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The thought of hopping onto the marathon bandwagon is a thrilling one but local running events aren’t cheap at all. A marathon or two might not empty your savings, but consistently expanding your finisher medal collection gets extremely expensive. 

A normal marathon costs more than $50, which leaves us constantly on the lookout for referral codes on Instagram*. Thankfully in 2017, we won’t have to resort to these methods – U Sports is launching  a running  package that will get you into 3 runs of your choice, for a flat fee!

*Lifehack: look out for the runs’ hashtags – many influencers will be posting referral codes that can get you up to $10 off!


Discounted runs in 2017


U Sports is offering a U Run All Access package ($168 Competitive | $198 Fun), allowing you to pick the category (competitive or fun), then picking 3 runs within that category for a fixed price. This means that if you’re planning to go for a $100 42KM Sundown Marathon run, you will only be paying $68 for GUARANTEED slots to your next 2 races! 

Here are 15  upcoming runs you can confirm-plus-chop get a spot this 2017 if you sign up: 

*Entry fees stated are normal rates


Competitive Runs


1. 2 XU Compression Run 



The 2XU Compression Run is one of the most anticipated runs of the year for enthusiasts. In their 7th instalment, it’s happening this coming April with 5, 10, and 21km routes. All participants will receive a ROSE GOLD singlet and an event polo tee! 2XU’s known for their cutting-edge sportswear so if you wanna add a little class to your sports wardrobe, hop on board! 

Date: 2 April 2017, Sunday 
Categories: 5KM, 10KM, 21.1KM 
Normal Entry Fees: 

  • 5KM – $50
  • 10KM – $65
  • 21.1KM – $75 



2. Sundown Marathon 



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There’s plenty of the “42.195KM Finisher” tees going around and you’re always wondering how in the world someone ran that distance at once. The answer: with grit, determination, and training. If you’re only just getting into the marathon game, a no-frills 5KM is also an option. 

This was how last year went down and I’m already excited watching the playbacks. 

Date: 25 March 2017 
Categories: 5KM Fun Run, 10KM, 21.1KM, 42.195KM 
Normal Entry Fees: 

  • 5KM Fun Run (Adult) – $50 
  • 10KM Challenge – $70 
  • 21.1KM – $80 
  • 42.195KM – $100 



3. Standard Chartered Marathon



Source: @marathonsg  

The Standard Chartered Marathon is another name serious runners can’t miss. It’s their 15th year running the event and if you’re giving their 2016 episode a miss this December, don’t worry! You can definitely score yourself a spot in the next, along with all the loyal runners of this race. Chope first!

Dates and Details for 2017: TBC 


4. Marina Run 



One of the most scenic runs in this list, the Marina Run takes you along the Singapore riverfront, the Marina Barrage and even the Gardens by the Bay. Ditch your neighbourhood run or CBD workout and go beyond the concrete jungle. I’ll lace up for a good run with a view anyday. 



Date: 25th February 2017 
Categories: 5KM, 10KM Individual, 21KM Individual 
Normal Entry Fees: 

  • 5KM Fun Run – $43
  • 10KM – $60 
  • 21KM – $70



5. Income Eco Run



Back greener and stronger than before, “running towards zero waste” has never been fiercer. Instead of a medal and finisher tee, participants who completed the 21KM will be rewarded with a limited edition ‘Zero Waste’ graphic tee! Conventional disposable cups for runners to hydrate along the route are also swapped out for a handheld water bottle. 

Date: 30 April 2017 
Categories: 10KM, 21.1KM 

Normal Entry Fees: 

  • 10KM Men/Women – $48(Members)/$63(Public) 
  • 21.1KM Men/Women – $58(Members)/$73(Public) 



6. TRI-Factor Run 



Source: @mashimichelle 

If you’re a daredevil who finds normal runs no kick, the TRI-Factor series is for you. This 4-leg series starts with a mass swimming event, followed by a mass cycle, a run and a triathlon. Whichever category you decide to sign up for, you’ll be diving into a full body workout. 

The U Run All Access package applies to only the Run segment of TRI-Factor, but you can pick from any distance available: 10.5 km, or 21 km. This helps keep the run accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level!


  • 2nd April 2017 – Swim & Aqua Run 
  • 7th May 2017 – Bike & Cycle Run 
  • 2nd July 2017 – Run & Run Swim 
  • 6th August 2017 – Triathlon 

Normal Entry Fees: TBC 


7. Newton Challenge 



Source: @rafiqhakim90 

Every year, the Newton Challenge gets their participants to explore new routes and new distances. They’ve gone from trailing the East Coast in 2015 to the beautiful Marina Barrage this year. Not sure where they’ll be heading to next but for sure, it’s gonna be exciting. Stay tuned! 

Date & Details for 2017: TBC 
Categories: 21KM, 32KM 


8. CSC Run by the Bay 



Organised by the Civil Service Club, this is one of the highlights in the Public Service STAR Games calendar! You’ll probably see many public officers at the run, and the event also hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community and is open to the public.


Source: @nickyjudee 

Date and Details for 2017: TBC 


Fun runs


9. Pokémon Run



Source: Pokemon Run Singapore 

Now for the fun runs! If you managed to ran across Marina Bay just to catch a Lapras, you know you’re fit enough to go PoGo hunting at Southeast Asia’s first-ever Pokemon themed fun run. Take your PoGo hunt to the next level by hopping on for a 5KM route this January! 

Date: 14 January 2017 
Categories: 5KM 
Normal Entry Fees: Individual – $70 


10. My Little Pony Friendship Run 


MY LITTLE PONY Friendship Run 2016 Video Highlights
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MY LITTLE PONY Friendship Run 2016 Video Highlights

Turquoise race tees and adorable pony backdrops! Held for the first time in 2016, this dreamy set up looks is a pink-showered party. Our TSL crew joined the crowd and had lots of fun prancing about Palawan Green! 


Source: @mynameisfauzi 

Date & Details for 2017: TBC 
Categories: 4KM 


11. Safari Zoo Run 



First created to commemorate Ah Meng, Singapore’s beloved Sumatran orang utan, the Safari Zoo run has now evolved to being the voice for wildlife conservation. This coming February, participants will be running under 4 teams (Ah Meng the Orangutan, Chawang the Asian Elephant, Canola the Manatee and Sunny the Hornbill), each of whom advocates for the conservation of endangered wildlife. 


Source: @samanthakhy 

Date: 18 February 2017 
Normal Entry Fees: 10KM Men’s & Women’s Open – $80 


12. Puma Night Run 



Source: @vincyuee 

Neon is the new black. You won’t go unnoticed in their bright coloured race tees at the PUMA Night Run. The 3rd in this series was held this August at the Seletar Aerospace Park with new 6KM and 12KM categories being introduced. We might not know where’s the next cool spot to hang so keep an eye out – further updates are coming your way! 

Date & Details for 2017: TBC 


13. Garfield Run 



Source: @helsti 

This year, the Garfield helped raised funds for the Cat Welfare Society and it was absolutely purr-fect for feline lovers! They even had a family package, a couple run and a buddies 5KM route. The next Garfield run seems to be next November but if you’re a fan of the oh-so-adorable Garfield, stay connected for more updates! 

Date & Details for 2017: TBC 


14. Skechers Blacklight Run 



Source: @crazypandarian

The first-ever Skechers Blacklight Run might have just ended but they’re already gearing up to welcome you in 2017. Expect neon lights, great energy and a super awesome after party with great spins that you don’t wanna miss. 

Blacklight Run™  2016 OFFICIAL TRAILER
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Blacklight Run™ 2016 OFFICIAL TRAILER

Date & Details for 2017: TBC 
Categories: 4KM 


15. Men’s Health Urbanathlon


If you’ve always loved obstacle courses, join The Men’s Health Urbanathlon so you can put your limits to the test. This year, they had 9 urban obstacles for their participants to overcome – some of which challenged core strength, body endurance and tenacity. If a long distance run isn’t enough to satisfy you, this is where you and your bros unite. 


Source: @_ludlows 

Date: 4 March 2017 
Details: TBC (Registration opened in mid November 2016) 


You’ll even get free training sessions!


Whether you’re a beginner who just kickstarted your marathon goals or an avid runner with a display collection of finisher medals in your room, this package is a supersaver. 


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When others have to camp at their computers for the early-bird pricing, you’ll already have gotten your tickets, without even having to rekt the sign up button. 

Now that you’ve choped your slots like a winner before the race even started, join their bi-weekly running sessions to train up your stamina. Led by professionals at Velocity, One Marina Boulevard or Downtown East, you could meet other runners, pace each other and work towards the run.

There are also Lead Up Runs for major races such as Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore and running-related workshops to help you increase your running efficiency!


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You can sign up for U Run All Access  2017 here. Registration will be open till the end of February 2017.


In other words, there’s no reason to not channel your inner Usain Bolt if you could join local races at such affordable prices. Sign up for one here and start saving.  


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