Never in my lifetime, honestly , did I ever expect myself to visit Russia. Even till now….my visit to Russia about a year ago, remains a surreal experience…one that I will remember for a lifetime. Many might ask “Why Russia? Of all places. Are you out of your mind? …” Yes, the reality is that Russia is somehow thought of as a rough country….sort of “cowboy” continent, images of the former “iron curtain” continent still lingers…

And of course, the regular unsavory portrayal of Russians by Hollywood perpetuates the negative aura – Russians are “habitually” spies, swindlers, drunkards, gangsters,… think 007 Casino Royale , Armageddon and Bourne Identity. I am not too off track, am I ?  So why on Earth did I visit Russia?  As fate (I would rather call it providence) would have it … it’s all work related. It all happened when I was recommended by a Balinese lady here on studies to her Russian boyfriend…who wanted to invest in properties…and in the follow up, I was to build up a really cordial relationship ( I have known him for 5 years already..) akin to “brotherhood”…that see me being invited to visit his country…the rest is history. But may I add… Russia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hope my pictures in this blog give you some idea (^___^)..

Come share my Russia adventure …Большое спасибо (Bol’shoye spasiba- Thank you very much (in Russian)”..


Always a joy to witness the beauty of dawn skies over the Mediterannean…viewed from Emirates Air.



Domodedovo International Airport – one of Moscow gateways to Russia



Our 1st entertainment stop -Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulvar (Old). Animals activists will scream at animal abuse ! 60-70% of the acts involved animals…



The amazing performers saying thanks at the finale…..



Electric tram on Moscow street….



My Russian friend hosted us to an authentic traditional dinner…at the Danilovskaya Hotel. Russians are heavy eaters..those food on the table are just starters..4 more courses to go…with vodka…



Traditional Russian meal… starters ….



Russian dumplings…stuffed with chopped fish and meats…served in a cheesy soup…



Muscovites queuing to board electric public bus….



The iconic defunct Lada car is still visible on the streets of Moscow…



Typical roadside sundry stall… all items behind glass wall to prevent thefts……



On the way to the iconic St.Basil Cathedral …you will be awed by the ambience



Finally….the amazing St. Basil Cathedral , right before my eyes……



Gigantic monument of Peter the Great on Moscow River. Russians have a penchant for huge things.



The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour…..impressive symbol of post-Soviet Russia.



Moscow Central Business District….. The equivalent of Singapore Marina Bay Financial Centre.



Typical church in Tyumen… a town 1700km east of Moscow…



Peaceful ambience….you can feel the sombre mood… due decorum expected



Lovely Russian lady at Tura River (Tyumen) , near the Lovers Bridge…looking for love?



Russian tradition of declaring love to their precious half and locked it on the Lover Bridge…symbolising commitment….. problem is the ratio of woman to man in Tyumen is 4 : 1… I think it’s the woman who wants to lock the man in…..



Typical tourist class hotel room… here at the Remezov (Tyumen) …cosy and nice…



The St. Sophia Cathedral in Tobolsk, a historic capital of Siberia……



Amazing cathedral….with the cool , clear blue skies ….



A pic with my Russian hosts ….. they are amazingly hospitable people…definitely tops !



A section of the Tobolsk town… quiet sleepy elegance..



Hosted to a sturgeon fish and meat luncheon by my Russian host, Vladimir…he’s the owner of the Remezov Hotel…



Raw Sturgeon fish starters…. can’t eat…Sushi better…



Borscht…famous soup made with beetroot as the main ingredient,giving it a deep reddish-purple colour. Very nice 🙂



The power of mankind to create…shown here at the Church of our Saviour on Spilled Blood, St.Petersburg… awesomeness !



Church of our Saviour on Spilled Blood…in St.Petersburg.



Russians like long vehicles….good thing their roads are wide ….



Yes…Russia subway are deep…really deep..up to 130m ! How’s that for air-defense?….



I wondered if I entered a museum or a subway station?…the stations are very elaborately done up…



The subway train does not have central overhead hand rail…all passengers are seated. The interval between train are really fast and efficient. As the train draws electric current from the rail, there are short interval of blackout (just split second) in between joint. And the best part? Just 1 rouble (S$0.04 cents) per trip anywhere within Moscow ! That’s what I call Public transportation…



Power lines are still above ground…forming a “network” of wires… seen here in Nevsky Prospekt..their equivalent of Singapore Orchard Road…



Typical scene at traffic junction…seen here at St.Petersburg…



The most amazing garden in St.Petersburg…Peterhop Palace and Garden…



Gorgeous sculptures in the garden…the fountains are run fully on natural water pressure…no electric pump.. The park is closed in winter cause the water would have frozen over…



Wonderful scenery at the Peterhop Garden by The Baltic Seas…. picture perfect…



At the corridor of great artistry…the Bolshoi Theatre… watching the famous Turandot… wished I understand what the tenor and soprano sang…. but their voice pitch were pitch perfect…



Smolny Cathedral on the Neva River bank…for concerts and exhibitions… great acoustic and interiors.



Going for helicopter joyride in an Mi-8 …



Only in Russia will you see this…a helicopter taking off near a historic landmark, with people close by…any mishap will have catastrophe consequences…



 The infamous AK-47 Kalashnikov 7.62mm carbine….



The Topol…intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) with nuclear warheads… from Russia with Love



Power ensures independence… loads of military engineering in those missiles launchers..



Beautiful Russian Police cadet…performing her crowd control duty during the Victory Day ..

With this picture of the beautiful Russian lady … I would like to close this blog….it’s been a pleasure to have you share this lovely Russian journey with me…Is Russia the dangerous place it’s made out to be in the movies and story books? a definite NO…. but as in travelling to any countries, it’s advisable to be careful..

Do visit Russia someday… It’s really out of this world ! Cheers (^__^)//