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Scenic places in Khao Kho

10 Scenic Places To Visit In Khao Kho That Make It The Little Switzerland Of Thailand

Things to do in Khao Kho

Scenic places in Khao Kho

Imagine walking through colourful flower fields or looking out towards a misty mountain view – this sounds like a holiday we all wish we could book. If this sounds like the dream getaway you need, Khao Kho’s the place to go.

This lesser-known countryside town is a good alternative to the human-packed shopping paradise of Bangkok or the beaches of Phuket if you’re looking to head to Thailand for a quick getaway. As Aladdin would say – it’s a whole new world.

Thanks to a fully-planned private tour we booked via Klook, we got a chance to fly to the Little Switzerland of Thailand – one that’ll let you experience being in Europe without the heartache of spending the money to do so.

1. Visit the fairytale gardens of The Blue Sky Garden

Scenic places in Khao Kho - The Blue Sky GardenWalk a little deeper into the area and you’ll find European-style houses with long walkways sandwiched between rows of lalang 

Having a big house surrounded by long pathways and gardens is something many of us can only dream of. But I’m glad to say that at The Blue Sky Garden, our dreams came true. 

Scenic places in Khao Kho - The Blue Sky Garden

Step into the compound and you’ll find different types of gardens; one brimming with colourful blooms, and another with some serious fairytale aesthetics complete with ornate stone structures and a fountain to boot.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - The Blue Sky Garden

There is also a maze you can complete which leads to a standing deck up a flight of stairs. Photo-ops like flower-adorned benches and swings can also be spotted here. I’d reckon this would be a great place for a wedding photoshoot!

Scenic places in Khao Kho - The Blue Sky Garden

Yet, the highlight of the place has got to be Blue Sky’s picture-perfect cafe. The cafe features both indoor and outdoor seats, but we preferred the outside seating area which featured lots of natural light for that golden hour selfie.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - The Blue Sky GardenThe lavender bunches hanging from the ceilings and floral patterned cushions made me feel like I was attending an Alice in Wonderland tea party. 

While here, freshen up with some drinks like the Ice Milk Tea (100THB, ~S$4.30) and or a classic cup of Ice Latte for the same price.

Address: 96 Moo 5, Tambon Khaem Son, Amphoe Khao Kho, Chang Wat Phetchabun 67280, Thailand
Opening Hours: Garden: Mon-Sat: 8.30AM-5.30PM, Cafe: Daily, 7AM-9PM
Telephone: +66 02 247 7310/ +66 02 247 7311
Admission: 100THB (~S$4.30) for entry into the garden

2. Meet ‘King Kong’ made out of hay at King Kong Khao Kho

Scenic places in Khao Kho - King Kong Khao KhoImage adapted from: @goplaymax

King Kong Khao Kho is a one-stop venue for you to get Tumblr-esque flower shots in their lalang fields. They even have giant hay structures of King Kong and an elephant which younger kids would have fun posing with. 

Scenic places in Khao Kho - King Kong Khao KhoFrom King Kong Khao Kho, you’ll get a clear view of Khao Kho’s 24 huge windmills

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Khao Kho Windfarm

Another option where you can capture the windmills in their full glory is Khao Kho Windfarm, which is just a 10-minute walk away. This village area is surrounded by many strawberry and cabbage plantations and also doubles up as a viewing point for the massive wind turbines.

King Kong Khao Kho
Address: Khao Kho, Amphoe Muang Phetchabun, Phetchabun, Thailand
Opening Hours: open 24/7
Telephone: +66 61 489 1566
Admission: Free

Khao Kho Wind Farm
Address: Thung Samo, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67270, Thailand
Opening Hours: open 24/7
Admission: Free

3. Pose with pretty blooms at Tanrak Talaymok

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Tanrak Talaymok

I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard nature lover, but I sure couldn’t deny the beauty of Tanrak Talaymok, a restaurant-cum-resort with an open-to-public flower garden. This place is a must-visit photo spot, which is good if you’re on a long drive and need a pit stop.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Tanrak TalaymokIt felt like I was doing a Covergirl photoshoot – easy, breezy, beautiful 

We’d suggest coming here in the evening to check pink sunsets off your list and settle dinner at their restaurant, which serves local Thai food. Alternatively, you could book a stay at the resort, where the rooms come with balconies for you to star in your very own Cinderella movie – waking up to birds chirping and a field of flowers dancing in the breeze.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Tanrak Talaymok

Address: Khao Kho, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67270, Thailand
Opening Hours: open 24/7
Telephone: +66 87 020 7014
Admission: Free 

4. Travel back to the Victorian times at Golden Hill Village

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Golden Hill Village

Just like the Little Paris of Korea, Golden Hill Village is a quaint Europe-inspired district near Khao Kho with cafes and souvenir shops designed to look like olden-era cottages. Coupled with the cobblestone pathways, this place easily passes off as the birthplace of the dozen nursery rhymes we grew up listening to.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Golden Hill VillageTo match that their vintage-Victorian aesthetic, the gift and souvenir shops sell keepsake pieces like lace-adorned straw hats and rattan baskets

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Golden Hill VillagePlant yourself on a pretty chair or lean lazily on the bikes to nail that ‘candid’ shot

Scattered all over the village are bicycles with flower-filled baskets, and furniture with ornate carvings – perfect props for photos even if you are an amateur at posing like me.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Golden Hill Village

For a quick bite,  head into 1 Ploy Whan cafe for refreshing drinks like Apple Tea or Mint Lemon Italian Soda, both at 60THB (~S$2.60) each. For a light afternoon snack, they also have scones (20THB, ~S$0.90) and waffles (45THB, ~S$1.95).

1 Ploy Whan
Address: Yang Tan, Krok Phra District, Nakhon Sawan 60170, Thailand
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-6PM | Sat-Sun: 8AM-7PM
Telephone: +66 05 624 7077
Admission: Free 

5. Catch the misty sunrise at Khao Takhian Ngo

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Khao Takhian NgoWakey Wakey, rise and shine – to catch the sunrise, aim to reach the venue at 6am. The crisp mountain air is something you’ll never get in Singapore either

We were told that Khao Takhian Ngo is best visited from November to February where you’ll get a view of the fog surrounding the mountains like a ‘sea of clouds’. But if you’re decide to visit during the hotter seasons, you’ll still be able to catch the sun creeping up from behind the mountains with a little sliver of mist shadowing them. 

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Khao Takhian NgoWe recommend carefully making your way down the steep paths for a clearer view 

Viewing spots in Khao Kho are truly cheap thrills because you don’t have to pay a single cent to enjoy the picturesque scenery. In fact, as we drove away from this spot, we also chanced upon a quaint little residential area that looked starkly like it was from The Sound of Music.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Khao Takhian NgoWalking down the long path made me feel like I was starring in a music video

For those who enjoy camping, you could set up a base camp at Khao Kho Post Office, which in the cooler months, looks as though it’s been engulfed by fluffy white clouds. There are amenities like toilets in the vicinity but do remember to bring along your shower essentials and self-cooking equipment for your stay here.

Address: Nong Mae Na, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67270, Thailand
Opening Hours: open 24/7
Admission: Free 

6. Dine at a cafe overlooking the mountain range at Pino Latte

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Pino Latte

I’m sure we can all agree that pretty views and a nice cafe ambience just makes our whole dining experience so much better. Pino Latte will raise your expectations of any cafes you visit in the future with its chill vibe and view of the mountains in the distance.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Pino LatteThe cafe boasts multiple viewing spots for you to get the best of the WOW-worthy scenery of Khao Kho’s very own ‘Alps’

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Pino Latte

As you browse the menu, you’ll find cafe-style dishes like the Big English Breakfast (180THB, ~S$7.75) which comes with a generous portion of mushrooms, sausage, eggs and toast. They also have a sizeable range of cakes, with anything for the chocoholic or the major sweet tooth.

We went for the citrusy Yuzu Orange Cake (195THB, ~S$8.45), served with whipped cream and cornflakes for an added bit of texture and crunch.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Pino Latte

Head out to their open areas for cool shots like this. They even have an outdoor sitting area where you can hand your legs freely – if you dare!

Address: Pino Latte, Campson, 67270 Petchabun, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily, 7AM-7PM
Telephone:  +66 87 099 4497
Admission: Free

7. Visit Khao Kho’s ‘castle’ at the Wat Prathat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Wat Prathat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple

Thailand is known for majestic temples that not only attract devotees but tourists as well. Wat Prathat Pha Sorn Kaew is no exception. This place of worship has everything from intricately adorned pillars to a grand pagoda that stands majestically in the centre.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Wat Prathat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple

If you look closely at the walls, floors and pillars, you’ll find them plastered with different shards of ceramic, beautifully arranged to give a mosaic effect and a unique finish to the place. We were even lucky enough to see one of the artists arranging the pieces to decorate another portion of the temple.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Wat Prathat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple

And when you’re done admiring the architecture, drop by the Buddha structure which is equally as impressive. It’s an all-white statue jazzed up with silver embellishments that help to reflect the sunlight, giving the illusion that the statue is glowing.

As this is after all still a place devoted to worship, do come dressed appropriately. And if you happen to be wearing shorts during your visit, you can rent a sarong to cover up as well – just make a donation with however much you wish to ‘pay’ for your rental.

Address: 95 Moo 7, Khaem Son, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67280, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily, 6AM-6PM
Telephone: +66 63 359 1554
Admission: Free

8. Feast on some authentic Thai food at Rai Chan Raem restaurant

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Rai Chan Raem RestaurantWhile you wait for your food, snap some photos at their flower fixture 

Situated high on top of a hill is Rai Chan Raem Restaurant and for good measure, because you’ll be able to get a panoramic view of the mountain pastures. We’d give this restaurant A+ for effort with the flora that decorates every corner of the restaurant. You really could pose anywhere in the outdoor dining area and not be disappointed.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Rai Chan Raem Restaurant

Besides feasting your eyes on the picturesque scenery, quell your cravings for some authentic grub with the traditional Thai food served here.

Unlike the usual dishes you’ll find in Thai restaurants in Singapore, we found some unique bites including the best-seller – Steamed Fresh Mushrooms with Soy Sauce (150THB, ~S$6.50). The mushrooms were plump and flavourful and paired well with the Fried Rice with Egg (80THB, ~S$3.45 for 1 person portion) which can actually feed 2 hungry souls. 

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Rai Chan Raem RestaurantGo for the Fried Chicken Wings (THB$150) which has a peppery kick and an ASMR-worthy crunch from its crispy skin

Note: Because the restaurant is situated on top of a hill, you might find some bugs flying around while you dine. But it’s no big deal as you’ll be provided with insect repelling incense burners to keep the bugs out.

Address: 152 Moo 8, Tambon Khao Kho, Amphoe Khao Kho, Chang Wat Phetchabun 67270, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily, 8AM-9PM
Telephone: +66 56 728 0501

9. Take a pit stop at Muak Lek Sunflower Fields

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Muak Lek Sunflower FieldsImage adapted from: @izzy_z

We’ve all probably heard the iconic pick-me-up song, ‘Walking On Sunshine’ before. The closest you’ll get to doing so is at Thailand’s biggest sunflower field, the Muak Lek Sunflower Fields. This sunflower plantation that’s complete with a backdrop of grassy mountains is a 2.5 drive from Bangkok that you can visit while on your journey to Khao Kho.

The flowers are usually in full bloom from November to January –  a great time to visit ‘cuz it coincides with the school holidays in Singapore!

Address: Chong Sarika, Phatthana Nikhom District, Lopburi 15220, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily, 6AM-6PM
Admission: 10THB (~S$0.50)

10. Indulge in fancy fusion cuisine at Le Bonheur Khao Kho

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Le Bonheur Khao KhoImage credit: Le Bonheur KhaoKho

Khao Kho is a treasure trove of mountain top cafes like Le Bonheur Khao Kho, which provide good food and greater views. If you’re visiting Khao Kho, this is a good place to spend a lazy afternoon with your travel buddies because of the cosy interior and a large outdoor area that’s perfect for chilling out.

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Le Bonheur Khao KhoImage credit: @usamanee92

Here, you’ll find a selection of Italian and Thai fusion dishes like the Thai Spicy Sausage Spaghetti (185THB, ~S$8) and Spaghetti with Crispy Gourami Fish (195THB, ~S$8.50). And because there’s always room for dessert, give the Thai Tea Bingsu (165THB, ~S$7.15) a try. You could also order the Tartufu Ice Cream (155THB, ~S$6.70), an Italian ice cream dessert that comes which has a frozen fruit centre. 

Scenic places in Khao Kho - Le Bonheur Khao KhoImage credit: Le Bonheur KhaoKho

When you’re done filling your bellies, enjoy the view of Khao Kho from the outdoor patio that is complete with stools. In the cooler seasons, you’ll even get a full glimpse of the famous ‘sea of clouds’ that is unique to this part of Thailand.

Address: Khaem Son, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67280, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily, 8AM-7PM
Telephone: +66 86 299 5954
Admission: Free

Hassle-free travelling around Khao Kho with Klook

Scenic places in Khao Kho Khao Kho – home to the ‘Swiss Alps’ of Thailand 

Khao Kho is relatively unheard of to the everyday Singaporean, but that doesn’t mean that this mountainside town is ulu and hard to reach. All we needed to do was book the fully-planned 3D2N Khao Kho Private Tour from Bangkok via Klook to get the ball rolling. This is way more convenient than having to hail a cab to get to all your locations, where you might even end up paying more than you need to!

I must say that as someone who’s a fan of free-and-easy travel, the tour was better than expected because of its flexibility. Our trusty driver even doubled-up as a local guide who advised us on alternative places we should visit according to the time period we were there.

Scenic places in Khao Kho

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This post was brought to you by Klook. Photography by Huy Pham