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6 Skills Trending At Unicorn Companies To Learn So You Can “New Year, New Job” in 2022

Trending skills at unicorn companies

You might have heard of the elusive “unicorn company” – a term especially given to startups valued at over $1 billion. These companies aren’t just worth a lot; they’re often sought after by job seekers for the high-energy culture and fast career growth they can provide.

If vying for a job at a unicorn company is on your mind, there’s no time like the present to hone in-demand skills that will beef up your resume. From being able to enhance user experiences to analysing data sets, here’re six trending skills to help you snag that job:

1. Data Analytics to design data visualisations at Netflix

unicorn companies (1) - vertical institute data analytics
Image credit: Vertical Institute 

If you’ve ever wondered how places like Netflix are able to produce binge-worthy content like Squid Game, it’s all because of data analysts. By understanding what content viewers are attracted to, these analysts are able to tell producers what the next big hit is going to be.

In this modern era, there are millions of ways to collect data from people and billions of datasets in the world. Data analytics enables you to extract useful conclusions from this sea of information and use it to drive business decisions.

From trends and patterns, skilled data analysts are able to make complex figures more understandable. After all, presenting data is storytelling in its own way.

For an in-depth course into this field, consider joining the Data Analytics Bootcamp by Vertical Institute. The course will take attendees from newbie to pro in industry tools like Excel, SQL and Tableau in order to analyse data sets with ease.

Companies looking for this skill: Netflix

2. Data Science to boost user engagement at TikTok

unicorn companies (2) - vertical institute data science

You may not realise it, but data science is all around us. It’s what drives predictions in the recommended videos we see on YouTube and the ads on Instagram that seem specifically targeted at us.

This all takes machine learning, a key concept in data science. Algorithms are written to programme machines to glean insights from big data without the need for manual human intervention.

But before that can happen, humans do need to create these self-learning machines in the first place by using programming languages like Python. The coding language is versatile and it’s a highly sought-after skill by employers.

In companies like Bytedance, parent company of TikTok, for example, you’ll see proficiency in Python come up as requisites for roles like Software Engineers and Data Scientists.

If you want an in at companies like Bytedance, get savvy with Python with Vertical Institute’s Data Science Bootcamp. You’ll learn how to effectively write algorithms, as well as its more advanced applications in data cleaning and analytics.

Companies looking for this skill: TikTok

3. Product Engineering to construct high-quality chairs at Secretlab

unicorn companies (3) - product engineering secretlab

The life of a product goes through many phases, from ideation and designing, to testing and refining. Even something as simple as a bookshelf or fan likely required skilled product engineers to ensure that the product is of the highest quality possible.

From managing the supply of materials to innovating low-cost solutions, there are plenty of roles a product engineer can play.

For example, in a company like Secretlab that focuses on just a singular product, dozens of minds are still needed to work on every detail of their gaming chairs. This can range from ensuring quality checks to monitoring supply chains to create a standout product fit for consumers.

Companies looking for this skill: Secretlab

4. UX Design to create efficient user experiences at Lazada

unicorn companies (4) - vertical institute ux design

Nothing makes consumers click out of a website or app than poor, non-intuitive design that makes it hard to navigate your way around. That’s why many companies with a strong online presence hire people with UX Design on their resumes.

Becoming a UX Designer doesn’t just require a good sense of design and aesthetics, it also combines tech skills with a deep understanding of human psychology. The end results should be an innovative and appealing interface that nudges users into buying action.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that e-commerce platforms like Lazada are always on the lookout for UX Designers. They’re needed to optimise the shopping experience on phones, tablets and computers to make it as easy and accessible as possible.

The User Design Experience Bootcamp at Vertical Institute is one that will equip you with all you need to know for the entire UX process, including user research and prototyping. The course even culminates in a UX portfolio project so you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned immediately.

Companies looking for this skill: Lazada

5. Corporate comms to manage inter-stakeholder relations at Grab

unicorn companies (5) - corporate communications grab

How you disseminate information to an internal stakeholder versus an external one can differ greatly. And in large companies, corporate communication is a skill that comes in handy when making big announcements that affect these stakeholders.

At unicorn companies like Grab, there are multiple parties to juggle, such as those who work in HQ, the drivers and delivery riders under them and customers who use the platform. When things go awry, there’s also the media and investors to handle as well.

Being able to handle internal crises, while answering enquiries with poise and professionalism can make or break the company’s reputation as a whole. It’s no wonder unicorn companies place emphasis on hiring those with this skill.

Companies looking for this skill: Grab

6. Web Development to design appealing pages at Razer

unicorn companies (6) - web development razer

Have you ever looked at a website and just went “wow”? Web developers work hand-in-hand with UX designers to design visually appealing, intuitive and exciting websites to lure customers in. First impressions matter, and a website is going to be the first thing people see.

Razer is one such company that uses its website to tell the world their brand’s vision. Their gaming equipment is shown front and center, with their iconic green framing the rest of the page. It’s also simple to navigate, with everything neatly labelled – a testament that the web developer has done his job.

Companies looking for this skill: Razer

Learn in-demand skills with Vertical Institute’s tech bootcamps

unicorn companies (7) - vertical institute tech bootcamps
Image credit: Vertical Institute

As the world becomes more digitised and data-driven, having a trending skill in tech and data will ensure employability and even keep you in the running at competitive companies. Luckily, Vertical Institute (VI) offers three beginner-friendly, hands-on, and highly-relevant bootcamps designed for those who want to upskill for the future.

With bootcamps to synthesise data in Data Analytics, programme machine learning in Data Science, and create innovative user interfaces in UX Design, you’ll be trained to employ industry tools such as Tableau, Python, and Figma. Better yet, they’re taught by professionals with experience in unicorn companies like Google, Facebook, and Adobe.

At the end of each course, students will work on their very own capstone project and use the skills they’ve learnt to address a real-world problem or dataset. In a throwback to your school days, you’ll also be connected with the VI community and its network of students, alumni, and industry experts to help you along every step of the way.

VI bootcamps are IBF-accredited, which means that eligible Singaporeans and PRs can get up to 90% IBF funding support, making the seven-lesson course cost only $250. As a cherry on top, Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the remainder.

VI’s November and December schedules are filling up fast, so get your learning gear ready.

Sign up for tech bootcamps at Vertical Institute here

This post was brought to you by Vertical Institute.