Merry Christmas…?


We’ve all encountered awkward situations in our lives, especially when it comes to parties that happen only once a year. Yes, we’ve shown you how awkward MRT Rides can be but in this episode of TSL Comedy, we take awkward to a whole new level.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, we explore some of the weird and awkward situations you may have encountered at a Christmas Party. From Party “Poopers” to Misletoe Mishaps, we all know the drill when it comes to these parties – just avoid making a fool of yourself.

But if things do go south,  the only way to overcome it is to laugh about it. So watch the video below, laugh a little and tell us which of these situations you were in (and tried to get out of) this year. 

Everyone at TheSmartLocal wishes all our readers and viewers a very Merry Christmas! Continue to support us in the new year by subscribing to our channel and watching all our videos as they come out! Happy new year everyone!