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I always liked the idea of a facial. Someone slathering on cool gel on my face as I let my mind drift off to…well, nothing. Sounds like heaven in a busy, chaotic world.

But not everyone can agree whether facials are worth the splurge. While some swear by monthly facials to detox and gleefully share their extraction stories, others are wary of the results these treatments claim to deliver. 

There’s no sure way to know if your facial will leave behind an acne-ridden disaster or flawless skin like that of Song Hye Kyo. But you can navigate the sea of masks and gels better with insider knowledge, so we dropped by skincare specialist Celmonze The Signature and got senior beauticians, Kelly and Cherry, to unveil the truth behind some facial myths. 


1. Not all treatments are suitable for your skin type


We would like to believe that one miracle product can solve all skin woes, just like how that LBD works for everyone. But a facial’s more like a puzzle – you need to fit the right products to your skin type. 

skin combination


So check the skincare label to make sure there’s nothing in the ingredients that’ll trigger you! Avoid foaming agent sodium laureth sulfate if you have sensitive skin, and steer clear from exfoliating scrubs with hard grains if you have combination skin – these will turn dry areas into a desert and a shiny T-zone into an oil slick.

Texture of the products matter too. The drier your skin, the more you can lather on the creamy stuff while oilier complexions should stick with lightweight serums. 


2. Dehydration is not the same as dry skin


This is one distinction that gets many facial beginners confused – “Why are there dry flakes on my nose even though it’s oily enough to make blotting paper see-through?” 

blotting paper oily 


Dehydration is NOT a skin type like oily, dry or combination, but a condition where your skin lacks water and looks all dull and gloomy. Kelly explained that it’s a common affliction seen in office workers – the culprits are air-con, and irregular use of moisturiser and sunblock. All guilty. 


3. Do not expect a miracle in one session


Before you pour out your life savings into a package, make sure you have reasonable expectations of what your facial journey can achieve. 

dark eye circles

Behold the dark eye circles

Like many things in life, you’ll need consistency to see results, so it might take multiple sessions to clear up those problem areas. So, if you want to banish those panda eyes, book up regular under-eye treatments to rev up circulation. In the meantime, stock up on that concealer. 


4. You need follow-up to make the effects of your facial last


Dramatic before-and-after transformations are always the highlight of your experience. Yet, after a week or so, that glow of your skin fades faster than your memory of what you studied for finals. 

sunblock celmonze

A good facial will end off with sunblock to protect your face! 

What your therapist might have forgotten to mention is that your skin gets extra sensitive after extraction or deep cleansing. And that it’s now your duty to protect your fragile complexion from chemicals, the sun and bacteria-filled human touch. So tempting as it might be, resist touching your new baby-soft complexion!

Singaporeans (Girls) Try: No Makeup For A Week!
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Singaporeans (Girls) Try: No Makeup For A Week!

Try not to wear makeup too, which might contain skin-aggravating chemicals. 


5. A mask session’s length is not an indication of its quality


As much as we want to lie down with our eyes closed and a thick cooling mask separating us from the harsh realities of the world, it’s not always the best idea for our skin.

mask facial  

Cherry explained we need to keep track of time for sheet masks especially, which draws back moisture once it dries out.

As for how long to leave masks on, look at the description. “Clarifying” means that it gives your skin a deep cleanse and should not stay on for longer than 10-15 minutes. Others that are “hydrating” can be enjoyed for around 20 minutes!


6. Boosting your overall health can enhance treatment results


We know that whatever you put in your body is reflected in your skin, and we know the typical beauty advice by heart: get enough sleep, eat well and exercise often.

celmonze avocado 

You can also apply avocado directly on your skin for a healthy glow!

But did you know there are some food hacks that can help you cheat your way to flawless skin? Take for instance, avocado, which contains tons of antioxidants and fatty acids that will improve your complexion from the inside-out. This is one kind of fat that you won’t mind as it keeps the top skin layer supple-looking too! 


Super customised skin solutions with Celmonze The Signature 


celmonze signature skincare 

It’s not often you’ll walk into a skincare centre and understand how the facial actually works. Usually, I’d just drink tea, doze away as the facial is carried out and hope for the best. 

What you’ll notice about Celmonze The Signature is that they vary their treatment according to your skin woes. Just look at their shelves – they have over 13 solutions for 17 types of skin problems such as pigmentation or wrinkles. 

An in-depth consultation was also done to understand my habits and lifestyle, and to unearth specific problems – for instance, my breakouts when a feminine monthly visitor arrives. 


To address my sensitive skin and acne, Kelly recommended the Signature Facial, which was relaxation all the way. It started off with an aromatic massage and was followed by enzyme peeling, extraction and three types of masks applied – whitening, hydration and softening. 

But if I had to pick a highlight, it’d be the Signature Facelift Massage, which whipped my face into a V-shape and toned it up minus the pain of exercise. 


About Celmonze The Signature


celmonze signature skincare 

Though Celmonze The Signature only just hit Singapore this year at Heartland Mall, it’s actually a well-established skin solution specialist that hails all the way from Paris, and the brand has been doing innovative research in its labs since the 1980s!

Besides being skin experts, they’re also pros at soothing the nerves of even the most frazzled of us. During the two-hour long session, I was put at ease by aromatherapy, hot stone massages and gentle step-by-step explanations of the process. 

As for those out there with facial commitment issues, fret not, trying out one session won’t cost you a bomb – try Celmonze’s Signature Facial + Signature  Facelift Massage at $68 (worth $448) and get a travel-sized trial whitening and moisturising kit worth $98. The first 30 to register here will enjoy a special discounted price.

Alternatively, scope out what the centre can offer at their Grand Launch on 21st May. You’ll get to uncover your skin type with a free analysis, participate in beauty workshops and win an iPad at the draw if it’s your lucky day!  

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