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tiger street food fest 2017

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Tons of variety and diversity in our local food scene definitely helps whet our extremely voracious hunger pangs – waltz into any food centre, hawker centre, or market, and we’re spoilt for choice. What’s more, it’s cheap and good, something that makes for a giant tick in our checklist.

Well, foodies are in for a treat this month as the Tiger Street Food Festival is going to be serving up a smorgasbord of hawker fare from 17 stalls in Bugis. From premium Wagyu to Tiger Beer food pairings, here’s why you should keep 22nd September free.


A medley of unique flavours from hawker stalls


Tons of new cuisines and combos have joined the more traditional foods we’re used to seeing at hawker centres, and taking a leaf out of this trend, these up and coming hawkers have taken a contemporary spin on their dishes. Here are some of the variety-laden spread you can expect:


Corner Burger – comfort food for the soul


corner burger sg

Image credit: @thesmartlocalsg

Corner Burger is one place that’s switching up the hawker game, offering both Western and Peranakan food. I mean, 2 decades ago, I would’ve never pictured burgers being sold at a coffeeshop!

Selling burgers, kampung rice bowls and toasts, their ingredients are fit for a king, with Wagyu beef and braised duck on their burger menu.

corner burger kampung bowl

Babi Ponteng kampung rice bowl. Image credit: @spiceboy83


Ah Tan Wings – har cheong kai with a crunchy twist


ah tan chicken wings

Image credit: @lynettelee73

If you thought har cheong kai was merely kopitiam fare, think again. Hawker Tan Wee Yang and his sister have this well-loved zi char dish down to a T with an exceptional crunch factor.

With extra spicy chilli sauce on the side, their super crunchy wings have been a much raved-about topic at their pop-up stalls at the Night Festival and National Gallery’s Civic District Outdoor Festival.


Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak – Insta-worthy Nasi Lemak


Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak’s signature Nasi Lemak is prepared with bunga telang, (butterfly pea flower in Malay) giving the rice a natural blue colouring. The stall also sells unique butterfly pea-induced drinks to go along with your meal.

jia xiang nasi lemak sg

Passing this eye-catching plate as your regular Nasi Lemak is a no-no! Image credit: @_waipeng_

The blue patches all over the rice gives a colourful twist to the dish – certainly one to look out for at the festival.


Fried Rice U Need – the true fried rice paradise


fried rice u need sg

Image credit: Fried Rice UNeed

While it’s heartening to see young’uns wanting to be a part of the hawker culture, we’re equally warmed by those who don’t let age get in the way of pursuing their dreams.

Moving to the hawker trade at 51, Desmond Koh’s stall Fried Rice U Need has got 25 different kinds of fried rice starting from $3.80, like hot black pepper, spicy sambal, and olive fried rice. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice here!


Other hawkers to look forward to:

  • Anthea Tan, Yam Mee Teochew Fishball Noodles
  • Edward Too, Tasty Street – Our Little Red Dot
  • Lim Boon Hong, Fishboss
  • Ngoh Jook Guan, Botak Delicacy
  • Chow Kooi Yew, Kampong Laksa
  • Sung Way Xiong, Sung Kitchen
  • Au Taiyang
  • Raymond Tan, Snuggrubs
  • Elizabeth Pospa, Kamala Puspa
  • Lois Er, Wonderfull Nasi Lemak
  • Pamela Loh, Jia Le Yong Tau Foo
  • Lawrence Loh, Prawn Village

Take your tastebuds to new levels with special beer pairings


Beer pairings with tiger

Image credit: Eatbook

Tiger will be pairing their beers with the scrumptious food, so here’s the time to be adventurous and sample their atypical and new flavours – like their Asian Black Lager and Asian Wheat Beer.

tiger beer slushie

Image credit: Tiger

tiger beer slushie

Stay hydrated with a refreshing Tiger Slushie! Image credit: Tiger

A full range of Tiger beers will be sold here at a separate booth, and each stall will have a chart telling you which beers go best with their food. All the hard work’s been done for you, so all you have to do is eat!


Jam along to fringe performances by local bands


Bugis is already a happening locale in SG, but this festival is going to liven it up even more. Expect lots of music and various performances you can bob your head along to as you traverse the street with a rapidly expanding stomach.

the astronauts band sg

Catch The Astronauts live at the festival. Image Credit: Straatosphere

Two local bands, The Astronauts and HubbaBubbas will be playing their original and cover songs. With variations of genres like R&B, jazz, and funk, their groovy tunes are bound to keep your heads bopping!

HubbaBubbas - Address (Official Music Video)
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HubbaBubbas - Address (Official Music Video)


Hawker centres – an integral part of SG


tiger beer street food festival 2017

Image credit: Tiger

Food we once considered restaurant-only is actually making waves here at hawker stalls, proving that good food can be found anywhere – and at a reasonable price.

tiger beer food festival

Image credit: Tiger 

It’s difficult to imagine our little red dot without a cacophony of orders being taken and drowned-out conversations amidst bustling crowds. After all, hawker food is a big part of Singapore’s culture!

tiger street food fund uncaged hawker food

Image credit: Tiger

These 17 featured hawkers are part of the Tiger Street Food Support Fund to show how lucky we folks are to have them around. Tiger will commit an amount equivalent to proceeds made from this food fest to the next street food support fund project.

Can’t live without the likes of local kopi and char kway teow? Keep the hawker culture alive and come support these entrepreneurs – the faces of our 21st century hawker fare.

Tiger Street Food Festival
Location: Tan Quee Lan Street
Date: 22nd September 2017

Find out more about Tiger Street Food Festival here!

This post was brought to you by Tiger.

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