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9 Highest Paying Jobs In Malaysia

Best paid jobs in Malaysia


best paying jobs msia COVER

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The best paid jobs often require a few years of educational commitment before its actual practice. It’s a long way to go before the moolah comes streaming into your bank account! Stay on course, though. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

For young’uns still torn over a future career, you’re better off exploring career options that’ll keep you passionate. But if money is something you’d like to work towards, below is a list of the 9 highest paying jobs in Malaysia that’ll inspire you to achieve your full potential.


1. Gynaecologist


What they do: Experts on women’s overall reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth. They deliver babies. No, not the type that goes through postal.

best paid jobs in Malaysia, Gynaecologist

You get to deliver the next generation of Malaysians! Source: @sup_dome

Your career journey: After graduating from 5 years of med school, your career would entail a supervised residency for a further 4 years. It’s a lifelong commitment – as a consultant, be prepared to leave your phone switched on 24/7. A child’s birth may be at 3 am!

Salary: RM40,000 – RM100,000 a month.


2. Plastic Surgeon / Aesthetic Medicine


best paid jobs in Malaysia, Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Medicine


What they do: They make you pretty on the outside by sharpening your chin or making you taller. Part of their job is also reconstructive, repairing physical abnormalities that are sensitive to the clients – so part of the job is about being compassionate.

Your career journey: A foundation in science and 5 years of medical school specializing in plastic surgery is a necessary pathway. Similar to a gynaecologist, a 2 – 4 years residency period is required before one can be registered to practice.

Salary: RM35,000 – RM80,000 per month.


3. Senior 


best paid jobs in Malaysia, Senior Oil & Gas Engineer


What they do: They are involved in the process of extracting oil and natural gas. They live on an unpredictable schedule, working onshore in one moment and offshore the next, traveling frequently to monitor project sites.

Your career journey: Becoming an O&G engineer requires you to have a foundation in science and a 4-year degree course in petroleum engineering. However, working for Petronas is the easy part. Here’s the tough part: The interview.

Many fall at the last hurdle of a 5-part interview process spanning over 60 days. If you pass, you’ll need to buckle down and work your way up slowly!

Salary: RM45,000 – RM60,000 monthly.


4. Commercial Airline Pilot


best paid jobs in Malaysia, Commercial Airline Pilot


What they do: They pilot aircrafts, so that you’ll land in Bangkok safely for your shopping trip.

Your career journey: A pilot’s salary depends on the size of the plane they fly. Junior pilots start with small aircrafts before progressing to bigger ones when experienced. The number of hours spent flying is the currency for larger planes.

Salary: A first officer takes home about RM40,000 a month, while a starting new officer could expect RM15,000 basic pay.


5. Lawyer


best paid jobs in Malaysia, Lawyer


What they do: They make sure you do not lose an argument.

Your career journey: You’ll need a foundation in arts, complete LLB degree in 3 years and pass the Certified Legal Practitioner (CLP) examinations before qualifying for a 9-month pupillage. In Malaysia, CLP may be completed within a year but many only pass the exam at the second or third try, which means an additional 2 or 3 years before being qualified for pupillage.

Salary: Serious money for a lawyer kicks in at the 8th year onwards, when you become the Messrs. Lawyer – you’ll be as untouchable as Darth Vader. A senior lawyer is paid between RM20,000 – RM45,000 per month.


6. Chief Financial Officer


best paid jobs in Malaysia, Chief Financial Officer


What they do: A CFO typically works alongside the CEO as one of the key decision makers, especially when it comes to finance. To put it in perspective, think of budget airline owner Mr Tony Fernandes. Before he founded Air Asia, he is known to be a shrewd financial controller working for UK tycoon Richard Branson (Virgin group owner). #careergoals

Your career journey: There are no definite paths to becoming a CFO but you should be experienced enough to run a whole company! One thing’s for sure, you’ll be required to complete an MBA programme.

Salary: CFOs are reported to earn between RM25,000 – RM40,000 a month in Malaysia but those employed by giant corporations it could well be earning higher.


7. Licensed Real Estate Agents


best paid jobs in Malaysia,Licensed Real Estate Agents

What they do: They sell shelter.

Your career journey: A diploma course in real estate can usually be completed in a little over 2 years covering subjects like law, marketing and estate agency practices. Thereafter, you are obliged to complete a 2-year probationary period before getting the full license to practice.

Salary: Between RM18,000 and RM35,000 a month.


8. IT Specialist – Hardware and Networking


best paid jobs in Msia, IT Specialist – Hardware and Networking


What they do: They meddling with computer hardwares, making sure you don’t see this on your screen.

unable to connect to internet

Your career journey: You are considered a senior staff if you have more than 10 years experience in the field and have demonstrated a track record of making sound decisions consistently.

Salary: A senior manager in the IT hardware and networking industry is paid an average monthly salary of RM18,100.


9. Corporate Strategists


best paid jobs in Malaysia, Corporate Strategists

Source: @tippytoess

What they do: They strategise corporately. LOL, I’m kidding.

A corporate strategist is someone who is employed as a researcher and analyst. He monitors the market and anticipate upcoming trends in the industry, all in the name of staying ahead of the competition. At the same time, he looks inwards – part of his job is to ensure the business is moving efficiently.

Your career journey: An MBA is required followed by at least 8 – 10 years of corporate work that deals with strategic planning – whether sales, marketing, HR, or even finance.

Salary: RM17,000 to RM18,000.


Work towards your passion


Despite the staggering amount of money these occupations earn monthly, not everyone will fit the job descriptions. Here’s an age-old advice that remains gold: Don’t do it for the money, do it for the passion – unless, money is your passion! And if that’s the case, then aim for #1.