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Snow Pawttage – Cuddle & Play With Fluffy Samoyeds At This New Dog Haven In Joo Chiat

Snow Pawttage, a Samoyed dog cafe in Joo Chiat

If your year’s off to a ruff start, perhaps a trip to Snow Pawttage might take your mind off things. 

This new pet cafe in Joo Chiat is dedicated to the lovable dog breed, the Samoyed. Not to be confused with the chubbier Chow Chow or smaller Pomerian, these fluffy all-white clouds of fur are eager to receive belly rubs and treats from visitors. And now you can cuddle and play with them for 45 minutes straight.

A Samoyed clubhouse like no other

snow pawttage - group shot
Image credit: @snowpawttage via Instagram

For those who don’t know, Samoyeds are basically the smaller-sized cousins of the Siberian Husky. They sport a signature thick white coat, upright ears, and curled feather duster tail. Snow Pawttage offers guests the opportunity to play with some of their Samoyeds in their cosy air-conditioned space. 

snow pawttage - samoyed
Samoyeds have mouths with upturned corners that make them look like they’re always smiling.
Image credit: via Instagram

Samoyeds register top marks when it comes to affection. They’re gentle, lovey-dovey companions that are also great with kids. In fact, their active and social tendencies make them one of top candidates for family pets. So if you’re thinking of introducing the little one to a Samoyed, this is a great place to start. 

Here, every Samoyed is a bonafide su-paw-star, with each one having their own quirks and personalities. Each doggo has their tail dyed a special colour so the owners can tell them apart.

snow pawttage - walks
The owners ensure that all their pups get ample exercise beyond playtime with guests.
Image credit: @snowpawttage via Instagram

We have a feeling they might also be BLINKs, with 3 of their Samoyeds being affectionately name Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. There’s also Yeobo and Sajangnim – honey and CEO in Korean – so we’re definitely sensing a theme here. 

Save a date for Samoyeds in Joo Chiat

While these dogs have been known to pull sleds and herd Reindeer in the Siberian Tundra, here, their only business is chasing your blues away. 45-minute sessions with these fluffy doggos go for $35/pax on weekdays and $38/pax on weekends. Do note that you’ll have to remove your shoes before entering if you wish to interact with the canines. 

While you can buy treats ($10) to feed all the Samoyeds, do note that they don’t serve food or drinks here, so grab a meal beforehand or after your re-tail therapy,

snow pawttage - entrance
Image credit: @snowpawttage via Instagram

Go from getting hounded by your boss to being chased by several gorgeous Sammies when you visit Snow Pawttage. Even if you’re not exactly a dog-lover, these mischievous Samoyeds guarantee a paw-ty for their guests. Otherwise, here are some of the cat cafes around our neck of the woods that might pique your interest. 

Make a reservation at Snow Pawttage

260D Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427542
Opening hours: Thu-Tue 11am-5pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
Contact: 9685 2894 

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Cover Image adapted from @snowpawttage via Instagram, Snow Pawttage, & Edmund Ong via Google Maps.