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You and your friends are the type of people that like to ruin each other’s lives, thriving from that sweet sweet schadenfreude. You’ll never forget that time when they changed your grandma and your girlfriend’s names around on your phone, which resulted in a confusing and incredibly embarrassing convo that you wish wasn’t scarred into your mind forever. Grandma is still confused about the messages you sent her.

This Christmas, it’s the perfect time to get back at them, lightheartedly – of course. To show your mates how much you hate to love them, you should get them something stupid this year which pokes fun at their personalities. Get a laugh from these 17 types of phone cases, which’ll fit your friends’ personalities like a glove.

Note: all prices have been converted into SGD.


1. For the forever-alone guy


hand phone case, strapya world


We all know that one person who complains that they’re gonna be forever alone. If we don’t know that person, we probably are that person. Get one of these phone cases with an actual silicone hand stuck to the case. Every time you pick up your phone, you get to intertwine your fingers with this inanimate detached hand, which was modelled after the creator’s wife. When you’re feeling lonely, you can even rest your head on the loving palm. This is the real gift of true love.

Available for: iPhone 5/5S.

Get it here. ($88.72)


2. For your oldie who keeps saying that they wants their old phone back


nokia phone case


Everyone has decided that this year, your friend finally need to part with their 20 year old Nokia phone. He might finally have picked up a brand new spanking iPhone 7, but the newfangled tech does anything but pleases him. ‘Give me my old phone back,’ he says grumpily, ‘I want real buttons.’ However, the old Nokia is being crushed somewhere at a recycling point, so just fool them with this phone case and hope they don’t notice the difference.

Available for: iPhone 6/6S.

Get it here. ($10.48)


3. For the environmentally friendly earth-saver


shibaful lawn phone case, amazon


The planet is dying. Remind your fellow earth-neighbours to save the environment with this artificial lawn on the back of your phone. The luscious green grass might be fake, but the calming effect you get from running fingers through it is very real indeed. Warn everyone it’ll be the only grass you have left on this planet if they don’t do their bit to save the world. Also makes for a very pretty background for Instagram in case of emergancies.

Available for: iPhone 6/6S

Get it here. ($66.47)


4. For the bubble-wrap fanatic


bubble wrap phone case, aliexpress


Guiltily, everybody enjoys popping bubble wrap. Unfortnately, like oil reserves, bubbles are an exhaustible resource. But imagine if there was bubble wrap that had neverending bubbles. That means you could play to your heart’s content, and then some more. Pop, pop pop… well this phone case offers you just that. It’ll be stuck to the back of your phone, offering you ultimate entertainment as you walk around bursting those bubbles.

Warning: this will be irritating for everybody within earshot, so be wary of people with red faces as they may suddenly attack.

Available For: iPhone 5/5S

Get it here. ($4.40)


6. For the over-excited Christmas cutie


christmas hat phone case, taobao


Let’s face it: most of us millennials have lost the Christmas magic, and frankly, it’s depressing. However, there is that one person every year who insists that Santa is real, and that they’re gonna leave cookies and milk under the tree for him. Get them this adorable phone case with a tiny little hand-made hat so they can keep their their thumbs warm, and their hearts alive with Christmas magic.

Available for: iPhone 6/6+/7+

Get it here. ($5.99)


7. For the snack-a-holic that can’t stop eating


snack vending machine, phone case


There’s always a mountain of wrappers next to this person, and their mouth is an unstoppable black hole that destroys everything it meets. Chocolate, chips, biscuits, sweets – will they ever stop? This vending machine phone case is perfect for this snack-a-holic. Every time they pick up their phone, they’ll fall in love all over again with their favourite branded snacks.

Available for: iPhone 5/5S/SE

Get it here. ($22.29)


8. For the Bear Grylls wannabe


taskone utility phone case, tasklab


In this tough, cruel world, we have to survive with our own instinct, skill and knowledge. Grab this phone case for that survivor who’ll need these handy stainless steel tools which are built into this protective case. It’ll prepare the individual for serious impact but not for the psychological scarring that’s just waiting in that messy world out there. Best of luck, survivor.

Available For: iPhone 5/5S/6/6S

Get it here. ($100.74-$143.91)


9. For the girl who puts everything in her bra


bra phone case, joeybra


‘Aren’t you bringing a bag?’ You ask the girl who’s about to go clubbing. She shakes her head while shoving multiple objects down her bra. ‘No. I have a perfectly good “bag” here,’ she responds. Later in the night, when she’s dancing a little too wildly, her phone smashes on the dancefloor and the screen shatters. It costs $100 to get the screen replaced.

Get her this bra with an actual pocket inside of it, so next time when she insists that she doesn’t need a bag, she can just pop her items inside this handy little slot, and this time her phone won’t slide out and smash on the ground.

Available For: Any phone within the measurements of the bra

Get it here. ($43.11)


10. For the more emotional person in your life


ifoolish 2, drawing phone case


They’re not talking to you cause nobody understands them, so they’re forever scribbling messages on notepads like that guy from Little Miss Sunshine. The amount of paper they go through is terrifying, so you invest in this phone case for them. They can scribble to their heart’s content, erase, and start again. The trees are happy, you’re happy, and they’re… well I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re happy, but they’ll get there.

Available for: iPhone 4/4s/5

Get it here. ($27.02)


11. For the person who’s obsessed with fries


mcdonalds french fry, phone case


Who needs a small compact phone when your love of greasy deep-fried potato outweighs everything else? Get this larger-than-life case which screams out your love of tasty fries. Just don’t mistake this case for your actual fries and start dipping it in garlic chilli sauce.

Available for: iPhone 4/4S/5/5S, Samsung Galay S4/Note2/Note3

Get it here. ($13.20)


12. For the narcissist that looks in every reflective surface


anna sui, mirror phone case, q100


They look fantastic, and they know it. They’re not gonna waste those 2 hours they spent fixing their hair, oh no. They’re gonna spend at least the same amount of time staring at themselves in every reflective surface they can find, admiring their handiwork and thanking their parents for their superior genes. Save them the effort of finding a reflective surface and get them this phone case, which doubles up with a cute mirror. They’ll be able to look at themselves all day and all night. What a dream.

Available for: Samsung Galaxy S3

Get it here. ($10.00)


13. For the basic Singaporean girl who swears by Starbucks


starbucks phone case, q100


She’s constantly Instagramming her red velvet or sea salted cupcake, cafe-hopping and has a Starbucks permanently stuck in her hand. You know – the basic Singaporean girl. Reconfirm her basic status by getting this Starbucks phone case, so even their phone can reflect her basicness. You can even get it in rose pink!! Omg, Squeal.

Available for: iPhone 6/6S

Get it here. ($6.00)


14. For the beach bum


flip flop phone case, brando


They rave about the sandy white beaches, clear turquoise seas, and breezy yet hot weather until you’re green in the face from jealousy. Well, turn that feeling into something positive! Let’s be happy for them and get them this flip-flop phone case to remind them of the hot sand running through their toes. While this phone case may seem ridiculous, the ‘flip-flop’ straps holds your fingers as opposed to your toes, so you have that much-needed extra layer of grip protection.

Available for: iPhone 4

Get it here. ($10.00)


15. For the person who needs to live out their architect fantasy


lego phone case, belkin


For anybody with a bit of creative flair, you can now build Lego bricks on the back of your phone. You read that right, there is now a builder case that is fully functional and fully customisable, allowing you to build bricks to your heart’s desire. Your inner child is screaming. Think of all the things you can make, and how you can change your phone’s design whenever you want to!

Available for: iPhone 6/6S/6+/6S+

Get it here. ($64.76-$71.96)


16. For the raver who lives to the beat of the music


equalizer phone case, amazon


It’s 6am and you’re trying to drag that one friend who just won’t admit the night is over out of the club. ‘The night is still alive,’ they insist, even though the sun is shining through the cracks of the doors. Get them this phone case, where the sound bars will actually light up and match the loud and slightly obnoxious music, or just general background sound. Your friend can now live vicariously through the lighted bars and pretend they’re still in the club.

Available for: iPhone 5

Get it here. ($14.43)


17. For that incredibly forward person who sets all the trends


notification phone case, lune case


‘Oh? Eggs benedict? Wasn’t that in, like three years ago?’ Says the friend with a perfectly raised eyebrow. Make sure they keep staying forward of Singaporean trends by getting them this super-cool phone case which will light up with a notification when they get a phone call or a text message. They’ll definitely always be on track this way! They come in a wide range of cool patterns and colours, so choose one that’ll fit their personality like a glove.

Personally, I love the Spectre Vader one.

spectre vader phone case, lune case.png


Available for: iPhone 5/5S/SE/6/6S/6+/6S+/7/7+

Get it here. ($50.37)


The case to reflect your true self


With these 17 types of phone cases, there might have been somebody who came up on your mind that fitted the description perfectly!

Like phone cases, friends are optional but highly recommended add-ons to everyday life. They protect you from the elements, support you when you fall, and go through every facet of life with you. Show some love to your friends with these extremely practical phone cases. 

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