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Street Directory’s New Discount App Shows All The Discounts Near You

About Street Directory’s New App


Aside from eating, shopping has been long known to be Singaporeans’ national pastime, with most of us unable to resist a good bargain. I’ll be honest and say that I’m part of that “most” – my eyes light up whenever I see a good deal.


So I was extremely excited when I learnt about Street Directory’s latest mobile platform, Offers Near You. If you haven’t already heard of Offers Near You, it’s based on a simple concept – it compiles deals around your current location and brings them to your fingertips. And what better resource to host such a service than Street Directory?

Using Street Directory’s mapping functions, Offers Near You locates and lists deals nearest to you so you know how many steps you are away from a good bargain. Armed with the application, I walk around my neighbourhood one afternoon to try it out.

Here are five reasons why Offers Near You makes a handy shopping companion.


1. Get the latest deals even before you leave your house


Know the importance of planning. Start your shopping right by outlining your intended route before setting off. You may opt to receive email notifications on the latest deals which will be sent to you every morning. Alternatively, open your application to find new offers in your area.


With a clearer idea of where the best bargains are, you may now plan your route in advance. The saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” has never been so true.


2. Well-stocked offer inventory



Offers Near You has plenty of shopping categories for you to choose from. Food? Check. Furniture? Check. Vehicular or medical services? Check and check. There is even a category for halal restaurants with great deals for our Muslim friends!


Source: Elitedaily

Offers that require supporting documents such as credit cards are also clearly stated on the offer thumbnail so customers don’t get misled. I regularly keep myself updated on good steals, but I found that every deal I knew of was already listed on Offers Near You.


3. Enjoy the deal or share it with friends


Once you’ve locked on the offer of your choice, simply tap the offer then show it to a staff member to enjoy your deal. If you wish to use it another day, you may also send the offer to your email address for future reference.



Good things are meant to be shared. You will have the option to share an offer with friends via sms or email if you want. Bargain hunters would be happy to learn of good deals either way!



4. Be rewarded for shopping



Get greater bang for your buck when you spend above $15 with your selected deal. Apart from snagging some dollars off your purchase, Offers Near You gives you rebate vouchers every time you make a purchase above $15. Choose from 4 merchants: NTUC, Coffeebean, Isetan, or Popular to redeem a $5 voucher.

All you have to do is upload a photo of your receipt within a day of purchase, choose your preferred merchant, and hit submit. Easy!


Source: Popsugar


5. All-in-one application


b2ap3_thumbnail_StreetDirectory-1.JPGMy favourite part about this mobile application is that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. If you know about a specific deal but are unsure of how to get there, toggle over to the Maps platform and you’ll easily find your way there. Likewise, if you’re looking for a bargain nearby, just hit the “Nearby” tab and you’ll get a slew of offers.



Find your way around the best deals


b2ap3_thumbnail_StreetDirectory6.JPGNo matter how much of a bargain-guru you are, there’s nothing better than an application that consolidates the various deals and bargains. With this application, deal hunting is made easier – everything is available with a swipe of the finger.


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Visit to see the latest offers!

This post was brought to you by Offers Near You.