Art Jamming with a Twist at Streaks n Strokes

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Art jamming is a couple/group outing activity idea that’s been gaining steady popularity. The premise is simple: sign up, walk into a studio, think of a design, and create a masterpiece.

It’s a cathartic experience, with no judgment, and in the right company, plenty of laughs.

Some of us from The Smart Local headed down to the newly-opened Streaks n Strokes at Tai Seng for a Friday night team bonding activity, where we found a vibrant space hidden in a cosy corner of Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub.

Art jam on t-shirts, tote bags, or canvases

the noteway art studio t shirt

Plain white t-shirts are provided in all regular sizes.

Unlike most art jamming places that offer art jams on canvas, you have the option of Picasso-ing it up on an actual t-shirt or tote bag you can actually use here. This really helps the more practical males of us who wouldn’t know what to do with a 40cmx40cm canvas once we’re done with the 2-hour sessions.

Once you’ve picked your canvas of choice, stretch it out with provided clips, and you’re ready to begin!

How to art jam like a pro

Step 1: Trace out your designs with a pen. Some of us needed inspiration, so we looked through this list of 55 art jamming ideas to get our brain juices flowing.

The tracing with the pen ink will come off after your t-shirt or tote bag gets heat-pressed, so use it as a guide, and don’t panic if you make mistakes.

art jamming singapore

Step 2: Grab your palette, brushes, and start mixing your paint! If you’re particular about colours, you can even phone in a week in advance to request specific shades/tones of paint according to pantone codes.

The staff can mix colours to exact specifications as all paint used here are produced in-house. So if you want to draw Google’s logo in exactly the right colours, it’ll be possible here.

the noteway art studio paint

Fun fact: Streaks n Strokes is a parent company that customises t-shirts, and the paints you use for art jamming are made with the same high quality ink used for their shirts.

Step 3: Colour in the drawings using the fabric paint. You’ll need to be more careful at this stage as fabric paint is made to stick and will therefore be hard to wash off.

You’ll have access to an unlimited supply of paint, but just as you should at a buffet, be considerate and don’t waste any!

art jamming singapore the noteway art studio

the noteway art studio

If you make mistakes, the staff can use a high-powered nozzle to remove the paint. 

Step 4: When you’re done with your painting, pass it over to the staff, who will blow dry and heat press it with their heat press machine.

the noteway art studio heat press

the noteway art studio heat press

The entire process of heating + drying the shirt takes ~1 minute.

Step 5: Strike a happy pose and post on IG for bragging rights! Congratulations, you’re now a “fashion designer” ⯑

the noteway art studio art jamming t shirt

You can have art instructors on site to guide newbies 

If you’re planning a company/team bonding activity but there are those who aren’t as confident in their artistic abilities, you can opt to get an instructor to help the less-confident. Depending on your group size, this will cost an extra $75-$150 per instructor per hour.

Prices at Streaks n Strokes

the noteway art studio art jam

Prices for art jamming are $19.90 (tote bags) or $23.90, (t-shirts) per pax for 6 pax or more and $29.90/pax for 1-5 pax (tote bags or t-shirts) if you book at these time slots:

  • 7pm to 9pm (Friday)
  • 3pm to 5pm (Saturday)
  • 3pm to 5pm (Sunday)

the noteway art jamming price

“Art Jamming with a Twist” is a pretty neat date idea, considering you’ll get a date and a free t-shirt/tote bag to remember it by at the end of the day.

You can book a slot here. Please check Streaks n Strokes for the most updated prices.

the noteway art studio family friendly activities

Streaks n Strokes is family-friendly, so here’s our resident baby Picasso painting her first masterpiece. 

Other team bonding activities include terrarium-making and clay workshops

team bonding activities the noteway art studio

If you’re looking for a wider range of activities, Streaks n Strokes has a full range of art and craft workshops catered specifically to corporate teams and art enthusiasts. Some of the workshops they conduct include:

  • Terrarium Workshops
  • Sand Art Workshops
  • Brush Lettering Workshops
  • Clay Workshops

the noteway art studio clay figurine

You can learn to make these cute clay figurines.

These art and craft workshops are all guided by trained professionals with specific skill sets taught in the workshops. For enquiries, drop them a message through email, on Facebook, or Instagram.

Team bonding at Streaks n Strokes

the noteway art studio team bonding activities

Streaks n Strokes is 5 minutes away from Tai Seng MRT Station on the Circle Line, 2 stops away from Paya Lebar MRT Station and 4 stops away from Bishan MRT. Pretty convenient to get to for those based in the East, which helps when planning a group outing.

Beyond group outings or team bonding sessions, the location itself was warm and inviting, conducive for letting creative juices flow.

the noteway art studio cohesion activities

I have talented colleagues.

For more information about booking an art jamming session, you can head over to their website.

Streaks n Strokes

29 Tai Seng Avenue #06-09,

Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub,

Singapore 534119

Book an art jamming slot at Streaks n Strokes here

Quickest route to Streaks n Strokes

1. Alight at Tai Seng MRT

2. Take EXIT C

3. Go up to level 1 of 18 Tai Seng Mall

4. Take exit right between 7/11 and Guardian, cross the road, and walk to the building on the extreme left. Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub, where Streaks n Strokes is located, is about a 3 minutes walk from 18 Tai Seng Mall.

This post was brought to you by Streaks n Strokes. Photography by Sean Foo.