Finding Your Soulmate


It’s a special day when you find someone you really love. When you’re in love, you look at your beloved one and think every aspect of them is simply perfect. You start to think they’re the most special, most beautiful person in the world. Despite having zero love for pop music, you suddenly start humming that Taylor Swift song to yourself every day because you fell in love with the way she sang it. Every little thing she does is a sign to you – a sign that this girl’s a keeper.

After a while, though, the bright sheen starts to dull just a little. You still love and appreciate the person for who they are, but you start to notice a few little habits that you didn’t know existed or otherwise overlooked. Little habits like poor toilet hygiene, being picky with one’s food, or pinching you in the sensitive areas in public. None of them are outright game-breaking, but they’re certainly a different side to the person you love.

These little habits can be annoying, frustrating, and sometimes downright infuriating. There’ll be times when you wonder if this was the same person you fell in love with back then, and there’ll be times when you wished you didn’t have to deal with all the trouble.

But don’t forget that we’re all human, and we all enjoy making sure the person you love knows exactly what your fart sounds and smells like. And once you accept that these are the little things that makes that special person special, you’ll start to appreciate them so much more. Who knows – being too comfortable may just be one of your #relationshipgoals. 

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