Tiger Brokers’ #whereisthetiger race

There are many things you can do to help build a greener society, like using reusable cups for coffee runs or conserving water by maximising your washing loads. Adding on to the list is Tiger Brokers (Singapore) with their latest collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF), as part of their ongoing efforts to encourage local eco-conscious endeavours.  

With 2022 being the Year of the Tiger, Tiger Brokers (Singapore) and WWF are shining a spotlight on the declining tiger population and potential environmental impacts with their #whereisthetiger race happening on 26th March 2022

Here are the deets: 

Join the #whereisthetiger race

Team up with your best pal for the #whereisthetiger amazing race that’ll get your heart rate up and blood pumping hard. Think an Indiana Jones search-and-rescue expedition, but without the life-threatening booby traps. 

#whereisthetiger race Suntec
Image adapted from: Tiger Brokers

Keeping in theme with the majestic felines, each group will receive a Tiger Pack and Tiger Badge before the race kicks off at Suntec. Flag off is between 10am-3pm so you can choose to start at your preferred timing. 

Here comes the challenge: scattered around Singapore are 5 unique tiger sculptures, and your detective skills will be put to test as you’ll have to find and catch ‘em all. The fun doesn’t end there – you’ll also have to solve missions at each of the 5 locations in order to progress. 

Here’s a tip for you: brush up on your Tiger Brokers (Singapore) knowledge and the missions will be a breeze for you. 

Score Tesla & Nvidia shares

Now for the part that everyone’s been waiting for – the prizes. The fastest duo to complete all 5 stations will not only get insane bragging rights, they’ll also walk away with a Tesla share each. Don’t give up if you didn’t win first place, as coming in second will earn you a Nvidia share each. 

Tiger Popmart set
Image credit: Tiger Brokers

Tiger Brokers have also set aside consolation prizes for the 5 subsequent teams who finish the race – including a Tiger Popmart set and 5 XiaoMi shares each

Tiger Brokers x TX2 postcard
Tiger Brokers x TX2 postcards.
Image credit: Tiger Brokers

Even if you don’t make it to the top 7 but complete all stations will also be rewarded for their hard work with a XiaoMi share each and Tiger Brokers x TX2 merch such as the sling bag and collapsible reusable cup

All participants will need to have a Tiger Trades account to be eligible for the race. If you do not have an existing account, simply follow the instructions to sign up here.  

Going green with Tiger Brokers (Singapore)

If you think that investing and sustainability are unrelated topics, think again. As the saying goes,When there’s a will, there’s a way. Since its refocus on green sustainability and eco-conscious efforts in 2014, Tiger Brokers have been implementing new ways to lower their carbon footprint while positively impacting the environment. 

Besides the #whereisthetiger race that highlights wildlife conservation, the company has also gone paperless and converted to energy-efficient infrastructure

There are over 60 sustainable funds which you can purchase on the Tiger Brokers (Singapore) platform. The process is simple – apply the ESG filter under Fund Mall to view your options available. By purchasing such funds, you can help support the development of these green companies that focus on sustainability efforts.

So whether you’re a newbie to the sustainability movement or an eco-conscious champion, every little step and effort taken has an influence on the environment. Those stuck on where to start your eco journey can sign up for the #whereisthetiger race, where you can help spread awareness for the endangered tigers. 

Sign up for the #whereisthetiger race

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