Dining on board one of Singapore’s finest attractions


Despite strolling along the Singapore River and taking in the scenic view countless times, I’ve never been on one of the most iconic attractions that define our city’s skyline – the Singapore Flyer. 

So when given the chance to visit the Singapore Flyer and trying their festive menu, I didn’t hesitate. Armed with my iPhone and ready to snap pictures like a typical Asian tourist, I was prepared to capture mementos of my first visit and Premium Sky Dining Experience on the Singapore Flyer.

Perks of being a Singapore Flyer VIP


When you purchase a Premium Sky Dining Experience on the Singapore Flyer, you’re automatically accepted into the Singapore Flyer VIP club. A perk that comes with this includes access to the express lane, allowing you to bypass a whole bunch of people looking at you in bewilderment. You’ll feel kind of guilty, but secretly, you’re not even sorry. 

If you’re wondering how the whole dining experience works and how your food magically appears on this Giant Observation Wheel, each Premium Sky Dining Experience comprises of 2 rotations, which lasts about half an hour long each. During the first rotation, the in-flight host serves the starters first while the mains and desserts come in just before the second rotation takes off. 

You’ll only be able to select your main course for the Festive Menu ($329++), as appetisers and desserts are specially selected by the chef. The Festive Menu also comes with a glass of wine and will be available throughout December except on the 24th, 25th, 31st and 1st January. The Celebration Menu ($399++), which comes with a glass of champagne and an extra course, will be available on those dates instead. 

Eagerly watching our cabin approaching and getting my first glimpse of our feast felt like impatiently waiting till the stroke of midnight just to rip the wrapping off my Christmas presents as a kid. Yes, I was that excited. Strung with Christmas decorations that put us all in the festive mood, our cabin took to the skies.  


– Amuse-Bouche –


Lobster Perfumed With Saffron And Caviar Served On Batard Loaf

Pronounced as “amuse-bush”, this French word means a small portion of food which is served before the meal to stimulate one’s appetite. I could have easily devoured this in a single bite, but to properly appreciate its taste and texture, I dissected it carefully, making sure I tasted every element. 

Despite its teeny appearance, there were generous chunks of fresh lobster piled on top of the thin and crisp batard slice. The cherry tomato topped with caviar also gave the whole dish a nice sweet-savoury finish. All in all, this bitesize nosh did its job of intriguing my appetite for more.  


– Appetiser – 


Butternut Soup Infused With Truffle Oil 

The soup’s vibrant colour had strong flavours to match its eye catching appearance. With the creamy texture of the orangey butternut squash mixed perfectly with the aromatic truffle oil, each spoonful tasted like autumn in a bowl. 

The infused truffle oil also did a nice job of leaving a smooth lingering aftertaste and I found myself genuinely disappointed when there were no more leftovers in the bowl. 


– Mains – 


Chicken Roulade Of Pistachio And Morel Mushroom Wrapped In Savoy Cabbage Accompanied With Creamy Potato Puree And Madeira Sauce 


The plating for this dish was exquisite. Looking at each slice of chicken roulade delicately draped against another, framed by a side of vegetables and laid upon a bed of potato puree and Madeira sauce, I was hesitant to dig in and destroy this visual masterpiece. 

The pistachio bits nestled in between the chicken was an interesting touch, jazzing up all the different textures on the plate. I especially liked the Madeira sauce, which gave an extra burst of flavour with every bite and paired nicely with the smooth potato puree. 

By the time we started on our second main course, we were almost at the peak of the Singapore Flyer. Getting a 360° view of Singapore’s landscape and towering over every building in sight was really something else and I found my mind wandering into reflection mode, pondering the meaning of life.

With the city lights glistening on the Singapore river, great food and soft romantic music playing in the background, this place would be perfect for popping the big question. In fact, according to the staff at the Singapore Flyer, there have been lots of proposals on the Flyer – you can even get married in a capsule! 


Braised Beef Cheek With Parsnip Puree And Pork Jus


We also got to try out another main course option to get a clearer picture of what the other Celebration Menu had to offer. The beef cheek was so tender that my knife sliced through it like butter. Even without the help of the sauce, the beef was flavorful and had its own tasty natural essence. 


– Dessert –  




This dish looks like the ultimate tai tai high tea snack. The outer layer tasted like a mousse made out of the creaminess of an ice cream and the fluffiness of a marshmallow. It was love at first bite. Hidden within these walls of edible clouds is a surprise centre filled with raspberries resting on a soft sponge cake base. This dessert was the cherry on top of our meal. 




This was probably one of the most unique dining experiences I’ve ever had. I mean, how many people can actually say they’ve had a meal on board one of the world’s largest observation wheel? 

As a slow eater who chews her food way longer than necessary, I was a bit skeptical about whether I would be able to finish a 4-course meal within 2 rotations (~60 minutes) but there turned out to be more than enough time for me to enjoy my meal and soak in the view.  


Start your holiday right


With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start casually hinting your other half about a romantic dinner you two deserve. 4 capsules have been set aside on the flyer for Sky Dining and each capsule is limited to 5 couples, so book at least a day in advance to secure your seats! 

And if you’re wondering where to share that special midnight kiss on New Year’s Day, the Singapore Flyer is also having a Premium Champagne Fireworks Flight where you’ll get the best view of the city skyline and the countdown party fireworks at Marina Bay. Priced at $79.00 nett per adult aged 18 years and above, it’s a cheaper alternative to having a meal on board. 

Also, from now until 30 December, Singapore Flyer will be giving away a free Child Singapore Flight ticket (U.P. $21.00) with every two Adult (aged 13 years and above) tickets purchased from Singapore Flyer’s Ticketing Counters. With something for everyone, there’s no excuse not to celebrate New Year’s Day with the best view of Singapore this year!

Address: 30 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039803
Opening Hours: 8.30 am – 10.30 pm (Last flight boards at 10 pm)
Telephone: +65 6333 3311


Festive Menu ($329++ per couple): Available daily at 7.30pm and 8.30pm, except on 24, 25, and 31 December, and 1 January 2016
Celebration Menu ($399++ per couple): Available on 24, 25, and 31 December, and 1 January 2016 at 6.00pm, 7.30pm, and 8.30pm. 

This post was brought you to by the Singapore Flyer