Teeth staining culprits 


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We already know the big “No-no”s when it comes to getting sparkling, white teeth. No smoking, no cup of joe in the morning, nor bottle of red wine after work – and that’s already a HUGE sacrifice, especially for those who need ‘em to function. 

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But sorry to dim your would-be dazzling smile, your quest for true pearlie-whites is easily sabo-ed by these other seemingly innocent things that you do everyday without even thinking.

Here are some ways your teeth gets stained unexpectedly by these low-key culprits.  


1. Going swimming too often


swimming pool listerine

Tip: veer away from pools where ladders and railings look weathered as too-acidic pools eat away at these surfaces.  

There’s nothing like a good lap or two in refreshing pool waters. But, if you take regular dips, it’s likely your teeth will be pretty yellow. Pools with high chlorine levels can wear down outermost teeth enamel and cause the underlying yellow dentin layer to show. 


2. Taking medication because you’re sick



MC-taking might be tarnishing your rep with your boss, but it’s not the teeth-tarnishing culprit. See a doc if you’re ill, but take a close look at the stuff you’re getting over the counter – cough syrup’s highly acidic, while antihistamines used to treat allergies and high blood pressure meds cause dry mouth. 

That means less saliva to wash away food that builds up on your teeth, and thus potentially more stains. 


3.  Drizzling too much vinegar on your salad


salad vinegar  

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You might think you’re eating clean, but the truth is that the stuff you drizzle on is dirtying your smile. Common “healthier” salad dressings such as dark vinegar can stain your teeth, although lettuce in the same salad can actually form a protective layer of film around them. 


4. Having tomato ketchup with your fries


Who’s guilty of koping ketchup or chilli packets from your neighbourhood fast food place, storing them in your fridge and squeezing the sauce on whatever? 

 tomato ketchup listerine

 Fridge stash! 

Stop it, now. Especially with the ketchup. Tomato-based sauces deliver a triple whammy to a white smile – they’re acidic, are strongly pigmented and tend to cling to teeth. 


5. Rewarding yourself with energy drinks instead of water after a workout


energy drinks listerine

Energy drinks takes twice as much enamel off as regular sports drinks! Source 

The sweet, sweet taste of Red Bull might taste like heaven after a particularly intense workout sesh, but it comes with a price. It’s not just damaging to your waistline with its high sugar content (27g), but it may also damage your teeth due to high acidity levels. Moderation is key.  


6. Dipping your prata till its fully soaked in curry



Not having curry with your prata is like asking for fishball noodles without the fishballs. Unacceptable. Unfortunately, due to its intense colour, the staining level of curry is as high as the skill level of the prata-tossing boss. I guess this is goodbye, glorious mutton curry. 


7. Getting #fitspo and blending yourself a dark berry smoothie


There’s no correlation between the health factor of your food and its stain game. Cranberries and blackberries are superheroes on the health front since they’re loaded with antioxidants. 

berry smoothie drink  


Yet, throw them in your juice blender and you’ll find they are villains who’ll wreck havoc on your teeth. Ever crushed blueberries in your hands? Now, imagine those same dark pigments colouring your smile and not budging easily.   


8. Getting tipsy on white wine during happy hours 


drink white wine game of thrones 


You thought as long as you avoided a glass of red, you’d be fine. Sorry to burst your bubble, but white wine is equally terrible. It contains tannin, the stuff that makes wine taste bitter, and which helps pigments stick to tooth enamel.  


Counter inevitable stains with LISTERINE® Healthy White


listerine healthy white 

Let’s get real – you can’t stop yourself from falling sick or live life worrying which foods will stain your teeth. 

What you can do is start on a clean-ish slate. Rinse twice daily for a minute with the LISTERINE® Healthy White mouthwash to prevent stains. Not only does it lift existing stains, it also forms a protective shield around your teeth to make it harder for you to return to those yellow days – even when you drink coffee or tea on the reg. This happens as the mouthwash contains fluoride, which builds the enamel lost when you indulge in overly acidic culprits. 


A quick wallet-friendly solution to keep your teeth white


Two minutes each day. Not buying two Extra Value Meals from McDonald’s. That’s all it takes to give the LISTERINE® Healthy White mouthwash a go.  

And your teeth will smell as good as it looks – the mouthwash includes essential oils to kill pesky plaque bacteria that can cause bad breath. That means no more friends turning away when you talk to them in close proximity after some garlic naan.

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Where to get it


Make a trip to Watsons, Guardian, FairPrice, Giant and these retailers to grab your own bottle. 

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