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TRISWIM and FOGGIES product review – Every swimmer’s new best friend?

The Problem with Swimming


Anybody who lives in Singapore knows that our weather has basically just 2 settings – hot and hotter. That’s why its not surprising to find our local swimming pools packed to the brim with people. 

Imagine this, its a crazy hot Sunday afternoon and all you want to do – rather, all you NEED to do is cool down. You whip out your swimsuit and head to the pool and you have the most awesome swim ever. You have a shower and that’s when you realise everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows.

Your hair is dry, your skin is dry and everything smells like chlorine. Swimming is great but is it even worth it?


Introducing TRISWIM



Triswim is a brand of hair and body products that helps address this problem. If you love to swim but you’re also beauty conscious, you no longer have to decide between doing what you love and having nice, smooth hair and skin.

The line includes a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. I managed to try these products for myself after my swim and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. 

The TRISWIM Body Wash ($17.90) is enhanced with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 and can even be used to treat Eczema, dry and itchy skin caused by the chlorine from pools, salt or sun. That aside, it smells like citrus which is very refreshing.


The TRISWIN Lotion ($17.90) is also great, being able to heal sunburns and suppress chlorine odour. For me personally, I don’t get sunburnt easily so this felt like any other lotion but perhaps with prolonged use, you’ll be able to see an effect on your skin.

TRISWIM Shampoo ($17.90) also worked well to remove the chlorine smell from my hair. I find that shampoos can usually be quite drying but this one was not so that was a rather pleasant surprise.


The winner out of the whole bundle was the the TRISWIM Conditioner ($17.90) though. My hair is already very damaged without the added effects caused by swimming. That’s why conditioner is essential for me to tame my mane. When I was applying this conditioner it really didn’t feel like it was doing much and I wasn’t very impressed.


However, once my hair had dried I noticed it was much less dry and frizzy compared to how it was pre-shower. My curls (I have VERY curly hair) were actually noticeably more defined than they previously were. I washed my hair with it twice over the weekend and when I arrived to work on Monday, my colleagues actually commented that my hair looked better and shinier even.

Obviously I was over the moon and hence I’ve given such TRISWIM products such a glowing review!

I’ll even recommend these products if you don’t swim much but just have naturally dry skin or frizzy hair. But for those of you who do actively swim, they are truly essential. 




You know how when you go swimming or running and you find your goggles or glasses fog up once you’re done. Yeah it totally sucks.

With FOGGIES Wipes ($1.90 per wipe, $10.90 for a pack of 6) you never have to worry about that again because you just have to wipe the inside and outside of your lens with the wipe and after 3 seconds the solution dries up and your glasses are now fog proof!


I hate going for jogs with my glasses on for this exact reason so I end up running half blind. I tried out the wipe and they work great so I won’t be running into innocent passers-by any time soon. Each wipe can be used 5 to 6 times too, so its perfect for the frequent swimmer or jogger. 


Try it out!


You can get these products at and they are having a promotion right now so you can purchase the entire TRISWIM bundle for $59.90!

Visit their Facebook Page for more details!