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Sungei Buloh Wetland – Nature Photographers’ heaven

Once again…we are blessed with much better weather after the choking haze that enveloped us just a week back. While we might not see another hailstorm anytime soon, with ices from the heaven… I might be right to say we are breathing much easier lately…and no queue for masks or ionizers anymore. 

So what’s good to do outdoor? I am not much of a Orchard Road citizen (I actually felt “green” like a tourist there during my once a blue moon trip there…yes, no kidding… I was totally lost during an invited luncheon there at Ion Orchard.. I was practically frantic trying to decode the signboards..)

Then how about a trip to Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve ? Just to reconnect with our mother nature? With the school holidays over.. the entry to the park are free weekdays (weekends and PH only $1.00 adults, and $0.50 for children/student/senior citizens) while the opening hours are 7.30am to 7.00pm on Monday to Saturday and 7.00am to 7.00pm on Sundays & Public Holidays. Parking is free.

Having visited the park 6 times over the past 2 months… I can attest that no two trips yield the same experience, at least from a photography addict’s point of view. Keep your eyes peeled..go slow…and you will see nature’s wonders opening up before your lenses…errr… I mean eyes (but do apply insect repellent for a better outing).

The pictures in my blog are shot with my Canon DSLR with a specialized macro lens, the Canon EF100mm F2.8 USM, for your information. But you can also get superb macro shots with your compact cameras. Better if you are equipped with close-up lens.


Nature’s pattern…..


Recently bloomed wild toadstool….


Why are you looking at me ? lol… a water monitor lizard… Shot with Canon EF70-200mm F4L IS.


Chipmunk…sorry…squirrel having a snack…


A beautiful damsel fly… awesome predator !



Moth worm…. cute….


Fungus on a tree branch….


How about a mud bath ? Mud skippers do that daily… nice complexion…


 A rare sighting…. crocodile ! Really shy reptile ….


At low tide…mangrove crabs are a given, very common among the tree stems…


Cute and colourful spidey…


A bunch of junvenile grasshoppers sunning on a blade of leaf… awesome…


Dragon do fly ? yes… if they’re dragonfly 🙂 …


Weaver ants… commonly called “karipok”… their bite is painful !


Baby praying mantis…just 0.6-0.7mm in length… spotted by my photo buddy ..


Frog prince calling out for his princess……


Jumping spider… handsome fella..who you calling 4 eyes ? I have 6….


Jumping spider….cute little fellow there…..


Orb weaver spider… one mean looking fella… Ewwwww…


This fella is quiet and stealthy….from the Katydid family ? please feel free to correct me..


Grassy on high… getting reproductive here…. great family planning.


Mud wasps planning for the future…. shhhhh… don’t disturb.


Welcome to Sungei Buloh… your nature wonderland….

To the uninitiated…it is just a wild jungle, mozzies feeding ground (at some section of the park),… but beneath the surface, it really is a lovely reserve. I hope my pics highlighted the beauty that you can enjoy … come visit, go home happy (^__^)))

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