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I never had much luck with dating apps, and my first dates were usually tragic. 

Until one night, as I wailed to my friend Rachel about how I’d never find a good man, she suggested, “Try The Inner Circle.” “It’s new in Singapore. The staff will screen you before you can create a profile. Quite atas,” she shared. 

Though I was apprehensive about online dating, Rachel—25 years old, lawyer and drop dead gorgeous—gave me the stamp of approval that persuaded me to download the app.


First Impressions


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the opening messages I received. They were neither sleazy nor lazy. No dick pics, no wanting to see my nudes. Here were guys sincerely looking for a warm conversation, finally! The Inner Circle’s filter function meant that the men I interacted with were usually highly eligible and suitable for me. This was a refreshing change from my past experience with dating apps. 

My first date was a business analyst, Darren. Turns out, I was blessed by The Inner Circle Gods, because the date went exceedingly well. Upon arrival, he welcomed me with a warm, friendly hug, “I’m glad you didn’t mistake me for the botak guy over there,” he joked, as Darren was wearing the same T-shirt that the bald man wore. I couldn’t help but giggle. 

He was sweeter in person, and I soon realised we shared similar traits—highly driven and focused at work, and keen to find someone with a view to marriage. A good two hours flew by, and we still had so much to chat about. As we left, he opened the door for me (something I have not experienced in a while), and gently ushered me out. How chivalrous!


Final Thoughts


Rachel was right. The Inner Circle was worth a shot, especially after I had been worn out by other dating apps which promised fruits but yielded duds. 

Perhaps they were simply bad experiences and misadventures I encountered that I should not paint with a broad brush, but The Inner Circle’s exclusivity significantly narrowed the chances of me meeting a frog. 

At the end of the date, Darren asked if I’d like to meet him again.

I grinned, making a mental note to thank Rachel later, “Sure, why not?”

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