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As he saunters in, slicking his hair back and removing his shades in one swift motion, a daunting dilemma awaits him…

The Prancing Horse or The Raging Bull?



Let’s face it, we have all dreamed of driving a Supercar. But realistically, even renting one would set you back $4000, not to mention dealing with the messy insurance that comes along with driving a million dollar car. Until now.

Ultimate Drive believes that the thrill of a Supercar should not only be reserved for the ultra rich and wants to make the experience affordable. They also make the paperwork super easy – sign a few forms and all insurance is covered by them for the duration of your journey. 

Located strategically within two prime tourist areas, Ultimate Drive’s locations start at Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands.

Marc with the “Giallo Midas” yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and 
“Rosso Corsa” red Ferrari F430 F1 Spider


Your first Ultiamte Drive ride


Ultimate Drive let’s you take either a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider for a 15, 30 or 60 min spin around the streets of Singapore. All the while in the safe hands of a trained professional either as your navigator or chauffeur (20% off) – the choice is yours. As founder and Managing Director Marc Griot explains, all drivers posses high qualifications in addition to a pristine track record. It came as no surprise when I leaned that some were experienced former driving instructors. If you still have doubts, find solace in the fact that Ultimate Drive hasn’t had a single negligent accident in the two years since their inception. As a Super Car is inordinately different from your average vehicle, the assistance provided will ensure safety is not compromised while huge doses of thrill is being served.

I have to say another thing that makes Ultimate Drive so appealing is the hassle free approach. After quick appointment, a short briefing and signing of forms and I already find myself behind the wheel of my dream car, in under 15 minutes! When you arrive you can relax in the classy lounge area till your Supercar is ready for you.

After store manager Arthur signaled my car’s arrival, I was ushered out towards the VIP tower’s Skypark entrance amidst the attention of bewildered passerbys. Who could blame them? Striding down my imaginary red carpet flanked by hoards of screaming fan girls, I braved the bombardment of paparazzi flashes and slid into my “Giallo Midas” yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. It was surreal experience as I prepared myself for quite literally – the ride of my life.



Resisting the impulse to flip switches or push buttons which screamed “PUSH ME! PUSH ME!” I asked my navigator for the whereabouts of secret buttons or compartments. I was almost expecting a rocket launcher to pop out the side or a minigun to emerge James Bond-esque style.

The V10 engine let out an aggressive roar – ensuring my departure was announced to everyone in Marina Bay. Don’t expect to meld into the crowd of metal when on the roads when in one of these. You don’t have to ask for attention, you will be overwhelmed by it. Pedestrians on the street do a double take, motorists shoot enviable glances, passerbys’ whip out their smart phones and even taxi drivers slow down to give way to you!

The cool wind rustles your hair while the hum of the engine provides soothing auditory background with vibrations reminding you of the beast at your command. Coupled with the magnificent skyline of modern Singapore, cruising along iconic landmarks of the world renowned Singapore F1 track is a sight to behold.



Remembering Your Ultimate Drive Experience


After the whole adventure, don’t forget to collect your Ultimate Drive certificate stating which Supercar you had been in! The on board dual HD camera also captures your drive from two angles – inside the cockpit and the car’s street view. For an optional fee of $48 – this memorable recording is with you forever in a nifty thumb drive. It comes with a specialized program which enables you to play around with features like GPS map tracking and G force chart.

Ultimate Drive also has gift vouchers great for anniversaries, stag parties and birthdays.

Verdict – 8/10

There are a few niche attractions like this in Singapore like Flight Experience and iFly Singapore. So far, we found all of them offer with passionate in these fields a truly immersive and high quality experience. To car enthusiasts, driving a super car on the streets of Singapore is like a dream come true. Whether this ride would appeal to the average Singaporean is something else.

But we didn’t have that enthusiasm about super cars but we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Like the other attractions, it’s just expensive and the duration isn’t that long either. It’s not an amount most Singaporeans would commit too. Oh, you definitely must get the recording of your driving.



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