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Singtel DATA X INFINITY unlimited data add-on

Singtel’s New Unlimited Data Add-On Is Made For People Who Burst Their Data Limit Every Month

Singtel’s DATA X INFINITY unlimited data plan


Singtel DATA X INFINITY unlimited data add-on

As humans of the 21st Century, we’re pretty much one with our smartphones. But we’ve all had moments where a cafe’s weak WiFi causes our data to take over while we’re spamming IG Stories – or when we were too engrossed in cat vids to realise that the month’s data has been swallowed whole. Result: a hefty phone bill and an aching heart. Sian.

If you’re constantly plagued by the first-world problem of failing to ration your data, or are currently paying over $100 for a limited amount of it, Singtel’s newly-launched DATA X INFINITY add-on with unlimited mobile data will be a godsend. Here’s the low-down:


Get unlimited mobile data with Singtel


To enjoy unlimited data with Singtel, simply sign up for a new Singtel mobile plan or recontract your existing one – you can do this online, or at any Singtel Shop or Singtel Exclusive Retailer. Once you confirm your details, go ahead and subscribe to the DATA X INFINITY add-on at a flat fee of just $39.90/month.

The DATA X INFINITY add-on is only applicable for Combo 3, Combo 6, and Combo 12 monthly plans. New and current users of these 3 plans will also get to enjoy unlimited local call time and SMS/MMS, as well as a free data roaming plan every month.

What’s more, you also have the option to share your data with up to three family members with Singtel’s MobileShare plan, which is available at S$10.70/month per supplementary line.

Singtel mobile phone plan combos 

Image credit: Singtel

This add-on will be especially useful for those who are heavy users of social media, and enjoy streaming videos and movies while on the move.

Other add-on plans by Singtel include DATA X 3, which triples data for users of Combo 2 and above, and DATA X 2, which doubles data for the same group.

Note: There is a minimum subscription period of 24 months for DATA X INFINITY, and a one-time activation fee of $10.70 applies for every sign up.


Never bust your data limit again with Singtel’s DATA X INFINITY


Singtel DATA x INFINITY unlimited data add-on 

With unlimited data, you’ll be able to fully utilise your smartphone to your heart’s content – without having that mini heart-attack from overshooting your data cap long before the month is over.

Whether it’s to chill with Netflix during your daily commute, search up good eateries, or work in the comfort of your favourite cafe – Singtel’s DATA X INFINITY has got you covered!

For more terms and conditions for Singtel’s DATA X add-ons, click here.

Find out more about Singtel’s DATA X INFINITY plan here!

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