Swarovski’s new Spring collection – Lilia


Lilia is Swarovski's new Spring collection

It’s normal to have a meh moment in front of the mirror – all the times you caught a glimpse of your own reflection, and you couldn’t help but cringe due to a bad hair day or poor outfit choice.

But you’ll be sneaking glances at yourself all day long with Lilia – Swarovski’s new Spring Collection. These pieces highlight the beauty of Swarovski crystals, and are hard to resist, especially when draped luxuriously around your neck or delicately wound around your wrist.

Here’re a few ways you can use these rings, statement necklaces, and dangling earrings to add flair to your everyday look.


– Styling tips –


1. Clothes – Stick to light and breezy dresses  


Pairing Swarovski jewellery with floral prints

Anything light and breezy: that’s our advice for roughing out Singapore’s sweltering heat. But that’s no excuse for wearing your favourite pair of FBTs yet again. Swap them out for a floral-print dress or lacy sheath. They’re just as comfy but a gazillion times more fashionable – especially when you’re in a garden party setting.

Swarovski's White Lilia Necklace

The White Lilia Necklace is a classic, especially when paired with a pastel blue lacy dress.

It’s common for floral prints to come in bold and strong, so you’ll want to balance it out with jewellery that’s subtle but still dazzling. Try on a simple pair of stud earrings or delicate pendant, like Swarovski’s White Lilia Necklace ($179). A single strand with pavé butterfly motifs will pair nicely with any pastel shade.


2. Neckline – Pair with the right necklace


Swarovski's Lilia Y Necklace

The Lilia Y Necklace has a delicate cluster of pink butterflies.

You might be wearing a gorgeous piece of jewellery – let’s say a statement necklace dripping with butterfly jewels – but if it’s covered by an awkward Peter Pan collar? Why bother. If you can’t see the necklace in it’s full frontal glory, then you’re not doing it right.

Swarovski';s Lilia necklace has crystal butterflies

The Lilia Necklace ($179) adds some sparkle to your collarbones with its crystal butterflies.

For a necklace like Swarovski’s Lilia Y Necklace ($279), go with a V-neck dress – it draws attention to your neckline. Otherwise, keep things simple with a strapless lace maxi and their White Lilia Set ($249): it comes with a necklace and a pair of pavé stud earrings.


3. Hair – Make sure all loose strands are off your face


Swarovski's Lilia Pierced Earrings are colourful and dangly

Add a pop of colour with the Lilia Pierced Earrings.

These Lilia Pierced Earrings ($199) are too pretty not to be seen – especially when it comes with rainbow butterfly crystals that’ll give your outfit a pop of colour.

Heed our advice: keep your hair off your face when you’re wearing these. But whether you go for an updo or you like your tresses down and swept behind your ear, these sophisticated earrings will frame any face shape.

Swarovski's Lilia Pierced Earring set

Three butterfly studs for you to accessorise with from the Lilia Pierced Earring Set.

But if you’re not a dangling earring sorta girl at heart, go for the Lilia Pierced Earring Set ($149) – it comes with three pink butterfly studs so you can try out the trendy asymmetrical look. Remember to tuck your hair behind your ears, so we can catch sight of the pink pavé sparkling under the sunlight. Effortless chic, indeed.


4. Statement jewellery – Keep it to one, max


Swarovski's Lilia Multi-coloured Ring Set

A statement piece like the Lilia Multi-coloured Ring Set is all you need.

Swarovski’s new Spring collection looks amazing but that doesn’t give you the liberty to deck yourself out in everything shiny and sparkly. Don’t look like an overdone Christmas tree: simple works best. A piece like the Lilia Multi-coloured Ring Set ($279) might look dainty, but it becomes a statement piece once worn as a 3-finger stack across your knuckles.

Otherwise, split the rings across two hands to up your class.

Swarovski's Lilia Bangle

Hues of purple and pink with the Lilia Bangle.

Another statement piece is the Lilia Multi-coloured Bangle ($249). With a sliding closure, the bangle has been crafted for a comfortable fit. Less is more when it comes to such intricate jewellery – wear this as a standalone piece: there’s enough shine radiating from these butterflies that you don’t need to stack on the sparkle.


Shine with Swarovski’s Spring collection


Swarovski's Spring Collection - Lilia

Swarovski crystals will look perfect strewn across our jewellery boxes, as necklace strands or dangling earrings. And expect to dazzle when you wear them – they’re precision-cut for multifaceted sparkle under the light.

Butterfly jewellery from Swarovski

Image credit: @swarovski

Since it’s always spring or summer here in “garden city” Singapore, Swarovski’s nature-inspired Lilia collection will fit right in with your daily life. And with these styling tips, you’ll know how to put a fresh new look together!

Find out more about Swarovski’s Spring collection here!

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