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International Plaza Has A Free Library Of Unread Books – Get Lifetime Membership If You Donate 1 Book

The Library of Unread Books 

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of buying books and then never reading them. 

Blame it on shorter attention spans, or simply social media taking over our lives. It’s all too common to have piles of books stacked up on our bookshelves, but never actually having the time to read them. But what if we told you that you can now put your unread books to good use? 

Over at International Plaza, The Library of Unread Books has popped up as part of this year’s Singapore Biennale.

Over 700 books donated by individuals

Image credit: The Library of Unread Books

The library is exactly as its name suggests, it’s an itinerant library with over 700 titles that have been donated by individuals. If you find the name familiar, it’s because it previously had a pop-up at I_S_L_A_N_D_S, an art space in Excelsior Shopping Centre, back in October 2020.

Artists Heman Chong and Renée Staal conceptualised The Library of Unread Books as a common shared resource to maximise the lifespan of books that were once hidden away. It creates a space where visitors can share knowledge, and the library is accessible to anyone who can visit the site. 

The books are arranged randomly and in stacks, and you’re more than welcome to rearrange them. Yes, no library makciks or aunties will be scolding you here.

Free lifetime membership in exchange for a book

Image credit: @hemanchong

Unlike public library memberships where you’ll need a compliant card such as your NRIC, PAssion Card, or Driving Licence, it works slightly differently here. All you have to do is donate a book – any book – to the library located on level 1 of International Plaza Singapore. 

You’ll then receive free lifetime membership and a personalised library card. There’s only one caveat, you can’t take any of the books home. So grab one of the stools and start reading any title that strikes your fancy. 

The Library of Unread Books 00001
Image credit: @hemanchong

Not only will you get to Marie Kondo your home, but you’ll also be contributing to the growing mobile library. 

Convenient location next to Tanjong Pagar MRT 

International Plaza
Unassuming location of The Library of Unread Books.
Image credit: @hemanchong.

This iteration of The Library of Unread Books will be located in a retail unit at International Plaza, right next to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. It’ll be there from 22nd October 2022 to 19th March 2023, so there’s more than enough time for you to visit over and over again. Those who are WFO in the CBD can just pop by during lunch to read a chapter or 2. 

The Library of Unread Books 00001
A sneak peek of the titles you can expect to find.
Image credit: @hemanchong

Head on down to The Library of Unread Books

Whether you’re trying to incorporate more mindful practices in your life, or just FOMO because you know you’ll see The Library of Unread Books all over TikTok, then head on down to International Plaza. You might just serendipitously find your new favourite book.  

Find out more about The Library of Unread Books


Address: International Plaza Singapore, #01-22, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: 10am-7pm, Daily
Contact: The Library of Unread Book’s Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @hemanchong.