Supermarket hacks

Grocery runs are a part of everyone’s schedule, whether you’re living solo or with the fam. And we’re not one to reject a good bargain, so we’ve consulted super shoppers – AKA our mums – and consolidated 7 supermarket hacks you can adopt.

From getting the best discounts to efficiently spending your time at the supermarket, these hacks will come in handy the next time you’re at the shops. Keep reading to find out more:  

1. Compare price per weight instead of package

supermarket hacks

There’s no shame in taking a lil’ more time when deciding which price combination is the best to go for. Instead of grabbing the product whose price tag looks the most attractive, you’ll want to whip out your phone calculator to check the price per weight instead. 

For example, 2 small jars of sauce that are $4 each can actually add up to cost less than 1 big jar that goes for $7, if you get more product in the 2 small jars combined. Do some quick maths and divide the costs so you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal. 

2. Shop during midweek evenings

supermarket hacks - best time to shop

Many of us have experienced the dreaded peak hours at supermarkets, with long checkout queues snaking along the walkways. To avoid this, you’ll want to shop smart and pick the right timing to drop by the market. 

Local supermarket staff recommend heading over during midweek. Many will be busy with work, and reserve their supermarket runs for the weekend instead. Plus, Tuesdays are when some places offer the lowest senior citizen discount – so you’re unlikely to catch the golden age crowd then. 

3. Know which queues move faster

supermarket hacks - shortest queue
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Some days we like to dilly dally in the shops, while other days we need to make a quick run. Those in a hurry will want to shave time off when paying the bill, and it’s best to know which queues are the quickest

If you only have a couple of items in the basket, opt for self-checkout. Contrary to popular belief, this system isn’t slower because shoppers have to DIY – once you’ve familiarised yourself with the process, you can be done within a few minutes. 

Those heading to the cashier can stick to queues with fewer customers – regardless of their basket size. This is because with each shopper comes the need for greetings and chit chat, and time for these will add up. Or, consider getting in a line with younger shoppers as you’ll find that they are typically quicker having switched to quick cashless methods. 

4. Check local drugstores for discounts on essentials

supermarket hacks - guardian deals

While you can find almost anything and everything at our supermarkets, you’ll want to pop into drugstores such as Guardian to check for daily essentials. 

They often have ongoing promotions for items such as shampoos, conditioners, and makeup removers which you can snag at a fraction of the price. These shops are also easily accessible at your nearby heartland malls, so you won’t have to travel far and wide for a good discount. 

5. Opt for house brands

supermarket hacks - house brands

We’re often greeted with a plethora of brands we can select from, including the premium ones imported from overseas. But instead of making a beeline to those brands, another top tip would be to check out the affordable house brands from big supermarket chains including Meadows by Giant

You can find anything from savoury snacks to household cleaning products from these labels. They often come with a wallet-friendly price tag, and are just as good as those that’ve been shipped in. 

6. Get whole fruits & vegetables

supermarket hacks - whole fruits and vegetables

We know, we know – it’s great when all your fruits and vegetables have been pre-cut, and all you need to do is a quick rinse and they’ll be good to go. But convenience comes at a cost, and these are usually more expensive than getting whole produce. 

Save a couple of bucks and get uncut fruits and vegetables such as garlic, onion, and watermelon instead. And hey, you’ll be able to hone your cutting skills too. 

7. Order groceries online to avoid getting distracted

supermarket hacks - order groceries online

Many of us have experienced the supermarket phenomenon – where we enter the store only needing to get toilet paper, but end up leaving with bags of impulse buys. To prevent this situation from happening, order your groceries online rather than heading down to a physical shop. 

Supermarkets such as Cold Storage have their own designated app which you can conveniently order from. Prep a grocery list prior and add them to your e-cart. You’ll want to search for the items directly, instead of scrolling through the various tabs on the website. This way, you won’t have to face the dilemma of “do I need this, or do I want this?”.

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