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7 Old-School Malaysian Hotels That Are The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise

The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise


hotels in Malaysia that look like The Grand Budapest Hotel


In case you haven’t already known, locating the town of Nebelsbad in the Republic of Zubrowka is impossible in any universe besides the fantasy world of Wes Anderson.

Never mind the fact that the Grand Budapest Hotel (GBH) doesn’t exist – you can still find hotels that evoke those whimsical feelings you get while watching the GBH (or just about any Wes Anderson movie, really).

Unlike the GBH, which exists only in Wes Anderson’s imagination, these hotels are legit and they are open right here in Malaysia. Here are seven hotels that look more like a movie set than an actual relaxing accommodation destination.


1. Eastern & Oriental


Eastern & Oriental, Georgetown, Malaysia


Eastern & Oriental hotel


As the colonial capital of Malaysia, Georgetown is a fitting host to the Eastern & Oriental, the grandest colonial-style hotel in Malaysia. Its European charm is fodder for Malaysians to comment “Woah, so atas!”.

Eastern & Oriental, colonial-style hotel in Malaysia


In contrast to the dark purple uniform worn by GBH’s bellboy, the bellboys at Eastern & Oriental are clad in khaki shorts, which is totally Wes Andersony. No one was exactly wearing khaki shorts in the GBH but if it were in the tropics, hotel staff would definitely be clad in the safari-looking attire!

Price: RM600 (Book here)
Address: 10 Farquhar Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


2. The Majestic Hotel


The Majestic Hotel, colonial architecture


The Majestic Hotel interior


Today, the Majestic Hotel is a destination to relive the quirks of the colonial era and recreate one’s own fantasy world in the most European-looking way possible – ceilings adorned with chandeliers and floors lined with luxurious carpets.

The Majestic Hotel, tea lounge


Head down for an afternoon tea at The Tea Lounge and ask for the best English tea they can conjure up. Chances are, it’s the “English afternoon tea with a Malaysian twist” from their menu.

Price: RM405 (Book here)
Address: No.5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, City Centre, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50000


3. Macalister Mansion


Macalister Mansion


Macalister Mansion, pool


Besides the E&O hotel, Penang is home to a century-old restored colonial mansion, Macalister Mansion.

Although the eight rooms have modern furnishings, they still retain the mansion’s original fittings leftover from the colonial era, such as the wrought-iron spiral staircase that takes guests from the turret room to the top. These original fittings of the room are complemented by modern artwork commissioned by the hotel from local and regional artists.

Macalister Mansion, spiral staircase


Price: RM930 (Book here)
Address: 228 Jalan Macalister, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, 10400


4. The Danna Langkawi


The Danna Langkawi, private beach, palm trees


The Danna Langkawi, interior


If you are looking for the grandeur of the Grand Budapest Hotel but can’t tahan the cold and gloominess of a remote mountaintop hotel, the Danna Langkawi, located in Langkawi’s tropical beach, should be your pick.

The Danna Langkawi, palm trees


Replace the rows of snow-covered pine trees in the GBH movie poster with palm trees and blue water and you’ll get the movie poster for the Danna Langkawi – if ever a movie about this hotel is filmed. The hotel is located along a private beach on which you can have a private dinner or lounge around in your vintage bikini.

Price: RM1,040 (Book here)
Address: Telaga Harbour Park, Teluk Burau, Langkawi, Malaysia, 07000


5. Cameron Highlands Resort


Cameron Highlands Resort, European style architecture


Cameron Highlands Resort, cosy room


Set in Cameron Highlands, 1,500 metres above sea level where the average temperature is around 22 °C during the day and 15 °C at night, the Cameron Highlands Resort is probably closest to the Winter Wonderland that you might experience at the Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Majestic Hotel, tea lounge


Every night at the Highlands Bar, the fireplace would be lit for a toasty gathering around the fireplace. Too bad there are no funiculars to take you up the hill to the resort though. Nonetheless, the climate and isolation from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding cities makes this the perfect setting for a Malaysian GBH!

Price: RM730 (Book here)
Address: Tanah Rata, Pahang, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 39000


6. Seven Terraces



Seven Terraces is the Grand Budapest Hotel, Peranakan style. The hotel is a row of terrace houses built in the late 1800s and redeveloped to highlight Penang’s Peranakan architecture and English décor to give that traditional feel with Anglo-Chinese influence.

Seven Terraces, Peranakan & English decor


Seven Terraces, open courtyards


The open courtyards in the centre of the terrace houses is a prominent feature of most buildings in the same style and provide natural air and light – it’s not just perfect for a movie set for a Peranakan GBH, but also a classic Chinese film!

Address: Stewart Ln, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia (Book here)


7. Grand Kampar Hotel


Grand Kampar Hotel, Malaysia


Grand Kampar Hotel’s cream façade is pretty close to that of the Grand Budapest Hotel and as you enter the hotel, the lobby reminds you of old English decor – so you’ll get the full suite of European elegance from the onset.

Grand Kampar Hotel, reception area, European elegance


Get ready to be the only ones in the hotel during the weekdays, as Kampar isn’t the sort of town known for its extravagance. Nonetheless, spend a night at Grand Kampar Hotel and go for a quiet dip in the pool and have your delicious meals at its cafe.

Price: RM177 (Book here)
Address: 2188, Jalan Timah, Bandar Baru Kampar, Kampar, Kampar, Malaysia, 31900


Malaysia’s very own The Grand Budapest Hotels


These colonial-era hotels in Malaysia are sure to bring back the nostalgia that Wes Anderson’s movies often embody, albeit with more of an English feel than the Eastern European charm that the Grand Budapest Hotel oozes. Just remember not to get stuck in a time warp for too long!