocktail Bar

Image credit: @b.bo.y

Brave your fears of eerie vacant buildings and you will be rewarded with the discovery of one of Bangkok’s most hidden cocktail bars – Ku Bar.

Ku Bar - Cocktail Bar design

Image credit: @b.bo.y

Helmed by Anupas “Kong” Premanuwat and his partner, Elaine Sun, the duo serves creative cocktails starting from 350 baht (~S$14.40) and they change their menu monthly.

 If you’re lucky, you will be able to get your hands on some of their most unique creations, such as the 10 Herb cocktail that comes with brûléed sugar on top, or their Hot Chocolate with added twists of tequila, mezcal, longan, chestnut milk, and coconut whipped cream. 

Ku Bar - Rose, soy/Black sesame, Lychee cocktails

Handcrafted cocktails at Ku Bar
Image credit: @s.thuntida, @ku_bkk, @tidnub

Note: The bar has a strict no-standing policy, so be sure to drop them a message on their Facebook page to make a reservation before heading down!

Getting There: 

Ku Bar - Getting there

Image credit: @jakaphob, @joo128, @jiiiboo

Located along Phra Sumen road, Ku Bar is tucked at the back of a dark alley and can only be spotted by a wooden door with a tiny signage with the Chinese word, 苦, on it.

Head into the building, climb up three flight of stairs, and you will see an empty concrete floor with a tiny house made of neon lights. Look out for a minimalistic sliding door and the bar is can be found behind that wooden door. 

Ku Bar

Address: 3/F 469 Phra Sumen Rd, Khwaeng Wat Bowon Niwet, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Opening hours: Thur-Sun: 7PM-12AM 



2. FooJohn Building


FooJohn Building exterior

Image credit: @b.bo.y

One glance at FooJohn Building and you will probably mistake it for a retro Hong Kong diner. With the bright neon Chinese characters screaming for attention at the entrance coupled with booth seats and mosaic tiles, not many will know that this spot is actually a three-storey restaurant. 

FooJohn Building - Cocktail Bar area

Image credit: @v.va.n

Sitting on the ground level is a French Bistro, Fou de Joie, and the upper-level is actually an unnamed bar with a rooftop patio which specialises in cocktails and the negroni cocktail.

FooJohn Building Cocktail and Crepe

As for food, the sweet and savoury crepes from Fou de Joie are what they are known for. 
Image credit: @bkkmenu, @eatitititit

Besides drinks, you are also able to order food items from the steakhouse and bistro from the other two levels. A must-try cocktail would be their Leaf Dragon (280 baht/~S$11.50), which comprises of white rum, kaffir lime, galangal, chilli and ginger syrup to give off a tom yum flavour. 

Getting There: 

Head to the cross-section of 831 Charoen Krung Road and you will find a bistro with a neon light sign. Make your way into the eatery and to the upper-level bar through the flight of stairs. 

FooJohn Building

Address: 831 Charoen Krung Road, Soi 31, Khwaeng Talat Noi, Khet Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand 

Opening hours: Wed-Sun: 7PM-12AM 

Tel: +66 85 527 3511



3. Q&A Bar


Q&A Bar - Railway Dining Car

Image credit: @aurassaya

For the nights where you just need a drink without the crazy crowd and ear-deafening music, Q&A Bar would be the place. Replicating the decor of a classic railway carriage dining car, Q&A Bar is a tiny space with intimate seating arrangement specially planned to encourage conversations between customers and the barmen – hence the name, “Q&A Bar”.

Q&A Bar - Cocktail bar and cocktail

Image credit: @qnabar, @qnabar 

While most would go for their specially concocted drinks, Q&A bar also has a list of 52 classic cocktails with regular favourites such as Mojito, Martini, and Long Island Iced Tea

Getting There: 

Q&A Bar - exterior

Image credit: @gchau13

To get there, head to the little alley along Sukhumvit Soi 21 and look out for a huge marble wall with a tiny signage hung on the top. If you are planning this bar a visit, do keep in mind to make an advanced booking on their website as seats are not available for walk-in customers!

Q&A Bar

Address: 235/13 Sukhumvit 21, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 7PM-2AM 

Tel: +66 2 664 1445 



4. Old Other Office Bar


Old Other Office Bar - interior, pool table

Image credit: Pinterest

While visiting Patpong, one of Thailand’s most well-known districts, also pop by Old Other Office Bar. This is one of the area’s oldest bar and you can spend the night there playing pool or darts and chilling over a bottle of beer. 

With walls completely plastered with photos from the Vietnam war era, this hidden enclave is designed like the bars you find in the 1960s. In here, drinks are also kept simple with beers sold at 100 baht (~S$4.10) and mixed drinks at 120 baht (~S$5.00)

Getting There: 

Old Other Office Bar - Exterior

Image credit: Soidb

Found along the same street as The Pink Panther Patpong, Old Other Office Bar is completely hidden in between the many clubs and can only be spotted with a doorless doorway with a small sign saying “Old Other Office”. 

Old Other Office Bar 

Address: 2 Thanon Surawong, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 2PM-2AM 


5. J. Boroski


J. Boroski - Cocktail Bar

Image credit: J. Boroski- Bangkok

Decked in sophisticated and almost exotic designs, J.Boroski is a high-end cocktail bar run by one of Asia’s most acclaimed bartenders, Joseph Boroski. Hidden in a dark alley without an exact location, almost everything about this bar is a secret. In fact, they do not even have a menu and all drinks are personalised according to your personal tastes. 

J. Boroski Cocktail

Image credit: @kui.kiki

While you can be sure that their drinks will not disappoint in terms of taste and aesthetics, do be prepared to splurge a little, as the cocktails are often priced at about 600 baht (~S$25) per drink. 

Getting There: 

J. Boroski - Exterior, Getting there

Image credit: @_ryank_

As mentioned, you cannot find their exact location on their website and you’re encouraged to chat them up on their Facebook page before going down. But if you are in the ThongLor area and feeling spontaneous, walk down the single digit sois and keep an eye out for a tall frosted glass. If you are lucky, you may find yourself at the doorstep of J.Boroski! 


Address: Sukhumvit Soi 55 (ThongLor) 

Opening hours: Sun-Thur: 7PM-2:30AM, Fri-Sat: 7PM-3:30AM  



6. Belle’s Room


Belles Room - interior design

Image credit: Belle’s Room

This one is a Victorian Baroque style cocktail lounge found underneath Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom. With throne chairs and chandelier lights, the bar looks opulent but their drinks are kept at affordable prices. From shots to cocktails, their drinks will cost you no more than 320 baht (~S$13.20) so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Getting There:   

Belle's Room - interior design

The end of the passage will bring you to the entrance of Belle’s Room where behind the wooden door hides the cocktail lounge
Image credit: Belle’s Room 

Like all good things, an experience at Belle’s Room does not come easy as getting to this underground lounge requires some serious navigation. At the ground level of Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom, poke your head around and hunt for a passageway with brick walls and red curtains. If you see a red light at the end of the passage, follow the light!

Belle’s Room

Address: 981 Silom Road, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Opening hours: 6PM-1AM, Daily 

Tel: +66 2 630 1998 



7. Rabbit Hole


Rabbit Hole - Interior Design

Image credit: Rabbit Hole 

A three-storey shophouse with classy leather seats and marbled bar counters, Rabbit Hole is a hidden gem in Thonglor that specialises in craft cocktails. Helmed by two bartenders from the Diageo World Class competition, you can expect an extensive list of creative drinks there. 

A must-try signature is their White Truffle Martini (450 baht/~S$18.50) that is made of white truffle oil-infused Tanqueray Gin chilled to -18 degrees Celsius. Those looking for something heavier can also choose from their variety of whiskeys and have them by the glass or bottle. 

Rabbit Hole - Botanical Accent Cocktail

Image credit: Rabbit Hole, @rabbitholebkk

Besides a glamorous interior, Rabbit Hole also serves up drinks in unique glasses for you to up your Instagram game. 

Getting There:

Rabbit Hole - getting there

Image credit: @davidjadam

Like J.Boroski, Rabbit Hole is located along the single digit sois at ThongLor, occupying a space between Ainu Japanese bar and Ramen Ajisai. No signages can found outside the bar though, so don’t bother looking out for one and just make your way in when you spot a huge wooden door!

Rabbit Hole

Address: 125 Thonglor Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok 10110 

Opening hours: 7PM-2AM, Daily 

Tel: +66 98 969 1335 



8. Havana Social


Havana Social - interior design

Image credit: @moriar_ty

Once you step foot into Havana Social, you will find yourself transported back in time to Cuba’s pre-revolutionary days in the 1940s. While relaxing in their vintage couches, you can enjoy their selection of cocktails that start from 270 baht (~S$11.00). On Friday and Saturday nights, you can also look forward to their live bad that plays Cuban jazz, followed by a DJ spinning up Afro-Cuban tunes.

Getting There: 

Havana Social - exterior

Image credit: @moriar_ty

At Havana Social, the fun starts even before you step foot into the bar as making your way in will already be an interesting experience. Like many hidden bars, Havana Social has no signboards or front door. The only thing that will help you identify the place would be the blue and orange graffitied wall found at Sukhumvit Soi 11

There, you will see a telephone booth where you have to dial the secret entry code before the door swings open for you. To get the entry code, you will have to give them a call at +66 61450 3750!

Havana Social

Address: 28 Soi Sukhumvit 13, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand 

Opening hours: 6PM-2AM, Daily 

Tel: +66 61 450 3750



9. 23 Bar and Gallery


23 Bar and Gallery - interior design

Image credit: @heinkristiansen

If you are looking for a place to chill with your friends over cold beers, pop tunes, while appreciating exhibitions by local and international artists, 23 Bar & Gallery is where you can have them all. While the overall decor would remind you of a run down Chinese shophouse, you can expect to see a live DJ rocking English pop music at the corner of the double-storey bar!

23 Bar and Gallery - cocktail bar shelf

Image credit: @26dec

Here, the drinks are kept simple and affordable. You can get a bottle of beer for 100 baht (~S$4.10) while spirits start from 120 baht (~S$5).

Getting there: 

23 Bar and Gallery - exterior

Image credit: @travelfish_road

Walk down the street of Chinatown in Bangkok and you will see tons of old shophouses with creaky metal gates. 23 Bar & Gallery can be identified by their inconspicuous blue gate and a small sign that says “23”. 

23 Bar & Gallery 

Address: 92 Soi Nana, Khwaeng Pom Prap, Khet Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100, Thailand 

Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 8PM-1AM 

Tel: +66 80 264 4471 



10. Black Cabin


Black Cabin - Night life

Image credit: Black Cabin

Imagine partying in an underground bar with handcrafted cocktails and live music rocking in the background. If this sounds like your kind of night, you’ll like Black Cabin

Black Cabin - DJ set

Image credit: @blackcabinbar

Besides offering an extensive list of alcoholic drinks, their live music schedule is also packed with different music genres taking the stage every night. Fans of groovy jazz music will want to head down on Sundays while Tuesdays will be filled with experimental electronic music. 

To further amp up the atmosphere, the bar also has a rule where everyone is expected to down a shot when the golden bell by the bar is rung!

Getting There:   

Black Cabin - exterior

Image credit: @wildncobkk

If you are setting out for a night at Black Cabin, try keying in “Wild & Co.” into your Google Maps instead to avoid getting lost. Located at Soi Farmwattana, Wild & Co. is a huge glasshouse restaurant that is hard to miss with its impressive decor that makes the eatery look like a jungle. 

Hidden behind the restaurant, is an underground music bar only hardcore party-goers would know about. 

Black Cabin - neon lights

Image credit: Black Cabin

Just around the corner of Wild & Co., the entrance of Black Cabin can be spotted by the bright red neon lights. 

Black Cabin

Address: 33/1 Soi Farmwattana, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110 

Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 5:30PM-1AM 

Tel: +66 61 515 6989 



Drink your way around Bangkok’s best secret bars


From knocking on doors of dilapidated buildings to calling up bars for secret codes, hunting these bars down will require some amount of courage and adventure. But it is these thrills and heart-stopping adventures that make an otherwise ordinary vacation memorable!

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