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You’re not alone if the past 18 months have felt like 18 years. And in the time that we’ve spent socially-distancing from our clique, we’ve taken to sharing our experiences on our socials instead. But that only exposes us to the sentiment from our bubble. Enter Stories of Us, an initiative for all Singaporeans to share our own and discover other Covid-19 stories.

The website welcomes all kinds of experiences, whether they be an empathetic moment of giving a stranger in-need a spare mask or just venting about a particularly sian day spent in isolation. Plus, you can stand a chance to win a $50 shopping voucher from Mooments, which can be spent on brands such Grab and Fairprice when you contribute a story. Find out more below.

Win $50 shopping vouchers by reflecting on your Covid-19 experience

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Share your favourite memory of supporting your favourite hawker stalls

All of us have a Covid-19 story  to tell. Some of us had to graduate without a ceremony in the heat of the pandemic, while others had to navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy amidst lockdowns and social distancing. Whether you’re writing a short paragraph or an entire chapter, you can share your stories with everyone.

We’re giving 20 of our readers a chance to win a $50 Mooments voucher each just by submitting their Covid-19 story. The flexible voucher can be spent on over 50 local and international brands like Grab, Fairprice and Decathlon.

To enter this contest, you must share your Covid-19 story via this form by 30th July 2021.Your stories will be featured on the Stories of Us website too!

Winners will be notified by the first week of August via email.

Browse others’ Covid-19 stories from happy to sian

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Image adapted from: Stories of Us

It is undeniable that Covid-19 has affected many of us mentally and physically. However we can take solace in knowing that we aren’t alone. The experiences we share with our fellow Singaporeans and those living here are captured on Stories of Us.

Be it sombre or comedic stories, there are so many ways we can tell our stories; that embarrassing day when you left the house without a mask and had to run back home with your tail between your legs are also more than welcome to be shared!

running home to get a mask How many calories have you burnt running home to grab a mask last-minute?

If you’ve been hard at work in the frontline as an essential worker, you can share what it is like behind-the-scenes. If you’re not, you can also use the site as a way to give them encouragement for their endurance and hard work. It is these shared reflections that help us connect with one another and look forward with hope together as a community.

Share your Covid-19 story and win $50

eating at homeWas 2020 the year you had more time to bond with your fam?
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In years to come, Stories of Us will be a time capsule that documents our collective Covid-19 experience. But rather than being buried in the ground, we can read and interact with stories from other Singaporeans that span a range of emotions from gratitude to happiness.

stories of us

For now, you can share your Covid-19 story and stand a chance to win a $50 shopping voucher from Mooments. The contest runs till 30th July 2021, so there is still time to channel your inner wordsmith! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Enter the contest here and get your story featured on Stories of Us


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