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Bubble tea? Coconut shakes? It’s clear that Singaporeans have an unwavering love for refreshing beverages they can buy off the counter. But more than that, we always welcome the option of having a freshly brewed cup of iced tea delivered right to our doorstep. 

You’ll be glad to know that Cupfy which has made its way to our shores all the way from Hong Kong. This speciality oolong tea brand isn’t just here with yummy concoctions, but they’re also available on GrabFood

BBT alternative with less sugar & calories


Cupfy may be new to our island, but there are many reasons to turn your attention to this strong contender for our usual BBT choices. 

For one, they’re known for peddling beverages that are lower in sugar. All of Cupfy’s drinks use natural cane sugar, and customers can opt for a sugar alternative called maltitol. These contain less calories overall, so you no longer need to feel guilty for ordering that extra cup for later. 

Ingredients are made in-house to retain their original flavours as closely as possible.

Being a healthy choice doesn’t affect their flavours either. Every cuppa is brewed using tea leaves from the Lugu Valley in Taiwan. Pair that with ingredients made in-house and you’ll be sipping a freshly-prepared beverage that oozes that distinct oolong tea aroma and taste. 

Eco-friendly straws & cups


In Hong Kong, Cupfy is known for their eco-friendly efforts, so it’s no surprise they’re bringing that motto over to Singapore. You can rest easy knowing that all their drinks come in biodegradable cups and straws.

We hear Cupfy has plans to roll out more dine-in locations in the future where your drinks will be served in glass cups. You’ll be able to cop a discount if you bring your cup or tumbler too.


If you’re ordering takeout, you’ll still be clocking in those karma points as takeaways go to support a good cause. That’s because with each sale of a paper cup, a portion of the proceeds goes to fund sustainability efforts by various organisations. 

Yummy oolong tea flavours

Tea lovers will find themselves right at home at Cupfy, as an array of unique oolong tea concoctions await you. 

Honey Golden Taro Fresh Milk

There are plenty of must-try menu items, especially for first-timers. The Honey Golden Taro Fresh Milk ($6.80), for one, will delight taro fans with its mixture of chewy taro balls and sweet home-made taro puree. 

Vanilla Creme Brulee Tie Guan Yin

If you can’t get enough of cheese foam drinks, head for the Vanilla Creme Brulee Tie Guan Yin ($7.30). This bad boy is a sweet and salty mix with that signature roasted palate, topped with torched caramelised foam.

Oreo and Salted Butter Milk Tea, MyMyGiGi

Cookie lovers can turn their attention to the Oreo and Salted Butter Milk Tea ($7.40) which is made with Cupfy’s red oolong tea and comes with cocoa-flavoured foam. Meanwhile, those with a sweet tooth will find lots of comfort with the MyMyGiGi ($7) which is a creamy strawberry smoothie made with jasmine green tea. 

Grab a cup of Cupfy oolong tea

Reaching for that post-lunch cup of ice cold tea doesn’t have to be a guilty affair. Besides being a healthier choice, Cupfy is also an environmentally-friendly option for tea lovers. 

Cupfy GrabFood

Not to mention, you don’t have to go all the way down to their physical outlet to get your hands on a delicious oolong tea brew. Cupfy is available on GrabFood, so you can easily have it delivered to your office or home. With the array of yummy flavours to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding a reason to go for seconds.

To entice you even further, Cupfy will also be offering 50% off for first time customers. From 25th March to 15th April 2022, log on to your Grab app and locate the promo under the “Offers” tab. There’s no minimum spending or cap for this discount, so order to your heart’s – and stomach’s – content. 

Order Cupfy via GrabFood

GrabKitchen Aljunied, 110 Lorong 23 Geylang, #02-08 Victory Centre, Singapore 388410
Opening hours: 11am-7.30pm, Daily

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This post was brought to you by Cupfy Specialty Oolong Tea.
Photography by Clement Sim.

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